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Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン page down, WTF?

Fulford; The G20 meeting that just ended in Australia was a total defeat for the cabal. The French, British and Germans joined to support BRICS led initiative. The BRICS and APEC ended up focusing on stopping tax evasion by multinational corporations and increasing resources for fighting poverty and ending environmental destruction.

Furthermore, the US military top Aegis class US warship was turned into a crippled sitting duck in the Black Sea; Most US highly computerized military equipments can be scrambled no more dangerous than refrigerators. When the Russian navy stationed a fleet near the G20 in Australia the US was scared to respond. (By the way Lada Ray's Predictions; due to Russia’s unique nature, she can bounce back from any adversity much faster than any other country, thus always surprising the attacker, DA).

Evidence was presented to world leaders of MH 370/17 nuclear blackmail carried out by the Bush and Cohen families. The Pentagon is restructuring of its nuclear forces in order to stop Bush/Cohen (Abe, Abbott, Harper) terror. The anti-Abe faction plan general election in Dec while Abe fighting against. Abenomics shrank in the July to Sept into recession and looted Japan’s pensions and other financial assets for US. If Abe is removed, then Bush/Cohen Nazionist game is over.

Mossad official was told by WDS, that Netanyahu etc 3/11 tsunami attackers would face prosecution and that brainwashed Jewish would have to be re-educated; Hebrew and Yiddish are Germanic languages. The only indo-European Jews were the Hyksos who worshiped gouty Satan. They are now being purged from UK and Pope Francis removed thousands of pedophile priests, cleaned up the Vatican bank etc. Obama is anti-Israel, as US military angry about 911 and;

In UK “conspiracies appearing in main newspapers and BBC; ab pedophile ring of high ranking political and military abusers; When also prosecuted in US and the rest of the EU, then the horror will end. Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis...; A victim of sex parties says he saw as a boy was strangled by a Tory MP. Nick, told: 'I watched while that happened. I am not sure how I got out of that..." And–Catholic-Church-Argues-It-Doesn-t-Have-to-Show-Up-in-Court-Because-Religious-Freedom.

Kevin Annett names on line those involved in a Vancouver child trafficking-murder cult; And; David Icke ab mind control ritual sex;
While Fulford's net page was taken down, I asked him ab the notice that the domain name had expired? His reply: 'I paid up and that is a lie. People can see the website in Asia and Australia'. Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン. Here is the IP for Ben’s page if it ever goes down again, bookmark it; Intruth at Project Avalon;
And; Notorious gangster Mickey Cohen, died in 1976, was Jewish, extortionist and bookmaker, "anything to make a buck," and "high-stakes gambler". He had a hand in the deaths of a lot of people. Deal with Nixon. Income tax evasion. Cohen and US nazis;

Japanese GDP fell for the 2nd quarter – as we warned a month ago – that Japan has entered a triple-dip recession. Abe dissolves government and bails on another failure? Abe has called an election, two years ahead of schedule; And

It has only been a matter of time before some global central bank decided that the dropping of cash onto the populace was the key to economic recovery. It appears Japan has reached that limit. Japan’s News47; PM Abe has instructed his cabinet to develop economic measures such as handing out ‘gift certificates’ to the poor to “support personal consumption directly”???; The “Putinization of Resources”. Russia has been the number one oil producer for almost a hundred years and the largest net gas exporter to EU. All of their growth plans are going to China. Not only does Putin control the EU market, but now also Asian market. Global game changer?Cutting offshore businesses key to reviving global economy – Putin. And; Sanctions against Russia represent loss-loss strategy. This is the kind of strategy where everyone loses and no one gains any advantage,’ Video interview.

YouTube, Anonymous; The G20 summit trying to implement a new banking rule in which large deposits would be treated as an investment...then when the next banking crisis strikes, you will have ‘deep’ – ‘losses’. London manipulate the metals to deter you from buying it; It is time to take our countries back into our own hands...and more for Americans;

G20: Buffoons v the Global South; Chinese President Xi Jinping; BRICS cooperation should not only boost the global economy, but also ensure global peace. The over 120 nations of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) – were paying very close attention. Obama's ‘strategy’ – not to improve the global economy, but to further demonize Russia… And Putin revealed a photograph MH17 was shot down by a And Report; the FBI is sick of Sandy Hook and exposes...The Sandy Hoax False-Flag Psyop was deployed by the World’s biggest Terror Experts who just turn out to also be the World’s biggest originators of terror operations all over the World, Here.
Collapse of fed notes and the Rothschilds, Bush Crime Syndicate, Isreal, Mobsters; 20 steps US Military has to take now! Secrets of ultra rich; And Greenspan Comes Out as a Gold Bug. The Kabul Bank’s executives were sentenced live on television. AP reports; 2010 the banking loss ab 5 % of the country’s economy, biggest banking collapse in history. By comparison, just the derivative book of JPMorgan alone is 4 times the size of US GDP. “The Great Afghan Bank Heist.” US forces refuse to leave; “7.6 Billion Reasons Why The US ‘War On Drugs’ In Afghanistan Failed”.

The most important election will take place in Switzerland on Nov 30th, and you haven’t heard of it; an earth-shaking event to challenge the paper currency (Fiat/Debt) system and the existing central banks across the globe by introducing the “Save Our Swiss Gold” initiative with very uncomfortable mandates on Fiat world; The Swiss National Bank (SNB) will have to hold at least 20% of its total assets in gold, stored in Switzerland.
And Ukraine Admits Its Gold Is Gone...Zero Hedge; Ukraine gold’s reserves increased hitting a record high just before the presidential coup…Again Kissinger reminds on Zero Hedge; We Need a New World Order; but he admits Ukraine Should Forget Crimea & NATO; 'We have to remember that Russia is an important part of the international system, and therefore useful in solving all sorts of other crises, I.e Iran or Syria', Mr. Kissinger said.
The Central Bank of Russia cut its official rate for the US currency... Sberbank, Russia’s largest lender, start issuing credit guarantees denominated in Chinese yuan, statement. It Has Begun — Germany to Break from US/UK, Join Russia/China Alliance! Jim Willie: Fed Launches stealth QE4 Through Tokyo- Currency Reset & New Gold Standard Imminent! It is finally happening... in stunning terms. The central force of EU has begun to pivot East. The Germans have had enough, with destructive US activities. Exit US $, Gold Trade Standard is becoming visible;

More than 10 German regional and international banks including Deutsche Bank, have opened accounts at Bank of China in Frankfurt; China is now open for business, in terms of its $4.2 trillion capital market. Stocks in China and Hong Kong stock markets can be traded freely, as China liberalizes its economy; France, UK and Germany block the TPP trade deal; But US in Beijin; attempts to sell TPP.
And Dracula fraud case against JPMorgan - no matter how many times JPMorgan’s lawyers try to kill it, the case rises up to find new life;

Short cut, Paladin, White Hats; Fulford says Keenan is CIA and Wilcock says no, but good guy. If Keenan is CIA, he would have no problem getting the Dragon family bonds into trade as the CIA runs the trading programs. He’s not an attorney but a treasure hunter. The Keenan lawsuit; He dropped the case after the presiding judge dismissed about half of the defendants. Keenan was promised an island if he got the bonds into a trading program. He was hooked up with one Keith Scott. DW's life was being threatened, because of his posting of the Keenan lawsuit? And then DW introduces Drake…who claims will bring down the cabal …DW was just the puppet.

Attack on a synagogue in Israelworst since the holocaust" eh? Not been through much then, especially considering what they have done to others since world war 2. It was only an axe attack, at most two Jewish deaths and a few injuries. Plug that into "the worst attack since the holocaust" so this is probably the first time the Palestinians ever did anything at all, including suicide bombings which I have always said were 100 percent hoaxes from the beginning,

Reporter: “All Hell Is About To Break Loose!”; Guns and ammo fly off the shelves. And; The Microwave ELF Towers Being Erected Countrywide; Those towers around the world are part of a huge electronic deception Project Blue Beam. But Kevlar suits, lined with lead, can effectively block these ELF waves and prevent mind control.; on Alex Jones; He is a frustrated man trying to spread truth while fighting a huge system. Jessie Ventura being taunted in the back of the studio, then brought on stage (while already agitated) and asked questions interrupting  him constantly. Jessie says things in a way he normally wouldn't, and the media replay it over and over for the public.

After conducting hundreds of interviews and analyzing nearly 15,000 vaccine injury cases, AP investigators determined that the vaccine court system is overloaded with cases that most aren’t being paid out in a timely manner; And Climatologist: 30-Year Cold Spell Strikes Earth. And Coldest November Since 1976- in US. And Experts: Seemingly benign virus on West Coast 'causing ecological upheaval' — Why now? The EU’s new foreign policy chief, Mogherini, support Palestinian statehood; And Swedish Paramedics Need Body Armor to Enter Violent Muslim Areas.

Remember Mckinnon was not sent to US, but released due to health reasons; McKinnon hacked into classified files of U.S. Space Command. He discovered a number of naval terms such as “fleet-to-fleet transfers”. He said: I found a list of officers’ names … under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’, not Earth-based. And list of ship names. They weren’t US Navy ships. He believes they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet.

Mars active JPL industrial site located by remote viewing; An apparent active industrial site on the surface of Mars with a “large nozzle shooting a liquid spray” onto an apparent industrial waste area successfully located and explored in a remote viewing by the Farsight Institute in 2010. And

Dragons run US!!!; The new NSA Super-spy Center at Utah was set up to be managed by Alien ETs from a secret Deep Underground Base. Massive object on sky Moves Through The Solar System; Alien predatory species, their technology and those humans that voluntarily serve them, can only be defeated by harnessing the cumulative might of the metaphysical and spiritual powers, as well as the intelligence, of the people of earth.

and You may want to see my article; Keshe; Clean up your own CO2 mess!
A team led by Dr. Lazar, a neurologist; meditating for just 8 weeks can fuel grey-matter in the hippocampus and promote brain ‘growth’ and changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress. The meditation course seemed to cause the brain to form denser connections among important centers that regulate our behavior.’ Ted Talks video; Source; Natural Society.
So why don't you meditate and your brain will grow! 
My previous article; Meditate and your brain grows!

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