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Wilcock: Cosmic; Cabal-defeat

Wilcock, cosmic perspective, (short cut, DA); The final stages of cabal exposure and defeat. Pop-music artists are advertising Luciferian imagery blatantly due to same producer. Kesha has now filed a lawsuit against this producer -- Dr. Luke. Dr. Luke reportedly 'threatened' her that he would shut her career down...After Sandy Hook;

Wilcock says that we are going through a structured, global initiation process. Forgiveness and understanding is the way. Once we are willing to look at the truth, we step into the Hero's Journey -- and to positive spiritual evolution. An international alliance is working to solve the problems. Scientologists are very well aware of the Cabal -- more than most people.

Zodiac quarter-cycle, or 2160 divided by 4, actually is 539 years -- seven times 77... According this cycle the secret Nazi faction brought over to the US after WW II, in Project Paperclip, will lose this epic battle in our time. If the takedown of the Cabal proceeds as various insiders -- and now many movies -- have leaked, there will be public tribunals. Famous pop stars, senior elected officials and heads of state exposing things? Movies; Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Ironman 3, Snowpiercer, Oblivion, Battlestar Galactica series, Planet of the Apes series, Guardians of the Galaxy are all exposing the cabal.

The movie Noah is with insider references and Atlantis; Notice similar than cabal's 32 Freemason symbol "Two-Ball Cane" (Cain) have been released in every  media outlet as image of Ebola. Many independent journalists are arguing that Ebola was deliberately released.

"Two-Ball Cane" appears also in code as OO7 -- James Bond. In Cabal history, the first "OO7" was Queen Elizabeth's personal astrologer, John Dee. Dozens of storybook wizards have been based on Dee, including Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz. Tudor. Queen parachuting to London Olympics with 007, now taken down from media, but still here; (And what happen after while James Bond himself 'parachuting'; And interestingly Courtney Brown, Farsight Institute, sends email to; Rosicrucians and Freemasons all believe that benevolent "higher spiritual beings" are going to aid them the to become "Perfected Men".

These negative ET groups may very well be still working through the Cabal today, but these ETs are being opposed by a much greater number of positive groups. One high-level insider told Wilcock there is a rule for bad ETs: "You are not allowed to shoot the Red Cross workers."

Wilcock says that if you work like him on his site, standing behind your message with integrity in your private life, you will be just fine. Another more commonly-known rule in the truth circuit is that they have to tell us what they are doing or else it won't be allowed to succeed. Dr. Jim Tucker, Return to Life, is using forensic face-matching software to prove reincarnation cycles exist;

Some 'reading' (still short cut, DA) Wilcock got; More and more, you are learning to tune out of the cacophony of fear. And the Cabal is fighting back... like a child having a temper tantrum. You can come into direct contact with your true nature as a spiritual being, and as Oneness, like never before. Struggle is not a requirement; good humor is.

There is no mass doom and destruction and we have eliminated the possibility of a nuclear war, ever since you developed the technology. In your planet the negative agenda is becoming impossible to ignore, but it is losing the battle for control of humanity.

Scientific data of the so-called Meditation Effect is proving that relatively small groups of people meditating together and uniting to consciousness, can have a profoundly positive effect upon your planet. If seven thousand people meditating in unison can reduce global acts of terrorism by 72 %, then clearly we have a tool for promoting peace and ending conflict worldwide, that is of far greater usefulness than any military expenditures being made. Our hope has always been to generate an incentive leading to more of a mindfulness practice, so that you are online, essentially at all times.

It may seem dangerously naïve to you to believe in the positive outcome, and the goodness of the universe. You can choose to look at those moments of grace, compassion, honor and noble service, and see that you want to be one of those people who spreads that to others – and to yourself. Creating harmony is often about letting it happen...

You are still ensconced within the illusion in physical form. From our perspective, our jobs are to exist outside your illusion. The more we are called upon to help you, the more help we can provide. We do not view you with a sarcastic disdain, as a cancer upon the earth. You are all holograms of the One Infinite Creator.

You are in a time of stunningly resplendent change...divine intervention is taking place -- and you are indeed being protected. We are your servants. Innumerable efforts are being made at this time to give you visionary experiences, prophetic dreams, synchronicities and all sorts of moments where the veil is pierced.

We have worked and are working with a vast international alliance of those whose righteousness compels them to step forward and secure humanity’s future. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love. Adonai and amen.

The hit counter on the last article was at a "full alignment" of 99999. And Facebook Like counter was at the symbolic number 1776, indicating the American Revolution, Wilcock. 

Updates from Wilcock; US Republicans winning; They will want to play with their new gun; government shutdown will be the ammo they test-fire. insider Nov 6th: if the new Republican-Congress threatens Putin, he will respond by dumping, at once, Russia’s holdings of US Treasury notes, 118 million. The Chinese have agreed. Deutsche Bank has printed up a large number of new Mark notes.

Wilcock doesn't believe Neil Keenan is a con artist: 'The Global Collateral Accounts, bonds and gold stores are absolutely real. He has been bringing needed witnesses in and paying for everything. If he did borrow money from Jean...My policy has always been not to attack anyone who is working towards the same goals. Neil is working on some very big stuff, and this is the reason why he has gone silent for the time being. I had another dream this morning, suggesting the Cabal is nearing an epic defeat.

More comments by dwilcock on Nov 12; How the Alliance will get the planet back? Arresting and prosecuting top banksters, insurance and big pharma (etc using lobbyists), including senate and congress of US. We are going to see major people getting knocked off, “accidentally”. Soon media is forced to tell truths ab cabal's doings. In dream Wilcock was told to focus on this. Dramatical shift in just a few weeks; most exciting ab the secret space program and increasing ET activity. Some insider said that all this fighting over the financial system change, is valiant but also foolish, because money will loose its glitter due to otherwise massive changes. The media is their last weapon in effort for World War 3. Dream; Cabal basically no longer exists except in movies, pop music and media disinfo. One insider said Wilcock - and David thinks also Fulford - are in a unique position with regards to the leaks they are getting to post out.

Wilcock also writes about him being reincarnated Edgar Cayce, but Psychic Focus; Wilcock is able to channel Edward Cayce. He speaks a lot of truth, and I get Cayce sort of guides him through the process of figuring things out and interpreting things. There really is a good connection between him and Cayce, but I don't see them as the same person. Q & A XLIII.
Some links; Lawyer for Chase and is now testifying against Chase, Pepsi, IKEA, FedEx and 340 international companies have secured secret deals from Luxembourg Deaths, after lawsuit against bankers; Dramatic increase in Life Force Energy since 12, and increases daily now, " What God KNOWS about me is more important than what others THINK about me, " And Alien Message to Mankind: “Do You Wish That We Show Up?; The battle over the psychological process of deciding what humanity does in the future is reaching a climax. The so-called ISIS campaign is now becoming a civil war within the military industrial complex. Also, the old cabal is ramping up its ebola fear campaign in the US even damped down elsewhere. The 188 nation BRICS alliance, continues to seek new friends.
Montague’s Message; It is necessary to understand that when the Cabal is removed, then all the infrastructure it controls goes with it. This is the greatest journey that mankind has ever faced, so you must prepare for all eventualities. You need to eat, drink, and breathe to survive. This is why I encourage you to get involved in the Centres of Learning. We are bringing all... together, to teach humanity how to cope in the New Age of Enlightenment. The cabal is creating police states... This is not the time to sit back and do nothing, as this gives the Cabal permission to continue its final attempt to create its dream of a NWO. Read more… And Scott Ludlam. And here is a link to the “stop data retention”.

The G20 Summit is approaching and the leaders of the wealthiest nations on the planet will converge in Australia. Australian PM Abbot launches the opening of the G20 Summit...And Wizard US Senator Scott Ludlam, has been campaigning tirelessly in speeches to empty Senate rooms to stop the Government’s proposed mandatory data retention laws.

VT; (Washington snubs Israeli minister of military affairs), de-Zionization. [Jim Dean, the first article; With the elections just around the corner, the Zionist mobsters have a long history of setting up media bombs to divert attention away from the election issues. And RMN.

Q. Nostradamus refers to the third and final antichrist as MABUS. A. I see image of a desert with white sand and white cloth head wrap with braided cord around the man's head. I get this is a middle eastern area, and this man has dark skin that has been altered (bleached??) whiter. He is from this region and this culture (even religion), but he is in disguise and living somewhere else, so when the time is right he can attempt to bring the two worlds together. When a trigger date or event happen this man tries to get the majority of the world to follow the belief system of this middle eastern culture - of "Holy" or "Blessed" lands in which Jesus walked. He is called "Barret" but "MABUS" roll his eyes when he is called that?? I see this person didn't chose this life freely, but was chosen and programmed from a very early age as "Manchurian candidate". He is a puppet and doesn't even know it.

Q. Does war start when MABUS dies? A. War has secretly been going on for a long time, it just hasn't been broadcasted. MABUS has been active in putting ideas into different countries to "stir" things up. In some areas we do have boots on the ground, but in others we are using weather manipulation and now a virus has broken out. I get the next war will be like no other with technology, and most of the people won't even realize what is happening because it will appear to be "natural."

Q.  What happens to all of us? A. Some of us will perish, and the strong will survive. The people in the underdeveloped countries are at the highest risk - I hear their land is "up for grabs." The weaker countries will be picked out first- the goal will be to acquire them or have them under control for resources. I don't see countries changing their names, but many smaller countries will be dominated by stronger countries.

Q.  Why are film makers almost "encouraging" using Ouija boards and why are they sold in the children's game isle? A. It feels like there is an underlying force that wants us to have an open door to things in the spirit world. I get this force resides in the subconscious of some humans, and comes out in the forms of entertainment, for "curiosity", to make us override our thoughts of what is right, and doing things that we know we shouldn't. This is in part a way to keep our overall vibrations low by adding a different perspective of fear to our reality.

Q. What is this "force"? A. I get there is a group of people / beings that want to keep our vibrations low. The same "group" wants to keep us submissive, under control and follow their agenda rather than create our own. "Reptilian", but I cannot get a clear confirmation. I am being hidden or even protected from the true being behind this "force."

Mona Lisa on the Moon; A: we have not successfully landed and walked on the moon. "Space may be the final frontier, but its' made in a Hollywood basement." There are ETs on the moon. They have made it clear that we are not to infringe on their "space". ETs are mining some kind of mineral, and searching something. (But in previous reading she answered to question: Why is china still going to the moon while the USA have already abandoned it? A. I do see they want to catch up to what the US says its done, but I see skepticism, as if they don't believe we have been there. I see a lot of what they do is try to discredit the US. They have been around the moon exploring like robots, not people there. But; we are in Mars; attempting to colonize Mars and make it habitable and protecting our interests on Mars and have some kind of defense for protection from some ETs.)

Ebola can survive on surfaces for up to 50 days under winter conditions, perfect for a massive outbreak scenario. America ended up being the perfect location for Ebola with cold winter. America is going to die if everyone does not get vaccinated??? Can you imagine them saying this? Alex Jones has warned and is now under attack. Ebola Vaccine has Plague Virus [Deadly Bird Flu] Implanted.

Thomas Eric Duncan in Liberia, where green is the official color of Ebola, was working for the Peace Corps at a social gathering for "Ebola" workers. He was directly involved in the "Ebola" care while working for the Peace Corps, proved by photo; drink, the napkin, the shirt - with the official color, green of Ebola. Interesting it is that the Peace Corps got called home three days before Ebola Eric hit the news, Perfect timing... John Carter wrote: First I exposed the 10-19 Giants Cowboys game. Ebola spread Psyop, leave Texas & spread to New York. Then I exposed; Now a 16-year-old who lives right next door to Dr. Craig Spencer says that is NOT him!!!

The FBI is admitting that the 2012 Sandy Hook School shooting was an exercise that local media “misreported” on, and then government officials perpetuated the hoax in hopes of bringing about gun control legislation. That's why "parents" were laughing etc...Video: And The FBI's report  here. Please share this story with as many people as possible.

When it comes to Net Neutrality, Obama just proved he is on the side of American people on free Internet. Obama caused quite a stir. Tell President Obama: Thank you. But FCC may give us Internet ‘fast lanes’ no matter what Obama says. And The Quiet End to the U.S. Ebola Panic. And Star Wars VII The Force Awakens: Sneak Peek. Star wars saga exposes covert government tactic. Hollywood Insider Exposes False Flag Terror; Hollywood producer Folks' films expose the three big false flags in the US.
Sarkar; Most cases human intellect and intuition are wasted in extravaganza, in useless pursuits; they are not at all utilized for constructive or worthwhile endeavours. And human intuitional power is also wasted in trying to exhibit occult powers.

This world is called jagat... and means “a mobile entity”. It is also called saḿsára..., “the entity which constantly keeps moving”. So the karma yogiis say that everything in this universe is immersed in action, in mobility. Nothing is stationary, nothing remains fixed. So move on with your actional faculty. [“Die while working, and work even while dying”]. When the mind moves along a particular track or follows a particular discipline in a methodical way, this is called “devotion” or bhakti; but when it does not follow a particular method, when it moves haphazardly, swept away by whim, it is called “emotion”

There must be a happy blending amongst intellectual-cum-intuitional faculty, actional faculty and devotional-cum-emotional faculty. None of these is unimportant, all are of equal importance, but the finality comes in devotion. Devotion provides the sustenance, action provides the stamina of movement, and knowledge shows why and how the spiritual aspirants should move. So all three are important. But ultimately knowledge and action are merged in devotion, and thus the devotion is not devoid of knowledge or action. Wherever there is devotion God's mercy is there – it has got to be.

Suppose there is a red flower and there are twenty mirrors in a room. You will see one original flower and twenty reflected flowers. The original flower is Parama Puruśa (God), and those reflected flowers are the unit beings. Now, when the reflecting mirror is free from all impurities, you will get a better reflection. The mental reflection of the Supreme Soul (Paramátmá) in you will be better if your mirror is in perfect condition. So you should keep your mental mirror always in perfect condition. And in order to do this, what are you to do? You are to purify it with the help of Sádhaná (meditation) and service. These two factors, Sádhaná and service, will keep your mental mirror always in good condition.
Didi Annapurna

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