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Diet for spiritual people

There is a lot of confusion, about what kind of food is best for spiritually inclined people. There are even some people who live without eating, and claim to get all their energy from the sun light. Sooner or later they may develop physical or mental defects, as the physical body requires physical food.

Those following the Paleodiet have kind of dogmatic belief in the “original food” of human beings, and the idea that we have not yet adjusted to modern food items although they don't seem to have any scientific evidence for these beliefs. In the ancient times we also didn't take allopathic medicines, nor natural remedies. We didn't sit in offices or in classrooms for hours and hours, we didn't use ear phones or mobiles, we didn't live in heated rooms and so on. If we are ready to change all these things, we may as well start live the Stone age. The so-called Paleodiet contains mainly animal products, fruits and vegetables, but no grains.

The Indian yogi, spiritual leader and scientist Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar said that in the Stone and Bronze Ages people already used to collect paddy (rice) seeds. After the discovery of fire, human beings also began to boil the rice. Sarkar is well-known in India for his historical knowledge.

The harmful effects of meat-eating include environmental destruction, damage to own body and the unnecessarily killing of innocent animals, who also have their own consciousness. Sarkar also confirmed that it is not necessary for humans to eat animals, that are much more highly developed than plants. Animals are more like human beings than plants - they eat like humans, they sleep like us, they produce beautiful children etc. According Sarkar, it is also more difficult to do meditation if one consumes meat.

Most vegetarian food is ready-made (seeds), or ripe (fruits) and even if we cut some leaves, the plant will soon grow again, even more vigorously. We are able to eat most of them fresh, without cooking, while who is really able or willing to chew raw meat or fish?

If we have to eat domestic animals that we have taken care of ourself as they grew up, most people are not even able to kill them for food. They feel like friends rather than jumping food items. Luckily more and more people are becoming sensitive towards the feelings of animals, especially the younger generation. I never, ever heard in my childhood that any child would refuse eating meat, yet now there are really many children who eat only vegan or vegetarian food. They are clearly bringing this distaste for meat from their past lives – having been spiritually developed, as the so called indigo and star children are.

Eating tasty and healthy food, keeping good company and enjoying gratitude is essential for the well being of spiritual people. The benefits of food depends on many factors, including the mood of the cook and the person eating, and also on the age and health condition of the person, as well as the climatic conditions. Eg. Escimos can't get easily vegetarian food, so let it be - although perhaps that is the reason why their life span is much shorter comparing to some vegetarian races.

Study in Ghana; during the rainy season there are less grains to eat, but the amount of leafy green vegetables that the mother (and possibly father) eat around the time of conception can have a beneficial impact on the child for the rest of their life. Its also affects a particular gene that is important for regulating the immune system. During the dry season people eat much more grains and rice, but those fertilized that time will have poorer health.

Food which is more difficult to digest is more likely to cause diseases. They are more acid-forming, while alkaline foods are easier to digest.
Sarkar states that acidic food intake is always one risk factor in any disease. Here is listing of foods from alkaline to acid-forming: Lemon water (with salt), honey with water; fruit and vegetable juices; fruits, vegetables, buckwheat and yoghurt. Then comes tofu, nuts, whole grains, beans and milk. Extremely acidic foods include fish, meat and eggs.
The yogic category of sentient, mutative and static food items form quite a similar order. Over thousands of years of gaining intuition and by experimenting, yogis found that different food items affect the glands differently, and thus also the human mind. They categorized the food accordingly; milk products, fruits, vegetables and grains are considered sentient, while meat, eggs, fish, mushrooms, garlic and alcohol are static, and should therefore not be eaten.

The mutative items include coffee, tea, brown chocolate and hot spices, which are also avoided by those doing spiritual practices. All the acid-forming, static and excessively stimulating foods are harmful to the mind and body in one way or the other. One of these overstimulating items is garlic, which the body is forced to flush out – this being the process though which cleans also the body. Those eating lots of garlic tend to be angry by nature. The yogis explain that static food causes disturbance to the lowest “chakras”. The toxic, acid build-up affects the nervous system and the brain. Lord Buddha used to say: “meat is food for sub-human beings.”

The human digestive system is similar to other vegetarian mammals (monkeys, cows, elephants), and different from aggressive meat-eaters (tigers, lions, dogs, cats). The stomach acid of vegetarians is 20 times weaker than that of meat-eaters. Vegetarian mammals have flat molar teeth for grinding food, while meat-eaters have sharp front teeth for tearing food (you may check your teeth!). The intestines of meat-eaters are only 3 times their body length, so that rapidly decaying meat can pass out quickly. Vegetarian intestines are 10 times their body length. Meat-eating mammals don't get bad cholesterol nor constipation even when their diet includes no fiber.
Electrons can be elevated to a higher energy level in the chlorophyll by absorbing a high energy photon; Sun light is made up of particles called photons. Plants absorb these photons and capture their energy. Photosynthesis means; the sunlight provides plants with the 'solar power' they need for building their bodies.

We can say, that those who eat greens daily get lots of photon energy, which equals to love and light. Besides yogis are teaching not to forget to share that with others - without neglecting also other beneficial habits and practises in life, as described in countless yogic books and tantrik consultation. In the book Living with Himalayan Masters, swami Rama explains the food habits of yogis, which inlcudes sprouts, roots, yoghurt, goat/cow milk and seeds. However, milk these days, as produced in factory farms is a bit questionable.

The extraterrestials oftern describe their foods of being plant origin, if not syntethic. Very seldom we hear stories of ETs (obviously of a lower level) eating human beings. I think that from this we can conclude that as we don't want to be eaten by ETs, in the same way, our sheep and cows don't want to be eaten by us. Interestingly, there are claims that some ETs also eat glandular secretions. Sarkar has said; “One of the reasons the physical body dies is because its glands become old and weak. So death can be postponed if a person's glands are replaced.” Maybe the human glandular secretions keep those ETs as youngsters!!

A recent research found out that the blood of young persons transfused to elderly persons can hypothetically reverse the aging process. Some readers speculate that this fact had already been known earlier and used as a reason by some elites to engage in ritual sacrifice and drink the blood of babies.

Transfer of any body organs brings with it the feelings, the nature and even some of the health condition to the receiver. This shows that we are affected by others body parts, fluids etc. The same concerns food, and therefore we are affected by what we eat. If we eat meat we certainly get some of the animalistic qualities. There is a mind and body connection. This particular body is for this particular mind;
More from Sarkar; As a result of eating sentient food and performing spiritual practices, the cells of the human body become sentient. Naturally, an effulgence emanates from these cells creating an aura around the physical body. This is the reason why many pictures of mahápuruśas [highly-evolved persons] show them with radiant auras.
Every object of the world is dominated by one of the three principles – sentient, mutative, and static. Food is no exception. You should not take static food. Not only that, but your diet should be balanced. You must not take too much or too little. In the future scientists may discover also synthetic foods, that prevent aging and have beneficial effect on spiritual persons.
Fasting in certain days helps to scope with the negative effects of the moon, gives rest to the digestive organs and frees the body from so many ailments. The lymphatic glands supply raw material to the “factories”. All glands are factories. Vegetarians produce more lymph, because they get chlorophyll from green vegetation, and that is why their brains are more developed than those of non-vegetarians. A monkey or a cow may even perform spiritual practices, because they get much chlorophyll!
Lymph is produced from animal protein also, but that lymph is quickly converted into semen. For spiritual aspirants, as the major portion of their lymph remains in their bodies (not used for sex etc), this is why the intellectual standard of spiritual aspirants is higher than that of common people.

Lymph is the initial hormone and is converted into other hormones by different glands. The creation of hormones in the other glands depends upon positive and negative catalytic agents. Intensely foul smell is emitted from the bodies of tigers because they are carnivorous. Although cats belong to the tiger family, they are partly vegetarian, so there is less foul smell in their bodies.
For each and every living entity one's personal life is the dearest thing. Those people who understand this sentiment of living beings and love others with the thought, “I should not kill, because they love their life as much as I love my own life”, are true sádhus. Preaching the gospels of peace, and at the same time slaughtering chickens, is not a proper thing for a sádhu. A sádhu must be vegetarian.
Considering that the yogis in the Himalayas were able to sit for days around in meditation and adjust to extreme cold conditions, and yet ate just (lacto-) vegetarian food, I think we the future yogis also should be lacto-vegetarians, and besides help ourselves and others to overcome the laws of physicality and advance towards spirituality.

You may want to read Sarkar's book Yogic treatments?

Exosome-like nanoparticles, present in edible fruits and plants communicate with mammalian cells via nanoparticles in the gut, intestinal macrophages and stem cells. This may explain why those who consume a greater variety of edible plants are healthier. Interspecies Communication Between Plant and Mouse Gut Host Cells. Source;

More on Paleodiet; And Eating Carbs Helped Humans Develop Big Brains; The study;

Although the vegetarians reported diets significantly lower in EPA, DHA and the omega-3 fatty acids - a key factor in improving both physical and mental health - but surprisingly, the vegetarians scored lower on depression and had better mood profiles than their fish- and meat-eating peers. Vegetarians Have Better Moods and Less Stress on

Irish playwright Bernard Shaw was asked how he looked so youthful. “I don’t,” Shaw answered. “I look my age. It is the other people who look older than they are. What can you expect from people who eat corpses?”

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