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Related to Keshe, psychics - and other matters

Channeling Erik ab Polarization; Humanity is going to that direction where the marketing and media is taking us. Half of the people know media is not true, while others believe on media. Some people (not funded with corporations) post honestly both sides of truths. The BBC is more realistic than the US news. There will be gradual break down of the US, first health care, then laws, banks etc. The shake out will take 2-3 decades, and eventually turn better. In 10 years, bald people are able grow their hair back, nails strong etc. Sensorship increasing;

And Erik ab chemtrails for controlling people, shortly: Yeah, the government is controlling, but they’re not emitting dangerous toxins. People focus too much on the negative. The solar flares are hitting the earth making it hotter. They use mostly water vapor and add something chemical to create a blockage against the solar flares so they don’t burn us. (Solar flares, magnetic storms and interstellar activities;

But they’re spraying things in the ocean to get rid of the oil spills, but it’s just making the oil sink, fish are dying, people coughing and getting red rashes on their chest. Let activists make a big enough uproar about it. You need to use a different chemical, to rise the oil up into bubbles, then filter it up... somebody already working on that.

Corey GoodETxSG; Earth Alliance Agenda & Progress, shortly; Corey was told to keep his eyes on Syria. Negative groups are trying to make the prophesies ab the destruction of Damascus prior to the rise of a great leader; Bible;

Corey is concerned ab infiltration of Earth Alliance Groups, who want to have their hundred years of financial rule and start with gradual disclosure. He says also that he has seen the "Wheel of Karma" roll heavily over number of people recently and that many are trying to make a new reality for us without our consent. He suggests to meditate and co-create a new future with a Full Disclosure. 

There are plans of false flag terror attacks by ISIS and to trigger super volcano (in Pacific or Atlantic Ocean). Corey thinks it would be very dangerous for the operation and Gonzales if he comes forward. He has a cover life and his job. The Blue Orbs are the highest density race in the Sphere Being Alliance, above Blue Avians. 

The negative elites are now debating about false flag to make it possible to enter into NWO; nuclear bomb in the ocean with 100 foot tidal wave to strike the USA? – but it is not destined to happen. 

From Wilcock; In 2001, David was meditating in a field. He saw UFO first time, which went behind cloud and disappeared. He wanted still to see “an orb of light to appear in his room and give an intelligent message” as Carla and Jane, The Law of One psychics experienced. Then David talked with his brother. His brother said; "orb of light appeared in my room and gave me an intelligent message; "the ascension that your brother is writing about...will be a series of increasingly uplifting inspirational experiences. You have had the first of these experiences." David's Brother's ET Contact.

Fulford; Volkswagen case has only strengthened the German’s resolve to work with the Russians. Khazarians plan similar scandals on Toyota etc. The French wants to integrate the EU with Russia, and if the British oppose, they should leave the EU. The secretive TPP will have only minimal effect on the real economy. Abe’s masters contacted the WDS to negotiate a peace deal.

George Bush Sr; What truth can’t they handle Bush? You told in 1992; 'if the US people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us and lynch us.'

Fed is no longer .org, but is now The US military is nationalizing the Fed. It will start issuing funds for rebuilding the US infrastructure. Rothschild pipelines carrying Syrian and Iraqi stolen oil are being cut off by the Russians and Kurds - last nail for many mega-banks. That's why IMF, UN, BIS, Citibank, the Bank of England etc warn of impending crisis.

There is coup plans against Erdogan and Netanyahu. To facilitate the Russian purge, the Pentagon has withdrawn all its carriers from the Persian Gulf. Chineese CIPS alternative to SWIFT. Bush agent Rosenthal indicted for laundering drug money. Citibank and the BoA will be “taken down” for same reason. Canadian Harper is in trouble. Missile destroyed 17 Saudi craft and 9 helicopters, killing 66 high ranking officers and injuring 300.

The WDS want benevolent village elders overseeing global problems; poverty, environmental destruction and war. The illuminati, Pentagon and P2 lodge are offering a Star Trek future; a large meritocratic organization.
Cassipaeas discuss; The “wait for October” - isn't over yet. There will be changes in Global politics behind the scenes and cosmic. In previous years, Putin was not up - as he is now, changing the situation publicly around the world. Our efforts could have shifted the timeline. In a non desirable life situation, small daily acts for change will trigger a phase transition. Be the change you want to see. Wake up call for Americans.

In the US camp....the queen is in danger of being taken down, Israel? Mass migration from Syria and the Middle East to the Europe is partly engineered to insert agents that will act against the various governments in the future, by the USA camp, Saudi friends. There will be more train derailments due to crustal movements and opening up.,39785.msg607185.html#msg607185.
Rainbowphoenics; Hold on Russia to win the philosophical and ideological war... Syrian people were relatively free, standard of living quite high, they had security, homes, institutes, they were happy. Happenings in Syria and Middle East is a point of contention... one must see things from a higher level of transition at the greatest and deepest levels. 

US (camp) agenda was to create instability worldwide and specifically in EU. To cause conflict amongst inhabitants, and on the other hand refugees against hosts. This suppose to lead to their final agenda; to declare marshal laws around the world.

Les's not forget what Cayce predicted; Russia, the thorn in the side of the financial powers that were against the good of humanity in a post WWII world. Europe is as a house broken up. Mighty peoples being overridden for the satisfaction of a few, irrespective of any other man’s right. In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! [Source]. Putin answers who created ISIS; And

James, Veterans Today, claims Russia is using advanced weapons system, got from positive ETs (while the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia is associated with negative ETs, the “Dracos” and Tall Whites). One of the Russian-ET devises was tested on an US ship last April 2014. Russia might have inter-dimensional cloaking system; And Goode; during Putin’s ten day disappearance in March 2015, he or his representatives likely attended SSP meeting on the Moon where the use of advanced ET technologies was discussed.

Russian Tesla technology moving to implementation. According to RT the Marx Generator has the “power equal to all power generation facilities in Russia. And

Cuban military joining Russia in their support of Assad. University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies; “It doesn’t surprise me,” Suchlicki told Lavrov questioned the effectiveness of the US-led coalition in Syria...And US army drops supplyis to ISIS;  

Israel citizens buying now food, cans, arms - people are worried. UN want their forces to Israel, but Netanyahu refuses. On the other hand third Intifada celebrated. More things to come before October is finished.

Phillipines, Jamil Omar told Siti Kayyam found the wreckage of MH 370, but Siti told her son found it, anyhow nothing is there;

Twin sisters get mad;; They ran under the cars while trying to escape police. Ursula was taken to hospital due to injuries, Sabina killed a man and was sentenced to prison, released secretly after 5 years. Ursula, David McCann says has undergone an exorcism in US to help drive away the demons that forced her onto the motorway in 2008.

New Position of North Pole on the ground reading; Stan Deyo, sees a magnetic pole reversal “within my lifetime”. Dramatic worldwide coral bleaching; 

In China some mysterious city in the skies; In England too. Some people think it is CERN creation of Parallel earth. And link to Objects Disappearing are associated to time slips or time line jumps. Two separate time lines are "glitching" and either crossing or combining for a brief moment. Eventually the Universe will realign and self correct. 

Main Stream Scientists about a star with Alien Mega Structures. The light from the star WTF 001 is blocked with a swarm of megastructures around it. Astrophysicists wants to listen signals from ETs. 'SETI's candidate number one' say Andrew Siemion, SETI link. 

Moon city; And CERN hope to connect with a parallel universe. Shrinking Moon; Earth’s tides is causing moon to shrink, and Mercury lost 2 km of radius. The Earth-Twin Planet That Nobody Talks About.

You may want to read more about Keshe; Latest; Keshe flying by car? and Keshe flyes faster than NASA. And Links to Keshe USB stick for downloading, And Getting interesting and Keshe, free energy and Iran war. And still; Keshe: Clean up your own CO2 mess!

Sarkar; I remember some years ago at Ananda Nagar I said my daughters coming to Ananda Nagar need not cover their heads, because it is the home of their father. I remember that it was the first time for the married women of north India to give up their veils. Many years have passed since then. The custom of using veils has disappaired from many urban areas of north India and is fast disappairing from the rural areas as well. That particular occasion at Ananda Nagar set a healthy trend in this regard. This was step forward in the direction of women amancipation in north India. An auspicious beginning indeed. 1989
Didi Annapurna

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