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Psychics ab Jesus, the Christ

Courtney Brown and remote viewers explain non-crucifixion of Jesus Christ; The Remote Viewer: Darryl Smith, Daz.

Courtney compares Bible and Seth, (channeled). Seth says Jesus was never crucified. Jesus knew what suppose to happen to him (crucifixion), his disciples felt the old Jewish prophecy needed to be fulfilled, but so that Jesus didn't take part in it. A man chosen to represent Jesus was drugged, believing he was Jesus.  

There was disciples meeting and they were making plans and waiting situation to arise. Bible tells Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. But Seth says Judas took part in conspiracy to save Jesus. Judas handed the drugged man to authorities in order to save Jesus. Even Peter was not told the truth according Seth. That's why Peter denied 3 times as he recognized the person was not Christ.

According remote viewing and Daz, Judas was deeply spiritual, but anxious to hand - instead of Jesus - another man to death. Judas was stressed and angry ab the situation. Hands tied, outbursts of emotions, busy, complex person.

When Judas was arranging the crucifixion, Jesus (tall, teacher type, dark skinned, athletic), was at that time faraway in dusty place, sea bed, alone. Jesus was happy, relaxed in nature near abandoned structure. He was telepathic communicating with someone faraway. He was confident person, always on go, using hands while talking and having psychic abilities.

Jesus went along the plan in order to make himself martyr. He helped to organize it. The person who was really crucified, was somewhat insane, brainwashed into believing he was Jesus. He was lonely, shut-off, secretive, feeling trapped, unhappy and fearful.

Authorities thought first the person crucified was Jesus, but later Judas was imprisoned, when the truth started coming out. Daz remote viewed Judas at the time of his death; Judas was in prison. Upset, anxious, holding something back. Captive, against his will, alone, being watched, military guarding what he spoke. He was hiding something - protecting others. The military was in doubt if Judas had cheated them or not.

Jesus was relaxed, the life was good for him. He helps us to walk away from conflicts, to shift to higher state, positive. And Seth version seems to be more accurate than bible;
Seth told also about third Christ; "one man had already been born in India, in a small province near Calcutta, but his ministry will seem to remain comparatively local for his lifetime. He will lead man behind the symbolism upon which religion has relied and will emphasize individual spiritual experience, the expansiveness of soul, and teach man to recognize the multitudinous aspects of his own reality. (Then Seth mentions another type born in Africa, a black man whose main work will be done in Indonesia???)
And Psychic Focus ab Jesus, short cut; On This Easter Weekend... I see that when he died, he still had a strong spirit about him. He didn't want to leave the earth without something that gave hope. It looks like he was able to take his soul in the spirit form and materialize it for some people. After he ascended to the heavens to be with the universal consciousness.

And more Thiaoouba Prophecy; Jesus was humble spiritual man connected to his higher self. He didn't want fame or to be worshiped. He wanted to show people how to be in tune with the Oneness that we are all a part of. He used his body as a funnel for energy and healing, reiki. In his "second life after death", after 30, ET life came in and save him, healed and gave him a new physical manifestation. The goal of the ETs was to spread truth to people.

Q & A: XI: Religion; Jesus was a great man. He was very connected to his higher self. In a sense he was very intuitive, "psychic." Visually he was a normal man, but he was said to be the son of God, because of his strong connection on a spiritual level. He cared and loved people, genuinely.  He was real, honest and just wanted to make this place on earth better. He feels honored to keep his memory alive, but the word "worship" seems too much. The powers at be saw him attempt to share his gifts of enlightenment, and Jesus was punished for that.

The cup that Jesus used in the Last Supper ("The Holy Grail") was dropped in molten rock (looks like gold). Then some bunch of people (men in white robes with different colors of velvet adorning them) doing some kind of ceremony and saying it was being given back to the earth..??

"God" or Gods" are bright light, soul without a body living in this light. In our physical bodies we are unable to see "him" directly, and that is a privilege we gain upon death.  

Then; Cassiopaeans tells short cut; Jesus of Nazareth was advanced spirit. His mother had sex with a man, Tonatha, in order to conceive Jesus. Tonatha was a member of the White Sect, AKA Aryans from Palestine. Jesus didn't travel to India or Egypt during his life time. He received his teachings as channeled to him from higher sources

The story that Jesus fed thousands with few bread and fishes, or that he walked on water, etc are not true, but intended to use for control people politically and economically. Anyhow he used to heal people with Reiki. Jesus taught that all men are ONE with the Creator. Jesus was not crucified. He spent 96 hours in a comatose state in a cave near Jerusalem. When he awoke, he prophesied to his disciples and then exited the cave. 27,000 people had assembled because of mother ship appearance and he was taken up in a beam of light. He was sort of “template generator?” Descendants of Jesus i.e are Arafat and Churchill.

In 1894 Nicolas Notovitch book; The Unknown Life of Christ. Notovitch was a Russian doctor who journeyed extensively throughout Afghanistan, India, and Tibet. He learned, that there existed ancient records of the life of Jesus Christ. One of his skeptics Swami Abhedananda journeyed into the arctic region of the Himalayas, determined to find a copy of the Himis manuscript or to expose the fraud. His book of travels, entitled Kashmir O Tibetti, tells of a visit to the Himis gonpa and includes Bengali translation of verses, essentially the same as the Notovitch text. Abhedananda was thereby convinced of the authenticity of the Issa legend.

Jesus: The Afterlife Interview by Medium Jamie (Eric);, Body is the temple, church is not the temple. When inventions and spirituality come together, change will come. It was not Immaculate Conception. People have taken my word too literally. To argue or defend or to force others to believe in the christianity, is the wrong way to encourage life. Those who live on Earth believe there is right and wrong, so you must teach them first what is right and wrong before you can teach them that there is no right or wrong.

I was on earth to teach that there were many paths to God. I am not the only way. I did not die on the cross.. I was able to achieve this in the same way as the Tibetan monks who can stay in meditation for day, weeks without food. They appear unconscious; their hearts almost lie dormant; it is a way of control over the temple, over the body. It is what I had practiced, and I would travel to several countries... Shroud of Tourin is real. 

Jesus told he lived out the rest his life in France mainly, had five kids, two died young. In 1962 life, he was born very sick white baby in the US. He lived his life in the hospital, but he was very happy;’ I knew no other life: to be able to run or play’. Through all the other lives he’s always been spiritual person, healer. He is currently in India, a woman, M-o-n-a. Shroud of Turin was his.

He speaks ab the coming changes, when inventions and spirituality come together...It will start to leak out in about four more year, and then it will take about ten years for everything that’s already been done to really come to light and really be explained... It will affect everything....The work must be internal so that you may then begin to create a community.’
Jesus was expected to return, and return he did, though not in the anticipated physical way with legions and drums, but in a spiritual way through psychics... he was not born of a virgin. Alan Ross,

Pammela Aralyn; ’I wanted to experience to learn the way of self discovery, cultures. I did long journey to east, India and Tibet. That I’m the only son of God, is not true. Violent world, why God allows  - vioence is created by collective thoughts of all of you. You are not your body, the body is the reflection of your inner workings. You are all on the same path that I’m, although I’m higher. You can stop elevating your mind higher.
Jesus - A channeled messages on spirituality & religion; He didn’t come here to start religion or be the savior. There is spirit within all, same source. After crusification he didn’t come back, he left human body and went to other dimension.

Channeling Jesus - by Tina Louise Spalding; Ananda Gabriel; I came to teach salvation that you can free yourself. My purpose is now to undo the mistakes in bible and church. I’m not the only son of God, you are all son’s of God. I was behaving poorly, arguing with people. Stories were added to Bible so that others woud join christian movement.

At the age of sixteen I was travelling around having fun. I was ordinary person, but I had intense connection to spiritual, with non physical beings, teachers, gurus. I was told the thruths. This set the foundation for  later happenings.

I didn’t come to start christian church. I went to long journey to east, to learn alternative methods India, Tibet. Self discovery searching new culture, experience, so I didn’t marry. I was very happy there with comtemplation etc. I married Maria Magdalena. We had children, my enlighment took place at 30 years old. Body and world is not created by God, but all you have created it. Death is not final. You are on same path, but behind me.
...............; Jesus in India (Urdu: Masīh Hindustān Meiń) written by Mirza Ahmad, founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement. And Kersten's article into Christ's (Issa's) travels, after the Crucifixion, in India and finally his death and entombment in Kashmir; And BBC Documentary: "Jesus Lived in India" - And Govt of India Documentary on Jesus in Kashmir !!

Stewart, Staged Second Coming of Christ. CNN ab Jesus Christ: Cayce; Mary and Jesus must have been part of the Essene community of Qumran...
And what says Sarkar about Jesus Christ; One yogamonk from Himalayas came near home of Maria (mother of Jesus). Maria fell in love to him and he couldn't resist, she became pregnant. The Guru of that yogamonk ordered Him back to Himalayas, as the monk had done mistake by getting engaged with women. Maria got married with another man Josef and child Jesus was born. When Jesus was ab 13 he went to visit his father to Himalayas and stayed there studying meditation practices. Later when he came back and the people were planning to put him to the cross, he asked mentally his Guru, what to do. The guru said: Just use your powers and let them crucify you, but get out of your body before and then take a new body. Jesus asked: what about the blood which suppose to come out? The Guru answered: You know how to do that, use your powers. So Jesus did accordingly. So he didn't actually die on the cross. Another source; Sarkar said that he was not Jesus Christ who died in cross, but his mental projection. He could project himself with bleeding...He was outspoken, that is why people wanted to kill him. He was asked to come to Palestine...

(Swami Rama in his book Living with the Himalayan Masters tells about how yogis could voluntarily cast of their body and even enter into another body if it was available, as well they could decide how long to lived).
A co-worker of mine, a monk claimed -  while he was working in Srinagar in seventies - many local people told Jesus Christ stayed once in Himalayas, in Kashmir valley, and practiced meditation there. The monk was shown the place where Jesus did Shiva´s meditation. Shiva became like a father or Guru to Jesus. When Jesus returned to Palestine (Roman empire), he didn’t tell anything about his visit to India and meditation. The people used to call Jesus as Baba. (Indian term for sadhus, gurus etc). 

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