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Fulford in full speed

Fulford - Nukes in the Ukraine, lockdown at CIA and US West coast as takedown of cabal continues. 
Nuclear explosions, is being engineered in the US, EU and the Middle East by the Zionazi cabal. The Ukraine militia government confirmed they used nuclear weapon in a press conference when they said a missile with the explosive power of 500 tons of TNT hit pro-Russian area. 

http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=10511. That is only possible with nuclear weapons. Also the US National Geological Survey reported a magnitude 6.8 earthquake on the Ukraine/Russian border at the time of the explosion. This report was on their website for about 20 minutes before it was taken off.

The US based source, who has consistently predicted cabal terror acts in advance, sent an e-mail saying there were 4 more nukes ready to go off. These nuclear threats by US based sources came as France and Germany were meeting with Putin and ceasefire is holding quite well so far.The area of Ukraine around the gas rich Sea of Asov will become part of Russia, which US Biden referred to Ukraine running from “Lviv to Kharkiv,” map; http://www.ezilon.com/maps/europe/ukraine-maps.html. The Eastern part of Ukraine linking Russia to the Crimea will become part of Russia; http://tass.ru/en/world/776440. (That is also what Lada Ray expected to happen, some weeks ago.)

The discovery by the Germans
that the CIA was sponsoring terror, may have also led to pressure the Pentagon to shut down the CIA headquarters in Virginia, occupied by George Bush CIA faction. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/02/14/cia-headquarters-in-langley-reportedly-on-lockdown/. P2 sources; Pentagon has arrested “8 senior Khazarians [no names yet]” in Washington. The CIA shut-down may also be a condition for a Chinese roll over of US debt due this week. Xinhua accuses the US of sponsoring world terrorism; http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/world/2015-02/17/c_134002783.htm. Also Russia accused the US of being behind the 911, before a 60 nation anti-terror conference in Washington D.C. All shipping to and from the US West coast is being blockaded. This is part of an Asian blockade to force US to deal with the criminals in Washington D.C and CIA. Baltic Dry Index plunge. The Chinese begun scrapping ships for longer time... (Ports closed; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LhwKjAsSn0. And speculations; http://www.zerohedge.com/print/501814)

lodge; cold hitting the US East coast is part of a weather warfare campaign aimed at forcing the cabal into surrender. Rumours that DHS plans to start rounding up Americans, but DHS funding is cut off. There may be martial law, but you can be sure it is only aimed at protecting Americans; http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/15/us-usa-congress-homeland-idUSKBN0LJ0P520150215. The white hats in the Pentagon and the agencies will win, regime change for the better will happen in the US.

had a total shut down of its power grid, followed by the announcement the US sending heavy duty infantry troops there. In Yemen most embassies and CIA agents have been kicked out, but US regular forces continue to operate there...confirms a Pentagon CIA Nazi faction split. The UN confirmed that ISIS is working with the Israelis and Saudis. Some Arab nations, Russia, Egypt and the Pentagon are working actively to destroy ISIS. The French, British and Italians overthrew the Libyan regime. Now Egyptians and Russians, with Pentagon, are counter-attacking on behalf of the people of the region.

In Japan this writer was on a
live TV news. In EU as well, the Nazionists are on the run. Greek debt still deadlocked. Putin visiting Hungary to endorse that nation’s removal of Rothschild banking. Last week “Nakayama-Rothschild,” the N-Koreans, Mossad, Gnostic Illuminati, Jewish Financiers and Kurdish contacted the WDS to discuss the new financial system.

on in the era of free energy, anyhow carbon will become the basic building block of new eco-systems. (???) And scientists at Harvard discovered a compound that can turn mice from 60 to 20 years old; http://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/dec/20/anti-ageing-human-trials. This compound “simple protein” would cost $50,000 per day for a human. This fake reasoning is used in any attempts to change our genes to make us smarter, stronger, more beautiful and all around better. http://www.philosophicalanthropology.net/2015/02/nukes-in-ukraine-lockdown-at-cia.html. And http://benjaminfulford.net/2015/02/17...es/

And Fulford answered to Pentagon questions; Economic planning agency, WDS post a plan...ash Carter takes office Tues so he needs marching orders.

Fulford; Putin was able to double Russian living standards within a year by kicking out Berezhovsky, Nieslev etc. and arresting Khordokovsky. The same could be accomplished in the US by taking out the Rockefellers, Clintons, Bushes, Adelsons etc. After take down of US, the American forces overseas will continue to be fully financed with international dollars by the 188 nations BRICS alliance, redeployed on earth saving missions. US Domestic dollar devaluation would probably be about 50%. The upside will be felt quickly as US exports become competitive and investors and tourists rush in to take advantage of the low prices. 
The US military need to fight against an international Khazarian mafia that has turned the US into a fascist nightmare for 99% of the population. The US military has to temporarily take over to keep infrastructure, food, gas, and utilities for all during the transition. The Khazarians are offering the Chinese control over the US with them as sub-contractors. The Chinese would rather deal with the American people on equal and honourable terms. The aim is for a just world for all and not the replacement of Khazarian dictatorship with Chinese dictatorship. The nations around China will welcome US guarantees against Chinese bullying.

Take down
Isrel and Saudi, and game is over for the Nazi regime in Israel. The innocent and honourable Jews must not suffer. Nato is finished as Germany, France, Turkey, Greece are leaving. We have the backing of the British, the Vatican, the Chinese and the 188 nation BRICS alliance. The only way to cut off the drug money is to put the entire industry under responsible government control. http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/2015/02/questions-from-the-pentagon-and-their-answers-below.html

Someone comment; Anything involving the Vatican and the vile paedo British monarchy, I won't trust. They have been part of the root cause. And now you expect them to be welcomed with open arms? 

And http://jimstonefreelance.com/; A bunch of Iranian students went to the gates of the CIA world headquarters in Virginia to protest drone strikes and drones. The police taped off the entrances which made a great photo op for a hoaxer after the students left. Ukraine; Fuel air bombs are in fact capable of reaching half a kiloton yield. The USGS logged for 20 minutes a 6.8 seismic reading where it went off. Fuel air bomb/nuke fits that scenario perfectly. The color of the blast does not match a nuke. The sound of the blast,was that of a gas explosion. A nuke would not look like that. It was probably an American bomb that did it. The West Coast imports are down by 29 percent, overall imports are only down by 11 percent and now East Coast ports are picking up the slack.
http://investmentwatchblog.com/dhs-is-positioning-to-secretly-arrest-american-dissidents-in-preparation-for-world-war-iii/; US; There Will Be No Martial Law Declaration, but procedures designed to enhance the Continuity of Government policies will be made by a four star General from NORTHCOM. And launching new ground operations in the Middle East against ISIS. And 9/11; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YehuX9B868k#t=5089

NASA, Researchers: US Headed for Devastating ‘Mega-Drought’, weather shift in 2015 would bring a drought of a level not seen in 1,000 years. Dutchsinse about weather manipulation; http://dutchsinse.com/2122015-more-spraying-underway-now-florida-sprayed-over-multiple-hours-rain-forms-12-hours-later/.

Shia Group Takes U.S. Embassy Vehicles and Weapons in Yemen. US behind Ukraine coup since beginning; http://www.globalresearch.ca/new-video-evidence-of-americas-coup-in-ukraine-and-what-it-means/5430316. With 'the endgame' and reset now playing out before our eyes, YouTube has censored the 'Endgame - documentary movie, by TheAlexJonesChannel.

Obama ordered the release of documents of 25 year coverup by the US Reagan/Bush, of passing on nuclear secrets to Israel, leading to nuclear espionage and selling nuclear weapons technology, underwritten by $86 billion in illegal US aid. The release comes before PM Netanyahu’s March 3 speech in US Congress for opposing any deal that allows Iran's legal nuclear program. Putin is concerned of Israel’s assistance to ISIS including the downing of a Syrian Mig 21. Obama promises to veto new sanctions on Iran. Tehran’s nuclear program is legal under NNP-Treaty, but Israel's not.
Also the evidence of US and Israeli complicity in the 9/11 attacks supplied by Putin may make Obama to act. Former US secretary of defence Leon Panetta has warned about the consequences of PM Netanyahu’s speech in Congress. Netanyahu trip to Congress provokes harsh reaction from US Jewish leaders; Israeli prime minister’s decision to instigate a high-level confrontation with the White House is not winning favor in the Jewish community. http://www.tbrnews.org/?p=971#more-971

Two boys aged 16 and 14, anti-water charges campaigners, arrested by Irish police. Irish TD Murphy, who was removed from his house by police, told RT the arrests were designed to intimidate Ireland’s anti-water charges movement. U.S. government’s Global Historical Climate Network, Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the National Climate Data Center behind latest climate cover up. http://www.wnd.com/2015/02/climate-guru-brace-for-massive-cover-up/

 Southeast Brazil grapples with its worst drought in nearly a century, a problem worsened by polluted rivers, deforestation and population growth, the largest reservoir system serving São Paulo water is near depletion. Many residents having water cutoffs, some going days without it. http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/environment/water_flooding/news.php?q=1424187155

Ukraine’s top general is contradicting allegations by US and his own Ukrainian Government, by saying that no Russian troops are fighting in Ukraine civil war. But American mercenaries participating on the Ukrainian Government’s side “are members of illegal armed groups.” The Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, General Muzhenko is explicitly and clearly denying the very basis for the EU and US sanctions against Russia; http://www.globalresearch.ca...falshoods/5428523. And RT; https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WBuCrmYeiyM. Proof nuclear weapon used in Ukraine; http://investmentwatchblog.com/pro-russians-confirm-donetsk-chemical-factory-explosion-was-tactical-nuke-press-conf-video-proof/#dk7WC6yXERBOtVvZ.99.

And Lada Ray; The family of Ukraine president Poroshenko has urgently left the country via a charter flight. Poroshenko may be even unseated any moment. New Maidan may be close. If there will be more obvious nazi regime after Poroshenko, it would erupt the terrible Ukrainian abscess, so people could start rebuilding. Ukraine and the world needs this cleansing.

Kiev has abandoned 5,000 of its soldiers in the Debaltsevo cauldron, surrounded by DNR and LNR. What do Putin, Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko want? The goals of the US in Ukraine; 1. wedge between Russia and Germany/France/EU; 2. paint Russia as a villain; 3. pit Russia and Ukraine in a hot war.

I said previously that we should expect a massive false flag in Ukraine, bigger than MH17. US mini-nuke was detonated in Donbass. It failed to achieve the desired effect, but 4 such mini-nukes were delivered in 2014 to airport in Western Ukraine. Where will they surface? Lada Ray and Lada's predictions for Ukraine etc.
Too late; Barbara Bush: ‘I changed my mind’ about Bush dynasty. Washington Post; two years ago, former first lady B Bush said there had been “enough Bushes” in the White House, but no more. US hiding; http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/when-these-people-go-into-hiding-it-is-time-to-pay-attention_10032014. And Sorry Monsanto: Organic Food Demand is Absolutely Exploding And NY Times; The government approved the GMO apples that will not turn brown when bruised.

Reuters; Kaspersky security Lab research show; It is probably The U.S. NSA who is the one hiding spying software within hard drives made by top manufacturers, giving the agency the means to eavesdrop on the majority of the world’s computers. These EQUATION group’s attack technologies exceeds anything Kaspersky has ever seen before. But this can have serious negative effects on other U.S. interests Zero Hedge. And $1bn hack heist: Kaspersky Lab exposes massive bank attack, to RT. And NSA spy software also in your computer hard drive? 
Real NSA hack exposed; All hard drives from all manufacturers open to the NSA SINCE 2001! I have long said that there is no way to secure your computer against the NSA. Snowden prevented the real truth from being known. Here is what happened: Someone managed to get trojans into all the hard drive manufacturers, which infected all their manufacturing facilities and then wrote itself to every hard drive for the last 14 years at point of production. Because this virus exhibited itself as part of the root product, (which cannot be accessed by any virus scanner) it remained totally immune to detection this entire time. Kapersky finally hunted it down. The manufacturers do not even know it. And Obama is going to try to ban a type of ammo for the AR-15. Are West coast port closures part of an "elite" plan to create chaos in America before a crack down this summer. http://jimstonefreelance.com/.

There is a plan to oust the 5,000 member royal Saud house, confiscate their stashed billions and encourage, and support, a nationalist movement. TBR news has a list with emails of Saudis, Israelis and others who are in support of a change of Saudi government, you may write them; http://www.tbrnews.org/?p=969#more-969

Nato shows signs of battle fatigue in confrontation with ruthless Putin -The Guardian; The Sept summit decided to put a spearhead force, 5000 men into Poland and the Baltics. But since then the plan has atrophied, bogged down in endless circular discussions of who does what, when and where. Who pays for it? Who will be in command? http://www.tbrnews.org/?p=969#more-969

Greece Rejects Bailout Deal – Deadline In EU Is March 1st; EU is on the verge of a horrifying financial meltdown. Wanta is contradictory person; http://beforeitsnews.com/power-elite/2015/01/cottrell-affirmation-4-proof-leo-wanta-is-double-agent-for-bush-cabal-includes-affidavit-supporting-documents-2447868.html. 
All kind of stuff found in Mars; http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2015/02/crashed-ship-on-mars-discovered-on-feb.html. Former chief of Obama staff Podesta is sad that the government hasn't told us what it really knows about UFOs. We ought to do it as it is the law; https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL574D16C379439373&feature=player_embedded&v=smwQau3HtKM And http://www.cnet.com/news/obama-adviser-truth-still-out-there-about-ufos/#ftag=YHF65cbda0. On Twitter: "Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files." In 2002, he spoke publicly about opening the vaults and revealing the little green people's bones.
"UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record," a book published in 2010. President B Clinton on the Jimmy Kimmel Show; "If we were visited some day, I wouldn't be surprised."  And Mars mystery: Enormous plumes erupting on Red Planet. RT; Mysterious plumes over 150 miles high have been recorded erupting on Mars by amateur astronomers – scientists stumped.
Germany; Sabine McNeil, legal helper to Ella, the mother of two Whistleblower children, Gabriel an 8 and Alisa 9, video ab sustained pedophile ritual sexual abuse at the hands of their father and at the Primary School, in UK. No criminal investigation has been launched against the children’s school or father, a member of a ritual child abuse network. Also testimonies of other parents. The school is often setting up after school classes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRzL5G9d0wA. And whistleblower in live tv; https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GnZCyI4YaRo
Wellknown Finnish conspiracy blog; http://nwohavaintoja.blogspot.fi/2014/12/the-new-order-of-barbarians-nwo-agenda.html writes about sun affecting people, changing DNA etc. http://uscl.info/edoc/doc.php?doc_id=89&action=inline. And Russia has military bases in ten countries. US Empire 900 overseas bases.
Venezuelan TV showed a video of the latest coup plotters; Febr 14. "ICH" - "Telesur" - The president of Venezuela's national assembly, Cabello, presented further evidence of the right-wing plot to overthrow the Bolivarian government on Friday evening; foiled plans, video of the military recording a message announcing that the military no longer recognized the government, set to be aired on media after planned attacks. Cabello also said that Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and U.K. diplomatic core in Venezuela, had been involved in plans. According to Venezuelan intelligence, the computers seized to military detractors revealed maps from the places where the opposition was plotting to carry out attacks, including the Miraflores presidential palace, and the headquarters of teleSUR in Caracas. Venezuelan president Maduro announced Thursday that the government had thwarted a coup attempt which was being coordinated by Venezuela's right-wing opposition with the support of the U.S. government. Obama stated recently that “American leadership at times entails twisting the arms of states which don't do what we need them to do.” On Wednesday already, opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez, Maria Machado and Antonio Ledezma released a “transition plan” which involved privatization of the country's oil, deregulation of the economy and accords with International Monetary Fund. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article40990.htm.

Sarkar was having meeting in Lake Gardens, near Calcutta. Sarkar asked why Dada was not present. Others told he was sick and is in downstairs toilet. Dada came back and Sarkar asked; why you are using my toilet without my permission? Then Sarkar said nobody is allowed anymore to use his toilet. Everyone was surprised, because that was the only toilet and everyone used it. After that everyone had to go to 1 km distance to the park toilet. There was constant flow of sannyasis going to that park toilet during that week.

But then one day communist police asked Dada how many you are there? Dada said that they are about 10-15. That police said; no you must be 500 at least, because there is constant traffic on the road. The communists had made plans to attack Sarkar's place Lake Gardens, but because they thought there was 500 sannyasis present, they got afraid to attack. That was Sarkar's way to save Lake Gardens from attack.

 One day one sannyasi was again late from meeting and Sarkar asked him; why you are late? The sannyasi said; because he went to the park toilet, he was late. Sarkar scolded him and told; why you are not using our own downstairs toilet, but instead going so far to toilet? The sannyasi was given punishment of being late. The others had to take him from legs and arms and swing him. He enjoyed his punishment and became quite relaxed. (Actually this nice punishment was given to someone else in the same place, but anyhow...as I wrote it, let it be here just for a fun).
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