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Tantriks go ahead

Lets hear also Putin; 'Another threat that Obama mentioned was ISIS. Well who on earth armed them? Who armed the Syrians that were fighting with Assad? Who created the necessary political climate that facilitated this situation? Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area? Do you really not understand who is fighting in Syria? Mercenaries fight for which ever side pays more. I even know what these amounts are';

In one week Russia has destroyed 40% of ISIL's infrastructure. And RT; Russian Air Force destroys 29 ISIS camps in 24 hours; The Russian Air Force hit 55 targets. And ISIS leader confess that US is financing ISIS; And Over 1,000 ISIS and Al Nusra Militants Surrender To Syrian Army In Last 24 Hours.

Sergey Shoigu; It took Russia three days and 60 airstrikes to put ISIS on the run, to be completely ousted in a week. And US tried it for years. THIS VIDEO was not hacked off the cell phone of a Putin staffer, yeah, that was Senator McCain's gig! 
CIA changed their ISIS web page, but if you Click here you can still see their web site is still in a transitional phase, where everything is still ISIS except the logo, which they changed to SIS. And FBI AFFIDAVIT,

The “No-Float Zoneas Syrian Perspective has labeled it, ships and reconnaissance vessels, reportedly prepared to establish protection for 140,000 Russian troops heading to Syria. Poor Putin;
Refugee crises in German hospitals; Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units. Police are guarding also large pharmacies. For now, the local hospital staff has not come down with the diseases the refugees brought here. Until now, the number of unemployed in Germany was 2.2 million. Now it will be at least 3.5 million.
Keshe plans to use his invention the 'Plasma Energy Power Unit', as leverage to bring about World Peace at the Peace Conference on Oct 16th in Rome, Italy. The only way that the representatives of every country can receive the power unit is to agree to sign a World Peace Treaty. 
Keshe reminds us that the result of our interaction with the plasma depends our vibration. In essence, we can communicate with his plasma unit. Keshe believes that within the next 6 to 12 months our world will have changed drastically for the better when enough power units will be created!
Scientists at the Institut Marques in Barcelona have shown a foetus is able to detect sounds, and respond by moving their mouth and tongue, ‘as if they were trying to speak or sing’ at 16 month old.

Super Blood Moon, Wave X did reach a peak, but the energies are still flowing. The Wave will recede, like ocean before the next wave rolls in.You enlightened being, when the world spins crazily, be a bedrock and light beacon for other seekers;

NASA confirms the remote viewers sighting on Moon; And then ESA; there might be lunar water in the form of ice stored deep inside the Moon.

General Mini, NATO Commander: Concerning chemtrails; I’ll tell the truth. I used to think it was a swindle, but the pictures we can find online are really dreadful because the trails intersect regularly. Ben Bernanke admits in TV, that in Fed there are couple Illuminati! 
In the Pleiades, there is one star called Maia. Is it possible that the Mayas are from this star system? Mayan elder stating, ‘The Mayan ancestors have said that they will return. Do not forget us.’

You may read about Corey's Agarthans in, a bit short cut here; Agarthans due to cataclysm had to go underground, pretending to be gods (like Zeus) but after humans didn't anymore believe magical gods, they showed up as ET s, but SSP knew they were not. Pictures of these subterranean folks;
The German occult societies (not Nazies) got technology from them, Bell engineered crafts. Agarthans looked alike the Germans - the master race. There are ancient ruins underneath the ice of Antartica. Ancient Egyptians have depicted Avians like Thoth and Horus, they are not highly spiritual Blue Avians. 
Draco drove other ET groups away. Lamia, Hindu Nagas, mention the serpent gods. In Mesoamerica Draco heads are at the bottom of the pyramid. There is more positive future in store for us. Corey, GoodETxSG. 
Ivan Teller is back, channeling Blue Avians (although Corey told Blue Avians can't be channeled); The rulers of your planet, the Illuminati have poisoned your mind, body, humanity. We are reversing that, but waking up depends on individual free will. We are here to help, to cut away the dark forces. You have brainwashed yourself. Is that what you want; money, cars... so much suffering. ET s with positive intention want to heal the planet. It is up to you to change this timeline sooner or later.

Tesla channeled; everything is energy; And claims there is no right or wrong; (But before doing anything nasty to others, you may consider what kind of karma you are creating for yourself, DA). 
Why NASA cuts their live streams; And And And And And

Oregon shooting video from Sandy Hook; Insider exposes NWO;

Google exploiting alternative news; And Drudge issues warning; "It's going to get really ugly, really fast" and the entire internet is in danger
And you are sensored in Youtube, Facebook, Google and soon in your alternative media;

TBR insider; planned attacks on Hajj Jan 2016; Saudi entourage, 150 heavily armed guards threw canisters of poison gas into the pilgrimage crowd. This caused a stampede, where thousands of people got crushed to death. PressTV topic. The Israeli Mossad has abducted Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commanders, diplomats, officials,,,225 members of Iran's government. An unnamed EU intelligence agency has released this information...
Fulford; senior cabalists in the West are threatening by tsunamis, nuclear terror, death camps etc. On the other side there serious attack on the Bush/Netanyahu faction’s drug money. Likely implosion, signs of financial event involving the owners of the Fed, the ECB and the BOJ?

Nov 5th possibly massive tsunami hitting the East Coast of the US. Rothschild Economist magazine hints: There is on going ISIS and Afganistan drug hit. And Pope stopped S-American drug trafficking. N-Korea offered help WDS. New death threats against Fulford. Two thirds of EU states want to ban GMO, Reuters.
Get ready. Concentrated efforts by Pentagon and Whitehats. The Jesuits and Vatican are the last bad guys to deal with, because the military won’t do it.;
Still from Corey Goode, Shortly Cosmic Disclosure: Contact Is Made; They use entity attachments, whenever you try to talk secrets, you would stammer. As we are getting into this higher energies they are soon not able to use those anymore. Our solar system is going through clouds of high energetic particles. If you're STS, negative person you'll get worse, but if you're a positive or STO, and especially if you meditate, you are going to be ahead of everybody else.

Time is tied in with consciousness. When they were teaching remote viewing, the future was effected by the belief system of the person who created that target. If they get all of us scared, they can create a new negative timeline. Blue Avians didn't want me to have advanced healing technology due to karmic reasons, when I haven't totally forgiven myself. Alliances have had all the data dumps distributed amongst themselves. Soon no reason to be going through chemotherapy. (What ab Karma then? DA)
Michelle; I have a pair of night vision goggles and it is hard to not go 10 minutes without seeing a UFO. Last night I used my laser pen to signal it. I asked them to power up which they did. James Gilliland at Eceti ranch have experienced this also. and;

Jim Willie Update;; 100+ nations signed an agreement to change some currencies. The coming reset is about bringing back the gold standard – and leave the USD world’s reserve currency. The entire global banking system will be recapitalized. The US wants delay to steal more assets, but the system might collapse. 
Tantric life of Acarya (Yogi) DV; 

I was 4 years old when my mother died. I became afraid that if also father and others will die. Later I learned through Kapalika sadhana (special night time meditation) that there is nothing to fear. As a child I wanted to learn meditation and finally one Acarya after my countless requests gave me initiation. He told not to say the mantra aloud. I was thinking first how could I say my mantra in the mind only. I attended every week collective meditation and I was always put to sit in front of everyone on pillow.

In emergency time (when all organizations were banned in India) two Acaryas came to stay in our house. I had to tell everyone that they are my brothers. When I was 6 years old I had to go always with them to do Kapalika meditation. I had to sit alone in some distance from them, but I couldn't even close my eyes for meditation, because I was so afraid. There were wild animals like leopards, bears and foxes in that area. Once a herd of dogs surrounded me. I took my blanket and swing it around and shouted my Guru's name and the dogs vanished. There were no dogs usually in that area. 
Once I went with some other person, who went to sit near a funeral fire. After some time I went to see if he already finished his meditation. There was nobody except some smoke still rising from the fire, but his slippers and some potatoes were lying on the ground. I wandered if some animal had eaten him up. I went back to home and he was there sleeping. He told me next morning, that when he started to bake potatoes on the funeral pyre (so he neglected his meditation), some wild horses came and one kicked him on back, so he ran to home fearing his life. In that area there were no wild horses so it was something tantric. (People experience many tantric things while doing kapalika sadhana).

When I was already Acarya myself, I used to go alone for kapalika sadhana. Every time when I went to the graveyard, an avidya tantric (negative spirit in human form) used to come to make noise around me and disturb my meditation, but I never opened my eyes. Only when I changed my kapalika date earlier, the avidya tantric never anymore disturbed me.

Prout song; Take them down and lift them up, or so;, more songs on

Kaos'ikii - the Universal Dance of Mysticism; And how to dance kaoshiki;

Didi Annapurna

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