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Never ending politics

PressTV: US used dozens of planes in rendition of terror suspects to Diego Garcia, the atoll used by US, holds terrorist suspects out of sight of lawyers, according to the human rights group Reprieve. Also UK Foreign Affairs Select Committee warned that the credibility of US assurances about Diego Garcia “severely damaged.” Just when US Senate is planning to publish a classified report!

Steve Quayle; X military now police officer ab flight MH370; it will be used and filled with anthrax, released in the US; or nuke for a false flag EMP etc event to implement martial law prior to a collapse. Wondering if he was speculating or was informed; Comment; I am a volunteer and received a training alert yesterday.... The scenario was a massive Anthrax outbreak and the setting up of numerous vaccination posts outrageous for any real life situation unless...some type of false flag event... Lack of Tetracycline antibiotics; And another comment; This week Vandenberg Air Force base launched a missile “test” without warning. Camp Roberts just held the largest military “Training” ever with over 5000 troops. Global meltdown has begun;

Falce flag alert: Add has been 17 days in Craigslist Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4-6??? emergency, government terror drill with confidential agreements. Pay is $200. UPDATE: Craigslist has removed this post, as this story has gotten national attention...And 75 to 86 people at the CDC have been exposed to anthrax.

IRS Admits Missing LL Hard Drive Was Trashed (Video). The Gateway Pundit;There were audible gasps in Congress when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told that Lerner’s hard drive was tossed out. 'Make us poor, then shoot us': Russell Brand talks austerity & revolution with Max Keiser. One of the latest provisions to be ruled unconstitutional in US is the federal government's "no-fly" list, which bans anyone “linked” to terrorism from taking commercial flights, 20,000 people so far. About 500 of them were U.S. citizens.

My military sources in US tell me that their greatest fears are beginning to become realized; Under the heading; “Hiding in plain sight”, the UN is advertising for the following position: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer. Department of Peacekeeping Operations, New York Job Description: A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible experience in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration. Experience with small arms control, conflict/post-conflict crisis management, gun confiscation and population subjugation. (Reintegration back into society from where);

US, I see a lot of civil unrest, peaceful rioting, strength in numbers. Government slowly trying to take peoples rights and guns. They will almost make it sound like it is our idea and that WE want them to do it. When big government realizes that all the bullying and fear tactics just are not going to work, the government actually starts to back down.

Texas--Thousands of illegal immigrants are flooding the U.S.-Mexico border, many of the Latino minors are hopping aboard of Mexican freight trains called Death Train. US takes 65,000 undocumented children per month, bureaucrats exploit children to push the globalist agenda. And Word-of-mouth exodus to USA. And Central American media scramble; no amnesty! And WH Admits 'Rumors' Motivating Crossings...And Thousands stuck in Mexican stash houses...And Feds looking to shelter in New York...And Biden Hints Some May Get Citizenship...And Cartels Use Influx as Cover...And Infectious Tuberculosis Moving Across Border. And Mexican Army Troops Shooting at U.S. Citizens.  Mexico is a LOT better and safer than America now. Mexico is great now when all worthless trash went to America to suck welfare.

by guided missiles, the IDF says. Haaretz, IDF official;'The shooting was a very serious act of provocation.' ISIL terrorists overrunning Iraq and Syria – created by the US and its allies’ by funding Syrian insurgents. Throwing more money at the “Syrian rebels” would be throwing gasoline on the fire. Russia, Iran, & Catholic Church In Syria: World Unites In Massive Humanitarian Aid To Syria!

And US now supports the removal of the Iraqi PM whom it itself had helped elect. US supports also Iran intervention in the region. Putin and al-Maliki discussed bilateral cooperation. The first Russian Sukhoi fighter jets arrived in Iraq. Iraqi PM Maliki is hoping the jets will make a key difference in the fight against ISIS. But Russian pizzeria may be fined for drone delivery over 'airspace breach'. And Isis jihadists 'seize Saddam's -not-supposed-to-have- chemical weapons stockpile'. Iraq Crisis-$150 to $200 Oil Might Seem Cheap;

PressTV: US denied Iraq info on ISIL; A clandestine US intelligence center in Baghdad refused to provide Iraqi officials with sensitive information about Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, according to US media reports. The center was supposed to aid the Iraqi military by sharing intelligence. Intercepted communications of the leaders of the ISIL militant group and real-time drone feeds were denied to the Iraqi government. ISIL is also said to be financially backed by US allies; Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And ISIS was trained by the US to topple Syria’s Assad.

Real Egyptian revolution by Matthew Greene, Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), BRICS and UN; While the protests began Muslims entered Christian Churches as voluntary “human shields”, guarding against any false-flag provocations. Christians and Muslims nationwide declared solidarity, as “brothers of faith”. No other revolution in modern history has been so organically authentic from grass-roots, and supported by the Army. Egyptian revolution of 2011-2013 deposed both Mubarak and Morsi; And Obama’s NWO Successfully Removed From Egypt: Egypt Joins Russia! And 683 Of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Sentenced To Death!

Protesting the highly secretive global trade agreement TPP, Garland / Flickr. Now WikiLeaks ab more secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), by the US and EU that covers 50 countries opposed by global trade unions and activists. It promotes privatization of public services globally. Demonstrations in Geneva as diplomats met in secret for the sixth round of negotiations over TISA. WikiLeaks: Secret TISA document. And guarding Assange has cost in two years British taxpayers $10 million. Assange working on Courage Foundation, a defense fund for Snowden; and

Devil Worshipping Metal Band Watain Splatters Pig's Blood on Fans in Brooklyn Causing Them to Shriek and Vomit in Satanic Ritual. Last year steve webb alerted ab possible child kidnapping by satanist Human sacrifice illuminati and indeed one child was kidnapped, but found by police before the killing ritual was done. Nothing seem to happen this June?
International Citizens’ Inquiry Into 9/11 – Canada, 2004; Mini nukes were used to bring down the three WTC towers. There were no planes crashing into anything. The real planes were highjacked electronically, and detonated. The Pentagon was hit by a shaped charge. The entire operation was conducted by the WH, the CIA and the U.S. military with help from the Israelis: Scientists have proven that Tesla Energy Rays beamed at the buildings;; Privacy in the drone-filled age is going to be more difficult to protect than ever. Competitors, thieves, or even just your neighbors could be spying on your every move using a remote-controlled flying camera. (Anyhow soon we'll all be telepathic. DA)

New NSA Revelations: Adolf Hitler’s military had once maintained a tank repair yard in the Wiesbaden. But until now, almost nobody in Wiesbaden knew that Building called “Storage Station” houses NSA’s important EU data collection center. NSA has cooperated closely with the Germany's intelligence agency, the BND. - And at least one former East-German Stasi document noted of the NSA: 'This secret NSA saves all radio signals, conversations, etc around the globe.' Snowden Files:

RT; NSA uses 33 countries to install surveillance equipment on their fiber-optic cables. Expert, Finnish Mikko Hypponen, to the Danish paper; 'If your country is in a key location, that makes you an important partner'... such as Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea (South), Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE An Iranian billionaire businessman at the heart of the largest fraud case since the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, was executed, state television reported. 
Oslo Nobel Peace Prize: Nominees Pope Francis, Putin, & Ron Paul. And Putin’s Purge?; Another Rothschild Goon Found Dead & Another Flees To U.K. Then Russian government dumps Intel and AMD in favor of homemade processors. And Pope to Mafia: “Change, You still have time to not end up in hell.”
Ninth circle; The fourth eyewitness ab human hunting parties of the global elite...The Ninth Circle is apparently targeting Rev. Kevin Annett for elimination, thus Politicians, Common Law court jurists and sheriffs, and a documentary film team will accompany Rev. Annett to the Vatican and London June 30 to July 6, 2014... Make this go viral all over the plane to save children; Also rituals of the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult scheduled for August 15 at Catholic cathedrals in Montreal and Dublin will be stopped by special Direct Action Units (DAU’s), mandated by an order of the Court dated June 1, 2014. Issued by The ICLCJ Prosecutor’s Office;
Svali; And Mark Cleminson ex/former illuminati family member using yoga; She had to breed children for sacrificing; (lost the link). About the first family of satanism; Controlling people; Former satanist; They killed 24 people as a part of satanic cult;; Court Ruling: Israeli And US Terrorism Victims Now 'Own' Iran's Internet. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, a Jewish attorney, has successfully triggered a judgement by the U.S. district court (overrun by corrupt Jewish judges) which will allow the seizure of Iran's internet assets via theft of their national .ir web designation. The Israeli Mossad, in the name of Iran, staged a large number of rocket attacks against Israel from Gaza, which gave Israel the "right"... to steal Iran's assets. Since ICANN, which regulates the web is in America, this theft can be enforced via...
Treblinka I, thought to be forced labor camp and Treblinka II extermination camp, with gas chambers. While revisionists claim it was a transit facility for relocating Jews. -According to the exterminationists; ab 900,000 Jews were gassed at Treblinka II. The bodies were exhumed and burnt in gigantic cremation pits. The ashes and bone fragments were allegedly spread over an area of 22,000 square meters. The above process of disposal of bodies would have left much evidence...

The Krege Study; In 1999 an Australian team led by Richard Krege, Adelaide Institute, examined the entire Treblinka II site. Their Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) indicated that huge pits had never existed there: the vast majority of the ground was in undisturbed condition. Visual and extensive soil core sampling did not encounter any human ashes, or bone fragments.

The Colls Study; Staffordshire University, archaeological work at Treblinka I and II. Colls claims to have made tremendous discoveries which, if true, would appear to prove the exterminationist case. Colls has shown videos of three mass graves in Treblinka I. She states that forty bones have been discovered in toto. (One human skeleton has ab two hundred bones!). No effort is made to establish the age of the burials. Seems Colls has just found some cemetery which contains few graves. Colls also claim to have discovered gas chamber at the Treblinka II site - based on tiles bearing a six-pointed “Star of David”. But In Nov, 2013 the UK’s Channel 5...Revisionist Eric Hunt replied with ‘The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax‘. He found out that the symbol of star is in fact the logo of the manufacturer of the tiles. Caroline Colls also confirmed the absence of the enormous pits!

Jimstone; Here we have the actual document for deaths in the German camps. This is consistent with starvation after the Allies destroyed German agriculture. Record in the World Almanac, which proves the number of Jews in Europe immediately after World War 2 was actually slightly higher than the number before. Where did those six million go? I had an uncle who was among the allied soldiers who liberated the camps... And there there were no gas chambers according to this uncle, but there was an open pit where dead bodies were being thrown. He said a lot of people were in the pit, but all the people in the pit were dead from starvation and not from being gassed.

We Jews are going to bring war on Germany.” David Brown, American Hebrew, in 1934, quoted in Edmonson’s I Testify, page 188. “We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.”— Dr. Kurt Munzer, “The Way to Zion.” “Today Americans would be outraged if U. N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! — Henry Kissinger, Jew, Bilderberg Conference in France May 21, 1992. And And Israel nuking Syria;

Several new Snowden-leaked documents show how closely Germany's intelligence agencies work with the NSA Germany's parliamentary committee wants to question Snowden. The documents praise how the German government was able to weaken the public's protection from surveillance;

In a total breakdown of law, Darshan-Leitner, a Jewish attorney, has triggered a judgement by the U.S. district court which will allow the seizure of Iran's internet assets .ir web designation. Iran was never told this court case was proceeding and even afterwards Iran was never notified that this happened. The goal is to have Iran suddenly vanish from the web without explanation. But The IP address for is and this will always work. So people stop world war 3, get this IP address posted around the web.

Fulford: Putin left on the defensive. Rockefellers and the Feds cut off Russian gas exports to EU. First Fed puppet Ukraine refused to pay for gas, then, when the Russians cut off the gas, the pipeline sending gas to the rest of EU was blown up;
This was after Gazprom move to price Russia’s gas exports in Euros, Rubles and etc. 
And the ISIS army in Iraq, run by a Saudi Prince and using US weaponry, has the ability to cut off Russian gas exports in that region too. And now it turns out that N Rothschild has begun exporting oil out of the new state Kurdistan through Israel;

So So Putin is now reeling under a Rockefeller/Rothschild double punch, but Germans, French, Austrians etc have expressed support for Russia. Rockefellers are running out of friends and allies.
French intelligence; Ukraine given nuclear weapons and is threatening to use them if Russia moves militarily against them. This means the Feds are holding the German’s gas and the Russian’s foreign earnings hostage through threats of violence. That's why anti-Fed riots broke out all across Germany. It also gives possible motive for the probable murder of Richard Rockefeller June 13th. He was head of Medicines Sans Frontieres, a group to vaccinate all children under five years in order to reduse world’s population...
During the visit of Queen Elizabeth by Li Keqiang, China’s 2nd, Li was shown a hand written message from the dragon family- asking for the Queen’s support for humanitarian campaign. Li for his part promised China would import $2 trillion annually and invest $100 billion a year overseas for the next five years. His new government would make new energy technology major themes and provide decent urban residences for 300 million people over the coming years;
Opium baron James Sassoon, held a 650 person gala for Li's entourage. British offer to transfer technology to China. British Pound became directly tradable for Chinese Yuan. The Fed response to this big anti-petrodollar move was to issue terror threat against London., led the following institutions: The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, The World Economic Forum, The League of Nations, The UN etc. The Fed families have introduced sperm killing chemicals into shampoo, soap, tooth-paste etc and cancer causing chemicals into daily foods. They have also dumbed down the education system. Rebellion against Washington; And China-in-the-middle/.
And here Dragon Family ambassador speaks;; He answers questions related to military and law enforcement, global awakening, collateral accounts, promised distribution of funds, ETs, setting up programs for collaboration, new technologies. He also mentions Fulford and Neil Keenan. But Neil Keenan has said that this Ambassador is fraudulent.; "Vigil for peace movement" has exploded in popularity all over EU against the U.S Fed, MSM and Western NATO war aggression. Mass movement in over 100 cities spreading like wild fire all over EU. Establishment is Afraid of The Fed Movement in Germany. And
Putin not only managed to formalize his conquest of Europe's energy needs with yet another pipeline, one which completely bypasses Ukraine (call it a Plan B), but scored a massive political victory by creating a fissure in the heart of the Eurozone, after Austria openly defied its European peers and sided with Putin. 'Train has departed (Ukraine)', Gazprom CEO said.
Sarkar, the healing justice; The aim of the treatment of prisoners is to change and develop their personalities. In order to reduce crime social ills have to be addressed, poverty eradicated and therapies to be arranged. The death penalty is not acceptable every human being has the potential for positive change.
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