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Thanks to whistleblowers!

So what I think about whistleblowers and conspiracytheorists? Heroes, revolutionaries, righteous and having some moral courage, while risking their lives? Or fanatics, lunatics, paranoids and fighters? I think they have a bit both qualities?

Why then so many whistleblowers blame each other, why they fight and don't cooperate? I think there comes easily dislikings between people, esp when people has to express strong views openly. Activists often have different sources, some real some cheating. Then one might be very grounded and bring out things with negative attitude, while the other is spiritually inclined and try to bring out positive things rather. Most of the whistleblowers also fall into using immoral, illegal actions in order to get things brought out, or to respond. It is understandable under such pressure of criminal opponents, sometimes even with life in danger. Also their enemies purposely try to set up infightings. That is easy way to discredit both. It is better to try always to see the good side of activist people, and forget the mistakes, as those everyone is doing anyhow.

I take some examples of whistleblowers and what I think about them; First comes to my mind for some reason Courtney Brown. I think he is example of having commonly acceptable way of exposing things and positive attitude for raising awareness. His results seem to be somewhat good, and if the remote viewing becomes popular, there will be more awakened people, who can't be cheated so easily. Although he once released very bad predictions about the climate change, lets forget about it and think his positive outcome, which is much more important. Psychic Focus is using a bit similar method and she is very accurate sometimes, although many times the things have not come true. But if even one remarkable thing opens up, that is already such an important thing, and she has got many. She seems to know so much... amazingly, widely. Everyone can try how hard it is to get even one thing right...

Then Alfred Lambremont Webre, he is doing good job, trying also to be positive, but I think he has tendency to overreact with things and change his mind. Anyhow he truly is exposing and bringing into light very interesting things, that we can learn, I.e our fellow beings, the ET s. Alex Jones is blamed all over. He has tendency to see the worst in everything, but lets not forget that many times, he is the only one, who has dared to expose and got things right. It is even hard to think the worst, but sometimes it is needed. He is very agitated of bringing the truths out in order to change the things, but at the same time he gets overwhelmed and exaggerating. His aggressive attitude surely makes enemies, but how much more we should give credit to him.

Wilcock is blamed of being too optimistic and blue eyed. He seems to have loads of insiders, so they also might get sometimes disinfo, and many also purposely attack with disinfo. It is not so easy to know who is who in that case. I appreciate very much his positive and uplifting attitude. He truly seems to know a lots of not only worldly, but as well spiritual, multidimensional, and extraterrestrial things. There are not many others who are getting that kind of knowledge.

Neil Keenan, I can only say that his nature seems to be very dramatic, chaotic and thoughtless. I think he is doing good job, what he believes it to be, though the ways he does the things might be a bit questionable. Lets mention also his enemy Jhaines. She is very much grounded and sincere person, also spiritually inclined, but she seems to end up having strong belief on this and that, which then may turn in her mind totally opposite. After all her blog is really appreciated due to widely reported news from different sources. Her comments are very common sense and inspiring.

Fulford seems to be very well informed, although he also gets lots of disinfo attacks. Sometimes I feel he has even prevented things happening by telling about them in advance. In many occasions he has been the only one to know things, but people seems to discredit him as some things has been totally wrong. Besides he seems to believe in forgiving everything, and hoping the previous cabal members have changed from bad to good, just because of having to surrender. He is very good in not responding angry accusations with anger, although he can be seen to be really fed up to those cabals. He has good heart, much courage and still common sense.

Julian Assange has been blamed even by his fellow whistleblowers. May be his morality is not so high what comes to being totally honest and standing for the truth. He might linger a bit depending on his “friends”, but anyhow he is brave, determined and surely released lots of truths, that we need to know.
He has had to also make big sacrifice by hanging in embassy for years, I hope he gets soon out.

Snowden, I think there is some group of people even helping him, and his escape was well planned in advance. He is doing great job while exposing NSA, which is using unacceptable, illegal ways to spy all of us. He had to sacrifice all his family life, his job and is still under treat. He might still expose much more. Manning, courageous souls could be used in better purposes than sitting in prison.

Jimstonefreelance is really getting attacked constantly in the net and living in constant fear of being found and killed. He is literally running for his life, driving around Mexico with his motorcycle and had to leave even his wife. I think he is doing as great job as Snowden if not more. He is a bit getting lost sometimes with his claims, but the constant attacking proves, he is more often right. He seems to be very honest with his money also, and asks people when he needs more.

Donald Marshall is doing great job. It must be the most difficult thing to bring out such secrets, that nobody else wants to bring out. He is under huge threat and torture constantly, which someone else wouldn't stand. It is even difficult for common people to understand what he talks about, there is so many secrets. I believe that much of it is true, but he seems to have tendency to also blame people without knowing, if they are involved and getting a bit confused what is real. I really appreciate his sharing and wish all the best for him.

There are many more of them. It is good to remember that usually the truth is somewhere in the middle, when two whistleblowers fight. They are all doing something great. I don't know about some people, if they are just disinfo agents, but it is good to keep open mind and not to discredit before one is sure.
The best protection for whistleblowers is spiritual faith and not to fear as it will only attract negative forces more. I told it also to one Polish lady just few days back. She requested me to pray for her. I asked why, and she told that her father was in Polish secret service and he came to know how some people were killed. Now as they expect her also to know about those deaths, they are threatening to kill her. I should have asked more details about her interesting story. Some links; And
And latest from our whistleblowers;

Fulford - Febr 6: Breaking News; Germans have arrested Victoria Nuland’s assistant (from State Department and Vanguard Corporation) with ab billion fake dollars. He testifies about oil deals between Vanguard and ISIS. Vanguard (Bush/Nazi CIA faction front) has paid to mercenaries in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Greystone and ISIS. Shocked Merkel and Hollande went to Moscow…The War in Ukraine was to create new Khazaria, and start WWIII;Febr 7; The Vanguard’s employees had buses of these fake dollars (billions), and they finance both sides of Ukrainian war… The fake dollars came through the banks that belong to Ukrainian Khazarian, Kolomoyskiy. Vanguard’s Peter van Byurren and Jonathan Mason tried to escape with buses loaded with several billions of super dollars. Mason was killed. The dollars were not found. Byurren “died” from a heart attack in London. Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン, Related?

Febr 12; France and Germany leaving NATO and creating alternative with Russia? Merkel and Hollande are planning on another meeting with Putin. G20 meeting in Turkey will herald total transformation of IMF, the World Bank and the UN. Some national boundaries redrawn in Middle East, the Ukraine and Korea?

Russians, Turks and Iranians plan to take out the regime in Saudi Arabia and force them to pay compensation for all financed terrorist activities. Also Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman will be taken care. The take down of Zionazists; on going regime change in Yemen. Russia to open military bases in Cyprus (EU). The Pentagon is supplying the Lebanese army with weapons to fight the Israeli-Saudi backed ISIS. 
US and EU has to find financing to keep going after Febr 17th. The Baltic Dry Index (shipping trade), at lower level than after the 2008 Lehman shock. Several e-mails expecting the WWIII starts Febr 17th. Fulford to the cabalists; Friday the 13th is an auspicious day for rounding up religious maniacs. Zionazis' nuclear blackmail card;

Chinese using the same sort of trickery the Zionazis use to manipulate public opinion. The plane crash in Taiwan used computer graphics, and crisis actors coming out of the river with dry hair???; WDS had friendly meetings with Mossad, P2, Chinese and The British;

Wilcock about our forefathers, giant aliens;; New history, leaked secret space program. We will also hollow asteroids to live in. Saturn moon Phobos is hollow, artificial, like gingantic spaceship. It is holding facility, hanger, crafts stored inside. ESA found too and Buzz Aldrin mentioned... It is rebuilt by new alien groups. Insiders are expecting energetic change, harvest, ascension, quantum leap on 2017... Scepticism is only going to get you incarnated not liberated. Universe one gigantic organization. 

And Psychic Focus; I do see some good intentions behind this "Ambassador." He doesn't have the influence to make change, but he is trying. Having a lot of momentum now, but some how it fizzles out. He does deserve our energy and support. Red Dragon is not having 90% of the gold... but two groups fighting over the same gold.

Neil's team; Neil’s friend was murdered recently. Then we have this deeply disturbed, deranged woman, Jean Haines, who’s capable of doing anything and everything rather than admit to the public that she has deceived them for a long while now. Neil: “Jean, look at what you have become!” And Paul Collin admitted he “did many dirty deeds,” and obviously this is just one more. Living on the street for seven years now...unfortunate to see why you would do desperate things like jumping on the Haines Bus to nowhere. Maybe it will take being thrown under the bus for you to wake up. (???) To the “Ambassador”: We noted how you coolly handled your response in admitting that you work with European Black Nobility. We thank you for being so very transparent.

US Kerry was in Kiev meeting with the president and PM of Ukraine, but did not attend similar meetings with Hollande and Merkel held on the same day. Still US Kerry denied any divisions between the U.S. and EU over how to handle Russia (Source). And Poroshenko not happy about the peace deal;

Putin was in Egypt 10.2, where he and President Sisi announced plans to abandon the dollar for their trade, continuation of the food exports to Russia (EU lost it) and plans for Moscow to build two nuclear power plants for the land of the Pyramids. Dean, Vetrerans Today.
And The Best Performing Stock Market In The World This Year Is . . .“Isolated, sanctioned, oil-crushed, warmonger” Russia…And no Russian troops OSCE confirms;
Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11 showing that 9/11 was a false-flag operation. None of the passenger airliners on 9/11 actually crashed where we were told they did; and high-energy weapons were used. Besides Snowden’s NSA spy data is in Moscow...9/11: Massive Download In Progress. There will come a time — very soon — to address the 9/11 crime against humanity in a manner that serves the highest good... millions are now awakening to reality. State of the Nation. He predicted 9/11;

There is NO way that Greece will EVER pay off all of its debt. Greece’s message to the Euro-Zone; since you are starting an indefinite debt monetization program in just two short months, why not include us in the money printing party too? Hey…we’ll even pay for the paper and ink….with the money you’ve already given to us. 
Sarkar said; It is truth that is going to save you. Truth alone will live. What must one do to become established in this truth? The Yama said, “One who has earnest zeal and devotion should learn the method of spiritual practice from preceptor, so that this supreme truth may be realized by a sádhaka (intuitional practitioner) as the highest attainment”.

The exploiters forget the basic truth that this material world is very limited, whereas psychic pabula is propelled by an unlimited urge. It is madness to hope that the efforts of the government alone will eliminate the problems... as if by magic. To turn people into real human beings is the burning issue today, the greatest challenge. There are very few people who can take the lead in this undertaking, this sacred endeavour. Today tormented souls look to the purodhás [spiritual vanguard] of society with great expectations. Let them live for the sake of their humanity, and die if necessary for the sake of their humanity. This is the highest truth of human life. Sentiments based on narrow nationalism, regionalism, ancestral pride, etc., tend to keep people away from this fundamental principle, so they cannot unreservedly accept it as a simple truth. 
You may want to see also more about 9/11; 

Didi Annapurna 

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