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Whistleblowers under attack for what?, Daily Mail; In deathbed video Area 51 scientist claims existence of
'long-fingered and friendly' aliens. He says he knows what is really going on at Nevada’s mysterious Area 51 - he reverse-engineered flying saucer technology for Lockheed Martin, having number of patents to his name. Bushman, Aug 7 video: ‘With respect to the alien craft, we have American citizens who are working on UFOs 24 hours a day'.

Yahoo has nowadays lots of interest for UFOs;; Minister Weerawansa, Sri Lanka, accuses an international space research institute team attempting to steal raw material based on meteor fragments that fell into a paddy field in Dec 2013. Scientists were investigating the unicellular organisms (complex biological structures) which backs the theory that alien life exists, the report states; And UFO video, on YouTube on Nov. 7, shows alien abduction of a driver cruising a dark street in N-Dakota, as the car suddenly disappears in a blinding flash of light, caught on a security camera. And And www.ex...ball-of-light-moving-on-mars-surface.

Canadian x DMinister Hellyer, book The Money Mafia; the bankers of NWO are not originally humans, but some kind of nasty ET s... He writes also that G20 should finish the debt slavery of states and forgive third world and open up UFO secrets. Veterans Today. And Mars Curiosity Rover Catches Heavily Blurred Out ‘Mystery Object’ In Panorama Image.

Whistleblower ab aliens; Ancient ET wars; ET Technology, Fire and Brimstone; ET wars taking place in the heavens / sky.  ETs are fighting over humans, earth and resources - killing each other, creating fear and hurting earth in the process. 1999 in Sweden; Lacerta's race is the original inhabitants of Earth. They live under the Earth's surface. People had wars with an ET race called the "illojim", who genetically modified apes to become modern day humans;

JFK, Pearl Harbor and WW2; Q. Documentary on claims that the NSDAP just wanted their 1930's German utopia to be left alone and that made the rest of the bankers who ran the world worried so they forced Germany into WWII by massacring innocent Germans.

A. Germany wanted to be separate and was picked on to the point they couldn't take it and started defending themselves. There really were camps and violations made against Jewish people as punishment for what Jewish people were doing to the German economy (manipulating investments, finances, etc). But the people hurt weren't the people causing the problems.

Behind an American flag, other countries made a deal with very wealthy Jewish businessmen (Israel?). Some innocent Germans were physically injured by the "banded countries" in an effort to bully Germany to "come back to the group." It was the interfering governments doing this to get a war started. History is written by the victors.
(Reuters 150 000 jews served in Hitler’s army.)
Q. Did Americans bomb Pearl Harbor with airplanes designed to look Japanese? What is the true motive behind dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? A; US knew that Japan was coming to attack Pearl Harbor. The US took older naval ships ("junk") and put out in both expected locations and then sat back and waited. When Japan attacked it gave US the perfect reason to drop a bomb on them, to test their bombs. It made US controller, to be feared as very powerful country. 

Q. Kennedy Assassination? How many gunmen and who are they? What were their motives? What was JFK planning to do that someone wanted stopped? And was Lyndon Johnson in on it, too?
A. Group of military swat team, four assassins, dressed in all black suits.... They say a few words to each other and disperse wearing their normal clothes. They look like security, that are suppose to be "sweeping" the nearby buildings, to make sure it is safe. Then they go into their respective buildings (north, south, east and west view) and set up their guns (hidden there ahead of time. They committed this crime.

JFK was actually wanting full disclosure; to admit truths to the people on several things - to get the economy right, disclose Ets. The Powers that Be were never going to let that happen. No matter what threats were made, Kennedy didn't care. Johnson was willing to listen to the Powers that Be (out of fear), and therefore Kennedy was taken out of power. Oswald was a complete patsy, eating a sandwich?? during all of it. Then he realizes that he is being blamed and starts trying to run to hide. He couldn't hit even still target. He did not do it.
Jimstonefreelance as usual under attack; Confirmed - Paypal donations blocked still under attack over The Stuxnet sky train report. The “electrician caused the sky train outage” story false; HERE. Overwhelming evidence: (Israeli) Stuxnet hack on Vancouver's Skytrain. And the photo proves those who claim killing Osama Bin Laden are faking;

Fukushima was in fact a virus attack timed to the weak man made earthquake and vastly over scale nuclear tsunami; Stuxnet, (CIA and handed to Israel), caused the disasters at reactors 1 and 2, and mayhem at reactor 3 before the nuclear weapon, peddled off as a security camera by Israel, finished the job at 3. Reactors 3 and 4 had enhanced safety systems which would have prevented any virus from destroying them, so those two got the nukes. Japan's resolve changed after the Fuku disaster; Japanese trashed their economy with a 170 trillion yen payout to the World Bank to "end world poverty". And anyone who avoids the topic of Stuxnet, Fukushima, and nuclear blackmail is aiding and abetting the zionists in their next attack.

Will US Congress bow to Nuclear Blackmail? Mysterious disappearance of helium 3 and the resulting inability of America to detect nuclear weapons moving into the nation, and around the country. Because nuclear weapons detectors, which look for neutrinos consume helium 3, they are all now offline and America cannot protect its ports. And Leaked Sellafield photos reveal ‘massive radioactive release’ threat. The Ecologist has leaked images. Sweden is also now under the threat of nuclear blackmail, with it's largest nuclear facility rigged to explode if they do not live up to Israeli treats.

Recent space ship crash; one week before the accident a Cessna crashed in the same area. Locals witnessed a helicopter quickly arrive and removed 2 bodies and Cessna wreckage was gone at night. Then Spaceship 2 drops out of the sky onto the same location just a few days later. Israeli biotech company named Protalix is ready to replenish supplies of the experimental Ebola vaccine, ZMapp.

I have on several occasions reported on how bacteriophages have been selected to be re-engineered to be used in ethnic bioweapons. A new discovery, a bacteriophage virus that originally attacked only algea now found in the blood of people causes a loss of intelligence and triggers passive behavior. By using the extreme selectivity bacteriophages, Netanyahoo and his drones have produced biological weapons that know if you are black, white, blonde haired, brown eyed whatever. If this is being delivered via a tainted vaccine, it will explain this new brain destroying illness. London Independent; Virus that infects human brain makes stupid? 
In Finland finally the secretive Uranium factory Talvivaara bankrupted with 1,4 billion debt and it is the tax payers problem now to clean up after it until it is sold to big business to make more mess. Talvivaara has become famous by destroying the beautiful, clean environment of entire Kainuu and Savo. Its boss Pekka Perä complains in media, how he lost everything although his taxable income last year was ab 5 million. There is still something else such as where did the ready made uranium go, to nuclear weapons or what? Lots of politicians had invested in it and now lost everything.
Fulford; APEC meeting winding up today in China. There three of the world’s largest oil producers, Canada, Russia and Qatar signed new deals to trade oil in Yuan. The petrodollar is finished. In England, some politicians are creating new government currency to replace the 300 year old Rothschild fiat currency, the British Parliament will discuss this issue, distributed to all British Meps:

The corporate government in the US has gone into full crisis mode... CNN has shut down its Russian operations and the Pentagon has warned its troops to not go out with Russian or Chinese women, sort of measures taken in war time.

Another reason for cabal panic is a criminal trial on Nov 10th in London, ab the 311 tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan. British and EU dominated Financial Stability Board has come up with regulations to make sure tax payers never again have to bail out “too big to fail” financial institutions. This is clearly aimed at the big US banking institutions that own the Fed and looted US taxpayers in 2008.

In Japan; Rupert Murdoch owned TV studio panel; Fulford talked about how ebola was a US cabal bio-weapon, that MH 370 and 17 shot down in the Ukraine were the same plane and that ISIS was a creation of Mossad and US intelligence. One blogger R Koshimizu, talked about a homosexual blackmail network involving senior Japanese politicians. One corporate media oligarch is interested in the truth! In N-Korea, the US agencies recently secretly helped keep Kim Jong Un in power and prevented the take-over of that country by a Chinese led faction. 
WE do not yet see much sign that the Cabal or its Political Pawns in the U.S., Europe, Japan or China have ‘surrendered’. Just as Obama stole the Wanta Funds and used the SEC to steal the CMKX funds, our fear is that he has stolen ALL funds. Casper,

Man who created Obamacare; “Lack of transparency” was a huge political advantage for the Obamacare to pass, due to the “stupidity of the American voter... And How Administration Sought to Hide Obamacare Tax. Then Supreme Court To Rule On Affordable Care Act: and Devastate Obamacare.

The OSCE in Ukraine; convoys of heavy weapons on the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic”. Some days ago Pentagon still claimed there is no evidence confirming Kiev reports that Russia has allegedly moved tanks into eastern Ukraine. US Senator McCain; Russia should be sanctioned further if Ukraine ‘reinvasion’ confirmed. McCain traveled to Kiev in Dec to give his support to fascists. McCain is expected to become chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee in Jan. And RT: NATO has no money to buy out Russia-bound Mistral warships.

Western policies toward Russia have led to the current crisis, and if the confrontation continues, EU will be weakened and become irrelevant, Gorbachev warns. US Sanctions Against Russia ‘Expanding’: Former US Treasury Official. The US DHS says Russian hackers have infiltrated much of the critical infrastructure in the US. BRICS Presidents Xi Jinping, Putin, Dilma Rousseff, Zuma and PM Narendra Modi to make a strategy of cooperation within G20 on Nov15 to 16.

ITCCS News Updates; The Twelve Mile Club operates from yachts owned by Catholic businessmen in West Vancouver. The tortured children are taken outside Canada’s twelve mile territorial limit and their bodies are disposed in the ocean. The witness attended meetings during 2007 and 2008 where Archbishop Roussin and priest Glen Dion planned the coverup of their own involvement in the Twelve Mile Club. Archbishop Roussin resigned suddenly in Jan 2009 due to a “nervous breakdown”. Before he retired 2008, he was very worried about the protests by native Indians and Kevin Annett’s group,, Nov 8. And The ITCCS and its Canadian affiliates plan to establish inquiry into the role of Ndrangheta and the Vatican in the Harper government’s false flag operations;
Sarkar; Any idea that is surrounded by boundary lines, is called dogma. Dogma seals the future of the human intellect. So, the spiritual aspirants who want to establish themselves in the Supreme Stance must fight against dogmas. In the realm of philosophy, economics, history, archaeology, sociology and all sciences and humanities, dogma is dangerous.

You boys and girls, you spiritual aspirants, must always remember that you must never surrender at the altar of dogma. In the past dogma created so many divisive tendencies in the human society. Your slogan should be “Dogma – no more, dogma – no more!” Establish your selves above the boundaries of dogma, and be established in the excellence of human glory.

And the only way to satisfy Him is to satisfy His children. The entire creation, the entire living world, is His progeny. He is the Progenitor. So to satisfy Him you will have to render selfless service to His children. This rendering selfless service to the entire created world is known as “sevá” (service).
When the transaction is unilateral, that is, when you are giving something and not getting anything in return, then it is called “sevá”.
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