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Ecofarming until reincarnating, but not Dalai Lama

Summer has been as unpredictable as - the global trend seems to be - regarding weather; cold and rainy, or hot and dry. Now is the most beautiful time, sunshiny days with outside meditations, watering plants and waiting the last harvest to get grown up. Sometimes I even manage to lie down in hammock and watch the blue sky and – chemtrails. Last summer I did some research, marking up all the planes; how many, what time, when not, etc and came to conclusion they really are chemtrails. Here; Proutscandinavia, Finnish scientist about chemtrails. And Chemtrail watch updated, Poland.

Dogs are happy to accompany me around the hammock and every step that I take outside. They even gather to sit with me when I do my meditation, although when some bird or the one flying apparatus appears (strange one man sitting on it), they rush to chase it for a while. I think in the next life our dogs might become yogis. And who knows if Luna was in previous life as she is so devotee - of me, at least.

When I visited spiritual retreat in the other side of Poland that time the dogs were mostly alone. They have learned to be by themself as the previous owner left them to guard his house when he himself moved to Germany. Anyhow the dogs didn't like to stay forever alone and moved to our ecofarm to be taken care - or taking care of the house. The owner comes to visit few times a year and provides food for them. He is very sincere since he has arranged even two operations for Luna. Such a great person, and another great person case last summer... From Norway, he arranged two of his Polish homeless relatives to alcoholics rehabilitation and then brought them to our ecofarm to recover further.

They worked hard with shaky hands and quietly. I couldn't communicate with them as I don't speak Polish, but at the end of the 5 days period they started smiling and expressed their gratitude through translator. The person who brought them here took them afterwords to Norway, where they volunteered in another ecofarm. We have these collective farms all over the world and our aim is always to help people in every way that we can. Now the other of the “guys”, as we call them, is working in our another ecofarm in Poland and the other guy still probably continues in Norway.

This summer we had visitors, tourists, local volunteers and one very nice course with every-age-people studying all sorts of treatments and also doing healings, besides of spiritual practises. They enjoyed sunshine, green juices and swimming in the lake of neighboring tourist place. Later came the two tourists also, very special people. They ran in the forests with dogs all the days until 8 PM when we did collective meditation. I liked their style of enjoying mother earth and together spiritually connecting to “the One Divinity” that we all love. I don't know how they managed to avoid all the countless ticks that we have here around. When I put on my working clothes in the morning, they are already waiting for me inside those clothes. And often I find them on my bed – dead. I never understand why they don't bite me. Just found some easy natural receipts for ticks (I.e rose geranium and coconut oil);

Then came our holiday people with kids and helped me to collect the worms from garden, but I still continued daily as it became like addiction, the worm hunting. I was even worrying how to enjoy my addiction when the worms would finish. So after picking them up I let them loose on the garden path, that they quickly run back to eat all sorts of cabbages. Anyhow now I have recovered from my addiction and the worms have become already butterflies, and will hopefully reappear next summer...

Our regular helper invented new style to grow zucchinis and pumpkins on totally junky piece of land. The receipt is; he put first thick layer of dry hay, then he laid down some kind of clothy material which allows water to go through, but prevents grass growing. We others laughed our stomach painful first, because it seemed that the growing grass was pushing the clothy cover higher and higher up, but soon our hilarity vanished when he made holes, put some soil and the seeds, and the plants started growing miraculously very fast and bigger than usual. Without watering and fertilizing they produced lots of zucchinis and each pumpkin creeper had ab 4 orange pumpkins, while those that I planted had hardly 3 tiny, and how much I needed to fertilize and water them! The secret is that the hay became composted and the clothy cover kept the moisture and warmth. This way we could make the sahara and jungles of the poor countries growing orange pumpkins for all the hungry people! This phot is actually from Ananda Putta Bhumi as I don't know how to get our pumpkins here;

The garden is still full of fresh food after all. I wander how I'm going to manage to get it all eaten up this winter time...last year we didn't waste anything, all got eaten, although we distributed loads of over grown cucumbers etc to needy people.

Sometimes these days I hear noisy space crafts flying around, thinking possibly UFOs, but no, it is only the military (with NATO?) flying even without lights during nights (I see them on moon light) - obviously breaking basic aviation rules - and probably preparing for the war. Ukraine is near, I wander all these people why they have interest for this war mongering and waging. Whole summer spoiled, economies driven down, lives lost and not only in Ukraine, but in so many other countries globally. The reasons seem to be always so childish, ridiculous and unreasonable; oil, money, religion ....if you are able to find it even out.
Now a bit ab solar neutrinos, almost weightless particles, flying at the speed of light through the physical world; rocks, oceans, planets and – humans. Nuclear engineer Jenkins noticed that manganese -54 isotope decay rate decreased slightly during sun flare due to neutrinos. Also human being can be affected negatively or positively depending of ones' nature. Spritual outlook and positive mind can keep the consequences of radiation harmless, it can even increase spiritual potential. (Higher truth channel speaks ab solar neutrinos, here something else;
Next-Generation Stem Cells Transplanted in Human for the First Time; Scientists Zapping the Brain to Enhance Memory; Kennewick Man to life; 'Hobbits of the Arctic' Traced by DNA; The Handheld Reusable DNA Sequencer is Here; And NASA Starts Building Faster-Than-Light Earp Engine.

'Diving' Tectonic Plates on Europa; Scientists capture the sound of an atom; Africa's future is lit by the sun; Hydrogen production breakthrough could herald cheap green energy;

UFOs: Bay Area, local media; People think either it was a rocket, UFO – or mosquito spraying. And “transparent” UFO on night vision gear in N-Carolina. In Australia, call for a government project to investigate sightings. And Life does exist on Mars - Ask anyone with cosmic of majestic clearance. Finnish contact person (I know him personally, DA); We Do Exist (sorry only in Finnish); He says ET s are very different some need craft, some have only psychic existence. Those who are a bit similar to human beings more easily contact us.
Visitors From Space in Finland Juhan Af Gran, (member of Free Masons); Another Finnish free mason talks and then found dead after 10 days; He tells that he wants to help all 8000 Finnish Freemasons to get out of the Masonry.

Diseases spreading; Severe infant respiratory enterovirus, 68 confirmed in 14 states in US. And 113 dead of Chikungunya cases in El Salvador 16 000...And Sierra Leone ‘Ebola’ lockdown – 6 million people confined to their homes for three days. And 5 new Ebola cases cause daily patients being turned away by overwhelmed volunteers. And Venezuela; mysterious, deadly disease: The deaths of 10 people in several cities have caused panic. London Telegraph; WHO program is suspended after death of 36 children due to receiving vaccination. Dozens of children dead after being injected with ‘tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria. Colombia; many young women having constant paralysis attacks after vaccinations.

Autism not only because of vaccines; MIT Scientist ab Monsanto’s Glyphosate & Aluminum Cocktail; By 2025, half the kids born in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism. Bill Gates Donates $5.6 Million to Cornell University that helped Monsanto promote GMO.

Fulford's sources; Europe is surrendering to Russia; On Sept 10th Russia reduced gas supplies to EU, on the 11th the US announced new sanctions and on the 12th the EU postponed a free trade agreement with the Ukraine, which was the reason for the fascist coup at first hand. The P2 Freemason lodge agreement with Putin to reform the world political structure (???). The British Renminbi, government bond; Nazis and Mossad sent agends to negotiate with the WDS.

The illuminati agents
Leo Zagami and “Alexander Romanov” were forcibly taken into a mental hospital. “Romanov” warned ab 311, was ignored and now the Tokyo police try to prevent him from testifying about their involvement. Japan is on the brink of a revolution against the Nazionists. The yakuza gangsters purged. Nazionist stooge PM Abe under attack; Fulford spoke ab 911 live on a widely watched TV news.
The N-Koreans purged the 311 connected faction. New market friendly reforms have created a boom and nobody anymore starving. N-Korean officials sent to study capitalism in China and EU. India to join Russia and China into Shanghai Cooperation Organization; Abe tried to bribe Indian PM Modi with $35 billion to join an anti-China alliance.
Hypocritical Dalai Lama announced that he was not going to reincarnate? Trying to prevent a more Asia friendly Dalai Lama from being reincarnated after him? The nations of the region (with ISIS?) are working together to create a Muslim federation, with a population of 400 million;

Berlin; A team of psychologists and doctors in Technische Universität of Berlin, announced that they had proven by clinical experimentation, the existence of some form of life after death. This astonishing announcement is based on the conclusions of a study using medically supervised near-death experiences, that allow patients to be clinically dead for almost 20 minutes before being brought back to life. Most common memories include a feeling of detachment from the body, levitation, total serenity, warmth, absolute dissolution, and the presence of an overwhelming light, regardless religious beliefs of the patients; (Sarkar said it will be end of religions when science proves reincarnation. DA)
The last ISIS beheading was taken from Turkish television drama titled "Wolves valley", which was filmed in Febr 2014. See video HERE, at 33 seconds, incredible? Man sued the BBC over 9/11 cover up; And RT: SCO, Shanghai Cooperation Organization support Putin’s peace plan for Ukraine. Russia Cooperate with US on Asteroid Threat;

Some US statistics; One out of every ten teen age girls engages in “self-harm”, cutting or burning... Americans are 5 % of the global population, but they buy more than 50 % of the pharmaceutical drugs and 80 % of all prescription painkillers. 56 % of all Americans have “subprime credit”. One-third of the entire population of the US (110 million people) currently has a sexually transmitted disease. 47 % of the women that get an abortion each year have also had a previous abortion. The number of American babies aborted each year is equal to the number of U.S. military deaths in all of the US wars. Source; End Of The American Dream.
Finnish PM Stubb, (while previously FM) called for new world order; the fundamental changes witnessed in world economics, politics and governance in the past few months had shown up structural weaknesses in international institutions and had drawn attention to the possibilities for a new world order. Not the only time...; And FBI launches national facial recognition system.................
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