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Is this the final truth of 9/11 from Remote viewers;

And Psychic Focus on 9/11 short cut; Q-Was explosives intentionally planted? A-Yes by 6 people that wore white suits that zipped up and flashlights. Q-Was it really planes or missiles that hit the buildings? A- torpedo out of a submarine, a missile.... Q-who were the "dead" passengers in the "planes? A- I cannot see them...
Q-Pentagon, missile or plane? A-Like a missile that was launched from the sky or up high. Q-Who was the mastermind behind this? A-Dick Cheney? Q- What was the motive? A- Trying to create unity within the country, get a hold on oil, boost the economy. Halliburton...couple other big corporations and couple of financial institutions, they got a big boost from us going to war. And this allowed government to get a little better control of the citizens. People were setup to be hijackers, but eventually they were watching it happen on a TV. Q-Will the truth come out eventually? A; Obama when he is really old, like 80's will write a biography, because he deep down feel really guilty. Q. Will Dick Cheney ever be brought to justice for his role: A; Like there is a challenge to bring him to justice, but it never actually happens. Link to Audio.
What will happen now on 9/11, 2014? Rumbling and revving sound, parked car with engine roaming while someone continued to hit the gas. Rear car tire smokes and squeals. Then people scream and run as this car (or truck, etc) drives full blast through a crowd of people and into a building. Explosive? We need a reason to go to war, and this is enough that Americans will support us going into another battle, to overpower ISIS. Fear starting in the US; independent mini groups, American born and converting to Islam, therefore, joining ISIS on US soil. It will be said that is how these types of attacks occur - the people are already here. It will be further exploited to enable more rights to be taken...
According Russian and Snowden documents, the Mayor and Police Commissioner of NYC, President of S-Africa, the PM of Israel and White House Counter-Terrorism official were involved in planning 9/11. Named also Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush. Veterans Today, Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer, Preston James – YouTube. And
Former Sheriff Bob Fletcher warns car bombs could be ...This week, Fletcher sent out a bulletin to police agencies to warn them about a new kind of car bomb. Al Qaeda published the document, titled "Car Bombs Inside America," as the anniversary of 9/11 approaching...
Next 9/11?
Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed The World Uncensored book, by Bollyn. And; http://www.thepeoplesvoice...false-flag-operation-huge-tipping-p. And Reports of missing Libyan planes raise 9/11 terror fears. Someone to use the planes in attacks on the (region) on the 9/11 anniversary, The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera.; 9/11 goes to mainstream; more coming after couple of days on 9/11 from Farsight institute; And 9/11: Russia; Evidence Against US, UK And Israel.

Fulford sources; Repeated warnings of a new “ISIS” terror event in the US and/or the UK... defense contractors ar the NATO meeting are planning to stage big false flag (9/11?) event in order to get public support for more military spending...Mossad's Debka threatening dirty bomb attacks in the Middle East and EU on the 911. Other plans; to take out the US power grid, shut down the US financial and Google/NSA computer networks. CIA of EU plan a big push to destroy criminals for 911, Iraq war, bio-weapons and etc.

The Ukraine's Eastern front army is defecting because of lack of food, ammunition, and pay and government beginning to collapse? All Putin has to do is wait for winter and they will have no gas. That's why also Germany is anxious to settle the Ukrainian crisis. NATO fest in Wales, call for EU countries to increase “defense” budgets to militarize EU, the US, Russia and Japan in preparation for war against China. Kissinger calling for a “NWO” and “US exceptionalism.” He is not happy to see this US-ruled order falling apart.

Cabal take down continues; Injured 911 planner and former FBI Louis Freeh, and Larry Glazer's plane oxygen supply cut off. Glazer’s family are co-owners of Bush Seniors’ Zapata oil. Also, actress Joan Rivers died after calling on everybody in Gaza to be wiped out, might be attack on the Nazionists; Pope Francis being hit with a slow acting poison that causes neurological damage? The pope is revoking immunity from prosecution for Tony Blair and G Bush Jr.

The large US banks are using vast derivatives portfolios backed by nothing to prevent the collapse of the Fed...Fed scared? as their own Foreign Affairs calls for Feds to directly hand cash over to average Americans; (Is Russia hacking J.P. Morgan and other major US financial institutions; And

Putin makes sure people friendly to him seize control of the Sea of Azov and its giant gas deposits between Russia and the Ukraine - one of the real causes for this crisis. That is why fighting is still reported along the shores of that sea despite cease fire.

The 67 world leaders at the NATO summit. The armaments company sponsors try to use their new cold war with Russia as an excuse to build arms all over the world for a “rapid reaction force.” They also said publicly they will not send weapons to the Nazionist regime in the Ukraine.

The US, EU and IMF are bankrupt. The EU will collapse unless its leaders plan for the future of
all their people. Susan Rice is now in China on a begging mission that US can survive beyond Sept 30 fiscal year end. The Chinese are not going to let the US go bankrupt but they will ask i.e the US to abolish the TPP due to secret corporate court having power over governments. WDS asked China to stop financing the Nazionists.

Chinese and Russians are pushing the Japanese to join the BRICS. The pentagon refused to bomb Syria and is refusing to attack Russia. And

Wilcock Comments on Fulford’s Post; And Pope and Ex-Israeli President Discuss 'UN of Religions'And will something Happen Tomorrow 9/11/14? My Internet Service Provider (ISP) informed me that at 2AM on the morning of 9/11, I would be without internet service due to a planned outage. I did some research...What I found shocked me. On 9/11/2014, all across our nation, ISPs and PSPs (phone service providers) are implementing ‘planned outages’... ‘for maintenance’. High level sources are warning that we should expect another terrorist attack. As a former telecoms professional, I know that such a high number of simultaneous outages is extraordinary. at UC San Diego, will last all day. University of Iowa and Michigan, will be without internet that day, regardless of the fact that it’s a work and school day...
Poland, the largest NATO state in E-Europe, is expected to house the headquarters of Nato's new rapid reaction force. Putin still knows how to cry; Comedienne Joan Rivers has died just two months after calling Obama gay and Michelle a transsexual; Psychic Focus; Joan was trying to grab something that was out of reach, and the medical staff knew it and ignored it for a few moments, and responded intentionally too late. 
US intelligence veteran write open letter to Merkel to avoid all-out Ukraine war. William Binney, the former NSA crypto-mathematician (who March 2012 blew the whistle on the NSA's spying before Snowden), sent memo to Merkel challenging Ukrainian and U.S. media claims about a Russian "invasion." And Ukraine cease fire; deal;

Digital War games; Russian embassy trolls NATO with toy tanks; Twitter of the Russian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates, posted a picture of tiny toy trucks, tanks and armored vehicles on the ground, with the words: “#NATO’s latest evidence of #Russian armor invading #Ukraine has been leaked! Seems to be the most convincing ever!”, nearly 500 people added it to their “favorites.” A digital “war” first started on Twitter between Canada and Russia on Aug 27, when @Canada at NATO tweeted a map showing two bordering states – “Russia” while another, Ukraine, was labeled as “not Russia.” And Russian soldiers keep getting lost & ‘accidentally’ entering #Ukraine.

From Uncensored Magazine; Jean Paul Ludwig or Barak Hussein Obama? SSN 042-68-4425. Ludwig was born in France in 1890, immigrated to US 1924 and got SSN 042-68-4425 (Obama's current SSN). Mr Luwig lived in Conneticut (that's why 042), and died in Hawaii. Obama's grandmother worked in Probate Office in Honolulu and therefore had access to records...; I caught the censors red handed stealing mails. Donations are sufficient. Due to complete mail censorship, do not send more right now thanks! Google; we scan all gmail messages...on new terms of service. Egypt offers Palestinians 1600 square KM of Sinai Peninsula. Those who have said Egypt was playing the tyrant are now proven wrong. Egypt has offered to replace the Gaza strip with something five times larger. Yet Abbas said no...and that really ticks me off.

According to Pentagon, their jet was carrying 100 military people, which went off course and ran out of fuel. It requested permission to land in Iran. Two Iranian jets escorted it to Bandar Abbas where it landed safely. (I had to write this text myself as it would paste it unreadable, so some censor might be there on, DA)

Mothers of vaccinated autistic children, speak up by posting videos. As CDC whistleblower Dr. Thompson was disregarded by CNN Cohen addressing the population: “Vaccines are safe, autism is not a side effect of vaccines, or to say it another way because some people don’t hear this well, vaccines do not cause autism.” The story caused citizen reporting campaign; mothers testifying that their children were damaged by vaccines HERE, HUGE movement. 

Tommey felt something shift inside when she watched the CNN Cohen clip. She created a clip, in which Cohen’s voice, say “Vaccines do not cause autism,” slowed down until it sounded monstrous. Then Tommey herself explain that her son was damaged by vaccines. “Some people don’t hear that well,” she raised her voice. And other parents joined the video marathon.

Kerry's blog; We were set to visit Keshe on Sept 1st and suddenly (my partner and I) found ourselves very very ill. Because I don't believe in coincidences this was exceedingly strange. We were in Venice and planned to meet him in a nearby city when in the middle of the night I got terriby sick... A couple hours later my partner also became very sick.

Evidence exposing who put ISIS in power, and how it was done;… And And Military intel confirms: 12 missing commercial jets may be deployed as weapons against U.S. Cities; And Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, has said that Obama “really ought to consider” returning his Nobel Peace Prize, including the “really nice” case it came in. 

Jean under attack; Please Note; I am being harassed – both publicly and privately by someone, who is clearly very sick; “no problem jean.. we will just do this publically instead – until you learn not to be a liability to the truth movement” Hackers skype;

How U.S. Government Admits Vaccines Cause Autism; federal government will pay out compensation to some parents whose children have been damaged by vaccines.
Sunspot AR2058 has erupted, coronal mass ejections heading our way, x class solar flare. And Meteorite' smashes into Nicaraguan capital. And Beautiful chemtrails in Finland; And official explanations; Wake up, chemtrails, proof; And Live video chemtrail fall down;
Interesting alien structures all over places; And Planet Size UFOs Caught By NASA?; Someone positive; By Alfred Webre; Earth is on a positive timeline. And Alfred Lambremont Webre;
Updated later; You see when people exposed the cabal plans for this year 9/11, then nothing happened. Although it then takes credibility from whistleblowers, but better so than to be attacked again!

One talented singer came to see Sarkar, He sang some Prabhat Samgit (spiritual songs made by Sarkar) very nicely, but Sarkar ignored him totally. Then there was one brother who knew only one song Bondu hei. He started singing with great devotion and at the end Sarkar was praising him so much. Great people become small, small people become great.. Because the big people are proud, rich and thus egoistic, so Sarkar crashed the ego down, that they could make themselves great again, but small people no need to crash down, they start to progress straight away to become great. 
Didi Annapurna 

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