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Breaking Update on Pole Shift and Eve of Ice Age

Simply what is happening now with magnetic North Pole; The North Pole is moving away from Canada towards Siberia more fast than expected. The current version of the World Magnetic Model for navigation systems suppose to be valid until 2020, but it has to be fixed urgently Jan 30, Scientific study, And video,….  

Small Maverickstar ‘observatory’ has found something more. They claim that the magnetic North Pole has started having also strange sideway shifts just within last few months. The alarming fluctuations of 3 degrees might be a sign of pole reversal to be expected, according them.

They calculate, likely the final sudden reversal will happen in 7 years, when the North Pole has moved gradually 40 degrees from its original position, but the process could still speed up so that the reversal could happen earlier. They also state that a new (axial) North Pole might form around the new magnetic pole position, and the old (axial) pole would melt. Maverickstar,

I still mention that Maverickstar people has mentioned some times that actually North and South Pole are splitting into four. It has happened also in history before the Magnetic Poles reversal happens. He is showing in this video how the two poles show up in GPS, see more here,

Magnetic pole reversal by; Increased plasma stream in last few days from sun has affected magnetic poles acting up. Scientist worried of great variation in normal model related to magnetic poles.

Researcher Chan Thomas wrote a book 1965, and CIA rewrote it. Chan estimated the next pole shift to be ab 90 degrees, moving north pole suddenly into tropics, near equator. That would mean quite extinction event, tremendous storm with water flashing from West to East. He thought the reason to be some kind of inner earth explosion or solar flash. Douglas Vogt and Robert Schoch has written about solar flashes, or micronovas. Here Chan Thomas book,

Geologic or axial pole shift

NASA scientists' mysterious stories; Since the year 2000, Earth's spin axis (physical North Pole) moves almost twice as fast as before, 17 cm a year, besides it has taken abrupt turn towards London. Scientists suggest the reason to be loss of mass from rapidly melting polar ice sheets.

Pole shift, earth axischange observations 2018; The rising sun moved between June 21st and July 15th still more North, although it suppose to change direction on June 21st. As well the sun set more late than it suppose to. The axischange guy calls it ‘death wobble’, like a spinning top ready to fall over

Velikovski believed that proof of previous pole shifts were: sun stood still or reversed its direction, ice ages came because of pole shift, calender changes were made around the globe, major geological and biological catastrophic changes happened. Once pole shift was caused by Mars which came too near.

Edgar Cayce predicted pole shift in ab 2000 (may be started) cause upheavals in the interior of the Earth, in the Arctic and Antarctic. He expected Mt. Etna volcano in Italy and Mt. Pelee in Martinique to erupt same time, and cause massive flooding. Scientists Confirm Volcanoes Rapidly Melting Antarctica’s Ice Sheets

Gordon-Michael Scallion was a futurist, teacher of consciousness studies and metaphysics. In the 80's he claimed he had a spiritual awakening that helped him create very detailed maps of future world. He said that global warming, nuclear activity, comet collision and the misuse of technology could cause cataclysmic 20-45 degree shift of Earth axis, followed by flooding.


Politicians with main stream media still promote global warming. Instead solar minimum and gradual ice age might be coming, increasing cloudiness, jet streams falling down, extreme colds, crop losses, snow in South Europe, India, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Southern US, 

Grand minimum explained, according the records of past history there is usually double times shoot ups of solar maximum, and then sudden dip down to solar minimum and ice age. Now we have been just shooting up double times, and the sudden dipping down has already started.

Grand minimum shortly and nicely here


Profound research in 2016, how the next expected sun spot cycle is not going to happen, which means that earth is going into ice age. In 2018, the Sun has been already without sunspots for 60 percent of days. Even NASA scientists warn that Earth’s atmosphere could experience “record cold”,

Follow up: Maverickstar observatory claims that grand solar minimum doesn't necessarily mean colder climate, but instead the increased water vapor in the air causes cloud cover, which can make climate colder. (The reason for increased water vapor according them seems to be the magnetic pole shift, decreased magnetism, increased cosmic radiation, chemtrails and lover falling jet streams, they have told in earlier videos),

Indian scientist and spiritual leaders P R Sarkar in 1986: the North Pole would likely move ab 90 degrees towards South on Eastern hemisphere, and South Pole towards North on Western Hemisphere. So the place of the new North Pole would be somewhere between Japan and Philippines, and the Pacific Ocean around would get frozen. 

Sarkar has never told what would be the reason for the next pole shift, but others speculate from his texts that some planetary object would attract earth magnetic pole with its own magnetism. Huge nuclear explosion or vast volcanic eruption also could cause pole shift according Sarkar.

He expected simultaneously all shorts of changes, ecological, economical, political and especially spiritual. He emphasized the tremendous spiritual transformation of the mankind. Besides according him, if the pole shift takes place very fast, ice-age may occur. Those who are ready to change their lifestyle and move, will survive best, and if needed population can be shifted to some other planet. So seems we are not yet there, though between the pre and post ice age there may be a long gap.

Sarkar has said also that the earth mantle is rather liquid, while the inner core is luminous and gaseous, but transforming into liquid. The outer crust has solidified from liquid.

Sarkar advised be ready for the coming changes. They are something natural. They are not an unprecedented calamity or catastrophe. (So what needs to happens to us, depends also how we advance spiritually. DA). Here more what Sarkar said about pole shift, And Sarkar about ice age,

Around the globe earth changes summary by sott net

Maverickstar, jet streem heads up, Something Strange, Magnetic North Pole, Earth’s magnetic poles could flip; Experts warn, make parts of the world 'uninhabitable, Daily Mail. Geographic pole positions, International Earth Rotation Service's FTP site.

European ice age 2 meters snow, Mini Ice Age is here? How to prepare for ice age,

Psychic channeler: Earth will be less protected from radiation, but in the spiritual world, it is a blessing in disguise as having a weaker barrier from the rest of the universe will accelerate the growth of human consciousness, our connection with other worlds, and the experience of Spirit itself.

A more awakened and peaceful world.

Didi Annapurna

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