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Monkeys, apeman and homo sapiens

A monkey is more developed than a dog, having advanced further along the path of Pratisaiṋcara (creation order). Yet a pet dog, benefiting from the psychic clash resulting from its contact with human beings, becomes more advanced in knowledge than other dogs, and even monkeys. A monkey trained by human beings is far more advanced intellectually than a wild monkey. If a monkey becomes intellectually developed its brains cells will have to be kept engaged in more complicated activities to give proper expression to its evolved thinking. This will result in a change in the size of its brain. If its brain outgrows the size of the cranium, it will require the more developed body and brain of a human being.

So if a dog's mind can develop into a monkey's mind, and a monkey's mind into a human mind, in the normal course of evolution, then a dog that is in constant contact with a human being may experience a tremendous intellectual growth and be reborn as a human being, bypassing the stage of a monkey.

So a monkey is a more developed animal than a dog or a cow, but as it does not live with humans, its development – the speed of its development – is less. Dogs and cows, who live with humans have a speedier evolution. Dogs and monkeys can see dreams, other animals cannot.

One may conclude theoretically that a highly evolved monkey and the most backward human are almost similar. An underdeveloped human being will make rapid progress after coming in contact with more advanced human beings. The same applies to cows, horses, dogs and monkeys. After coming in contact with evolved human beings they get the scope to be reborn as human beings.

As some psychic propensities have a tendency to flow towards matter, even evolved human beings can be transformed into inert matter if they fall prey to those psychic propensities. Hence all human beings should carefully avoid bad company. Due to mean psychic ideation the human mind may imbibe animal tendencies or may even degenerate to a stage cruder than that.

Is that man like a plant? No, no, he is inferior to a plant. A plant cannot do spiritual practice because it has no intellect, it is guided by instinct. So a man having a developed intellect – if a man doesn't move along the track of spirituality, he is worse than a plant even.

I often say that the caste system is hypocrisy – unreal. If you analyse the caste of human beings you will find that the ancestors of every human being were monkeys. In that case everybody's caste is monkey caste. All this hypocrisy is to be given up. Is it that the ancestor of a Brahman-caste human being was a Brahman-caste monkey and that of a Rajput-caste person a Rajput-caste monkey?

Humans at that time moved like their monkey ancestors. While the ancestors of today's human beings jumped like monkeys, today's humans do not behave like that. There has been a change in the lymphatic system.

The most developed species of monkey has a vocabulary of about 800 words. The most undeveloped human beings living in certain forests have a vocabulary of about 950 words. Ulluka... the clever, cunning, red-faced monkey. They are similar to human beings in many ways.

How did primitive apemen behave? They used to live in trees.... Apemen used to grasp the branches of a tree, just as monkeys still do. This natural instinct is also evident in human beings when infants keep their hands closed. If monkeys are afraid or quarrel with other monkeys, they catch hold of a branch very tightly so that they will not fall. When human beings are gripped with fear or ready to fight against an enemy, they also clench their fists very tightly. These are examples of natural instincts.
A monkey or a cow...get much chlorophyll from grass and other green vegetation. Granivorous animals (Grass eaters) produce more lymph than carnivores, and that is why their brains are more developed.

Vegetarians produce more lymph because they get chlorophyll from grass and other green vegetation, and that is why their brains are more developed than those of non-vegetarians. Lymph is produced from animal protein also, but because animal protein produces a lot of heat in the human body, the lymph is quickly converted into semen.

But for spiritual aspirants, as the major portion of their lymph remains in their bodies... this is why the intellectual standard of spiritual aspirants is higher than that of common people. If there are many spiritual aspirants and elevating discussions, a positive psychic environment will be created. This will help in the manufacture of lymph.

Lymph itself is a hormone, and is converted into other hormones by different glands. Lymph is the initial hormone. The creation of hormones in the other glands depends upon these positive and negative catalytic agents. This is the reason why in olden times even Shiva placed much importance on satsauṋga [associating with good people]. Satsauṋga provides a positive psychic environment. Good company leads to liberation whereas bad company is the cause of bondages.

With the help of science if a person's brain is replaced with a monkey's brain, then the person ceases to be the owner of that body. From the standpoint of psychology that depersonalised body is no longer human and it will gradually take the form of a monkey's body. The secretions from the glands will also become like those of a monkey.

Changing the glandular secretions in the human body is also possible through strong mental ideation, through a powerful, vibrational ideation of the mind. Hence, by this process also a man could be changed into a woman and vice versa. Thus it would not be impossible for a man to conceive children through the partial change of his glands. But when all this is said and done, science can never change a person's Saḿskáras. Therefore, there is no alternative for human beings other than spiritual practice or Sádháná for the development of their personalities.

If a male becomes a female by biological processes... he will have no difficulty. But if a female becomes a male, she will suffer difficulties because the cranium is smaller; that is, the brain is smaller. It is a matter of biological importance that humans have done nothing in this direction so far. Sarkar
And more Sarkar; What is the social impact or aspect of an economic theory – positive or negative? If it is positive, what is its effect? If it is negative, what is its effect?

The human body or human existence is a biological structure goaded by psychology, by certain vrttis [propensities]. Similarly, socio-economic life is a biological structure goaded by psychic urges and the different psycho-physical propensities; that is, it is goaded by psychology. So socio-economic life is also a biological structure. It has to obey certain norms and rules. So I say that the socio-economic structure of society is a biological structure goaded by psychic urges.

Both our socio-economic life and the human biological structure are goaded by psychic urges – by fundamental psychic urges – by psychology. Collective social life – socio-economic theory – and the human biological structure are both goaded by psychology, psychic urges, and psycho-physical passions and propensities. These cannot be ignored, they cannot be neglected.

Our ambitions are something that push us from within to fulfil the demands of certain urges which have some clear-cut pabula. Urge is there; the initial sentiment, that is, the inborn instinct, is there. At the same time, there are certain fundamental socio-psycho-physical demands, passions and propensities. One must not forget this.

All socio-economic theories propagated in the past ignored this fundamental requirement of humans beings, and that is why they failed...The approach of socio-economic theories should not go against the approved structure of human requirements.

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Ateles paniscus, the red-faced spider monkey or Guiana spider monkey is a species of spider monkey in the rain forests in northern S-America. The species faces issues with hunting and habitat loss, so is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Redlist. It exhibits a fission-fusion society, associating with large groups of up to 30 individuals during the night.. called bands. At dusk, they recongregate using a greeting call to communicate. 
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By the way Sarkar has said that Mahatma Gandhi will be born as monkey if I remember correctly.

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