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All the details of sexual abuse in UK school including names, email and addresses;, if it closes down you can see here also; Also Whistleblower children (long video) possible saved hundreds of children from same fate; Alisa exposing, short video; Wider cult: Police interviews of the children; And in youtube;
Comment; Sabine K McNeill tells; I acted as McKenzie Friend for the mother. That meant writing legal submissions, after she dismissed 2 solicitors and a barrister who were not acting in her interest. I know the case better than anybody else besides her. And I published this petition which gave rise to the 'video explosion' I now have put together to provide context.

Someone comment; I notice many of the addresses are in N-London, Finchley etc. These are jewish communities. Another; Posting all those names and addresses is irresponsible, some people mentioned may be also innocent. Support children;

As; the salient facts in the document released by Anonymous have been known to the officials of Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead UK, as well as to local police and social services officials who have appeared to be participants and/or facilitators of this ongoing crime.
Readers are encouraged to take this information to their local Town Councillors, MEPs, newspapers, bloggers, radio and television stations and to demand action to prosecute all named ritual sacrifice network members and facilitators in police, social services etc.

Posts about this mother and grandparents fighting for their children: Children in Care to Protect Police Cover-Up of Organised Child Sexual Abuse. And The Orchard House - abuse in children's homes. And Ian Josephs advises mothers NOT to report abusive fathers: as you lose your children! Vote, Victims Unite! Return the 'Whistleblower Kids'!…/find-inspect…/provider/ELS/100028 – Unique Reference Number (URN): 100028. Christ Church Hill London, other abusive 7 schools also named. UK newspapers: ‘last year number of abducted children in UK soared to 900!’.

The website is down and most of the staff of Christ Church School has been replaced.... The children exposed the teachers intimate birthmarks; waiting for everybody with their distinguishing marks to come forward; Come forward to be examined...As you haven't, we assume you are guilty.

But "innocent until proven guilty" seems to apply more to the criminals than the innocent mother, children and myself; Evidence; and on cover-ups:
RT and Voice of Russia UK: White foreign children targeted for forced adoption: Sexual Abuse UK National Epidemic: Child kidnapping by the state with Hemming, MP, Alex Jones; Occult parties;

YouTube and Google Remove Original Videos To Censor and Protect Pedophiles. The Anonymous Network Campaign Against them; Pedofilia; Finnish main TV video exposes elite parties;
See also my letter to Mr Dearman, the cannibal; Letter to cannibal Dearman

Other news;

Fulford - CIA put under lockdown by Pentagon in Virginia, raid on CIA, aimed at finding the nukes in the Ukraine. The nuke headed for Stanlingrad has been already seized by the Russians. There was also explosion near CIA headquarters, somebody tried to flee the CIA raid? This raid came after Ashton Carter was sworn in (by VP Biden, not Obama) as US Defence Secretary - done on condition for keeping the US government still afloat after a Febr 17th payment deadline, and finishing shut-down of US West Coast shipping.

So 200 nations have now agreed to a new financial system and world peace. The Germans, French and their allies joined the BRICS. The Greeks and Germans paused their fight, pending a visit to Japan in early March by Merkel, same time as Michelle Obama.

The obstacles to world peace are now the US East coast and Vatican zionazists, Italian old Gladio, Ndrangheta Mafiosi and ISIS Italian branch. In the UK; Evelyn de Rothschild, Jeremy Heywood, David Cameron and Tony Blair. Sir Rifkind MP has been beating the drums for war against Russia.

Blair will be attacking on London and Gnostic Illuminati Romanov to be framed about it. Romanov showed up at this writer’s house bruised after evading 20 policemen trying to take him to a mental hospital. He is now safe, but his computer has been destroyed. He says Putin is behind the 311 attack against Japan...but our own investigations point at Blair, the Bushes, Rothschilds etc. 
Dr. Van de Meer AKA MMeiring told this writer the 311 was aimed at forcing the evacuation of 40 million people from greater Tokyo to N-Korea. This failed and the cooperative N-Korean faction has already been purged. Rothschild agents say; the cover on their The Economist with numbers 115 and 113 means new attack against Japan on May 11th (511);

Rabbi Cooper, Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a Mossad agent to visit this writer and beg that Cooper not be put in jail. Cooper is guilty of bribery, extortion and blackmail etc. An active campaign ongoing in China to remove cabal and Maoists; in recent years 76 Chinese billionaires died unnatural deaths, China Daily. Still Cina has 152 billionaires. Mao was first Zionazi cabal agent.

In the US, the
Homeland Security has no funding, threatening terror attacks against shopping malls. Their “Al Shabaab” staged the recent attack on the Westfield Shopping Center in Nairobi, owned by Frank Lowy, associate of Silverstein, WTC 911 fame. Silverstein and Lowy have made a fortune on “terrorist insurance”. Now threatening London mall (also owned by Lowy), and Mall of America. Shopping malls are suffering from the weak economy and online retailing, great time for “terrorist” insurance fraud, and excuse to keep funding DHS. Fulford promising to pay back American people;

CIA related explosion; And article, from Mc Clatchy DC; "In Monday’s derailment, residents of two small towns east of Charleston were evacuated..." And ab lockdown; during demontrations CIA locks down; Langley Hill Friends Meeting to Protest Drone Warfare every month on the 2nd Saturday at the Main Gate of the CIA, Virginia. Russians paraded a missile on Army Day, written on it; “to be personally delivered to Obama.”

Suggestion to DHS: How about selling 2.4 billion rounds of ammo and 500 APC's? That ought to fund them for a while! US want people to buy only expensive cars; new car never got to MSM, because it is so cheap, only $6,800. Why our children are getting autism from vaccines. If you doubted me when I said they were putting fetal brain tissue in them to get children's immune systems to make them stupid, just Ask the rabbi; Answer: The vaccine does contain monkey kidney cells and human fetal tissue as stabilizers. These are both non-kosher. There is no prohibition to use these, so long as they are not eaten. Net neutrality count; And muslims blamed instead of Jews; And Adam; High level meeting between the Queen Elizabeth and Canada's former PM Campbell, and resigned FM Baird.

Olsson, director of the EU Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH.ORG), revealed in, that well known UFO author Rauni Kilde, MD was radiated by remote directed energy weapons (DEW) shortly before her suspicious death. Dr. Kilde had connections in EU Commission and EU Parliament and spoke i.e in International military medicine conference ab behaviour modification. Kilde: There is no death; We are not alone; God is Love; (I knew Rauni personally in Finland, she had no doubt been harassed due to her great braveness to expose ET s, and constant talks about NASA and government spying methods, but I think she also got a bit paranoid with that. Anyhow she did great job, peace for her soul with love, DA). and
Journalist, filmmaker James O’Keefe fearing for his life. (@JamesOKeefeIII) Febr 21, 2015; “We have a story we’re going to release this coming week and I’ve never thought about this before but I am afraid for my life on this one”. O’Keefe’s biggest scalp was undoubtedly his 2009 take down of ACORN. His hidden camera footage showed ACORN employees giving advice on how to evade detection for tax evasion, human smuggling and child prostitution. And Wait till they see what happens March 1st,” Breitbart told before his death. And Snowden Film ‘Citizenfour’ Wins Oscar for Best Documentary.

Putin says it all; Hollande and Merkel in press conference; there is no proof of Russian part in Ukraine crises; US DHS was set up as an Israeli police State occupation army inside US and it’s time to completely de-fund it. Veterans Today. And
Former 9/11 Commissioner slips up in a CNN; missile caused the damage to the Pentagon: And Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News (the most watched TV news in the US) faces the likelihood of his being fired. And this past week three of his colleagues were killed. It is claimed Obama regime fears they were ready to release evidence provided to them by Russia proving that the 9/11 was an “inside job”. ISIS hoax, fake family of Kayla Muller;
Buddhists Say a Mummified Monk Is Just Meditating; Remains of 13,000 year-old hunter-gatherer camps found in Poland; And Poles reconstructed houses of the first Egyptians; In Sweden has Remote-Control Airport;

Hidden Molten Channel Beneath Earth Discovered; Horse shaped UFO spotted near Mexican volcano; Bigfoot on webcam?; Aliens in security video;
Canada UFO crash? Psychic Focus; I get there are ETs in that area of Canada quite often. There is some kind of energetic pull or attraction (military base was intentionally put there to study ET activity). In the video there were UFOs which did feel right, real UFOs, but the landing sight/crash is off to me. Military activity occurring over several days (ship was added to some of the pics). I see truth and fiction in this story. Canadian UFO Crash. And photo; More
Moon Waves, many amateur astronomers have captured film evidence of a "lunar wave". Tall very pale humanoid beings on a mission- establishing a base and mining for something on dark side of the moon. They have defence "force shield". Our own astronauts have experienced this "hostile" welcoming, and we weren't able to land on the moon. 
Journal Nature; mysterious haze high above Mars has left scientists scratching their heads. The first vast, bright haze lasted for about 10 days. A month later it reappeared for ten days again, and not seen since. The intensities we are reporting are much much higher than any auroras seen before on Mars or on Earth. And mysterious purple disc flying over Peru? TV host interrupts interview to focus on 'UFO' hovering over city.

Alfred Webre, alien contact;; Telepathic interview with “George” ET. George tells that he and other upper-dimensional ethical, ET entities are assisting in humanity’s frequency ascension, by appearing in radio and online videos with information and “frequency boosts”. George is seen in the drawing as 10 foot tall “Elephant Man”??? 
Dutchsinse; "Professionals" make tectonic discovery finally = "the Asthenosphere"; And The 'slick' asthenosphere might cause Crustal Displacement. (C Hapgood). Dutchsinse: 4/08/2014 — Deep earth mantle; The asthenosphere is the highly viscous mechanically weak ductilely-deforming region ... And Science Channel covers RADAR pulses aka "HAARP rings" in Australia -- Meteorologists Baffled; And

Map Align Almost Perfectly! Beijing's Mayor Declares City 'Unlivable' Due to Smog; and China Building New Islands;
Keshe released pain killer; The programmed magnetic material, which applies a combination of constant and gradient fields... is applied to tissue. It will modulate the body’s normal production of anti-inflammatory chemicals... and will accelerate pain relief and increase blood flow instantly. The Pain Aid Pads and CO2 capture kits are available at: and Mr Keshe said this is not the first time human has the technology and lost it. Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released By The Feds; Antineoplastons, combined with new gene-targeted therapy. By curing the cancers, there no longer needs to be excessively costly treatments and support given the patient.
Sarkar said that moralists, righteous people don't attack anyone. "Let others attack us. If you are like rock people will try to attack, but will break themselves."

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