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World secrets pouring out Part one

Part one from Wilcock based on interview with Fulford, but first Update13.12: Wilcock got very agitated after this writing, which short cut you can read here (there was also scary rumours concerning Fulford). This proves exposion seems to be causing desperate actions…In order to help them survive it is good to forward this info, and everyone also should know. (Wilcock will put soon out part 2 and 3). (Sorry if some repetition from previous reports).

Part One, Wilcock: 12.11 About the courtcase by a vast international alliance of 117 countries meant to “free the Earth from financial tyranny”. Background: The Dragon family gave gold to US and Fed Bank against Bonds, worth $1 trillion. From those $134 billion in US bonds was seized at the Italian border. The only follow-up story has been by Fulford. And lawsuit on Nov 23, 2011 became a reality -- validating Fulford. He was also amongst first ones to expose 9/11 inside job - conspiracy too big to consider possible, so people deny.

Dragon Family has Thousands of Trillions of US Dollars value of Bonds!!! David has got 300 photos and dozens of documents from Neil Keenan, and Keith Scott. “The Chinese”, Asian secret societies (within 77 non-aligned nations) including The Dragon Family is based on meritocracy - to help create a better world and trying to convince the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, KGB and Freemasons to join for better… Rothschilds group plan: a huge battle leading to mad gog Armageddon. Israeli tried to set up cold war for armageddon between the Soviet Union and the West. Freedman confirm:].

Romans and Spaniards (with Aztecs and the Incas gold) – bought silk, etc from Chinese. About 85 percent of the world’s gold ended up in Asia. Part of World War II was about to grab this gold. The Rothschilds with Japan wanted to get Chinese gold. The Kuomintang gov send the gold and silver to safety by 7 US warships to US (ab 1930) and the US gave 60-year bonds by the Fed. Chinese gold evacuated: The Taiwanese took also with them gold etc when they fled China.

Western oligarchs 1934, (Roosevelt) banned the private ownership of gold. The Jews refused and were sent to concentration camps. The Fed confiscated everybody’s gold (doing that now, too). According 1944, Bretton Woods; Britain, France and the US supposed to develop the planet, but did fascist coup. In 1955, the 77 non-al n. did Marshall Plan for Asia and Africa, using gold as asset base, and Kennedy: But 1968 the cabal made fake signatory for these (Marshall Plan) funds (Kissinger, Rockefellers, Bushes) and used that fund as a basis for creating dollars.

In 1994, the Bretton Woods expired and no any global agreement was made since. 1998 the Chinese sued the Fed. International Court decision ordered US to give the gold back. The first shipment supposed to be on Sept 12th, 2001. And the World Trade Center got blown up 9/11. !!! Cantor Fitzgerald Securities and Treasury police, handling the paperwork, was blown up – and employees killed. The gold in the basement was shipped to California and then to Paraguay. And the Patriot Act, (`Nazi constitution´), five inches thick of paper just showed up coincidentally!

The cabal was thinking; we start World War III and get ourselves out of this mess. The war against terrorism involved also plan of limited nuclear war between Iran and Israel. The Israeli newspapers openly referred to China and Russia and Iran as Magog, and the G5 and G7 as Gog. There is a map plan to divide China. Pentagon realized if they started WW III, 90 percent of humanity would die – including most of them. So they constantly prevented attacks on Iran and stopped Israeli air raids. Haaretz wrote openly ab it. Pentagon - Asia planned counter operation and needed to cash bonds previously given by Fed, thus the bond case: Evidence of i.e Berlusconi trying to cash them, and bribing efforts videotaped. Sukarno’s nephew gave the power of attorney to sue over. (There was also the story that US sent tons of gold covered tungsten to China.)

There are two financial systems in the world. One on the official government statistics; the world GDP is 63 trillion dollars. And then we have these bonds that are supposedly worth many thousands of trillions. 95 % of the money in the world exists only as numbers in a computer. The Western powers; Rockefellers, Rothschilds etc have codes and they type billion dollars and bingo – there’s a billion dollars. The problem is because no any BW kind agreement, different groups started creating ridiculous numbers - quintillions of dollars in the system; 33 times more than there is of real world economy.

According BW central banks were forbidden from directly trading with one another. They had to have civilian bond holders – 80 percent of the yield, suppose to go into humanitarian programs. When we open these screens (We have the access codes now) – court will realize that the money wasn’t used mostly for humanitarian purposes.

The Book of Maklumat by Suharto has account entries that will open up this can of worms and prove that money was stolen (used for military-industrial purposes). A lot of the world leaders have been bribed and blackmailed. After we are entering into a kind of vacuum and need to set up new structures, a new way of running the planet. IMF doesn’t have any money and legal mandate (no BW). No one gave the rights to just a bunch of them. Most of us ordinary humans, on the street, will say, “End poverty, stop environmental destruction, and make everyone rich and happy.” But they want WW III and slaves.

So there’s this massive amount of gold that could put us back on a gold standard. What I personally support is we need multiple different groups planning the future. If you grow wheat, that wheat exists. And a receipt says “This money is good for wheat.” But, if you just put out a receipt that is backed by nothing, it doesn’t exist. It’s just a fact of nature.

So you need some educated people to act in a realistic manner. Many groups to create new projects for the future: i.e the CIA guys and some Rothschilds that are now helping us, they want new offshore centres where they can carry out their projects for the planet. And that’s fine. (CIA guys, who sold drugs during Vietnam War, started helping us as realized being fooled by fake anti-communism.)

The potential for a boom never been seen before is right there due to suppressed high tech. They are still threatening with war, to attack Iran. They are planting nuclear bombs in the seabed in Japan to create another tsunami. And we have to stop them.

These incompetent gangsters at the highest levels don’t know how to run a country, or the planet. Obama among others… just a puppet, folded by the pressure groups around him. It’s one thing to jail them and get rid of the old system, but if you don’t have anything ready in place, you end up with chaos, loss of civilization and collapse of order. That’s we don’t want. There has got to be a transition towards a better way of running the planet, but while US, Wall Street and EU acting like Hitler: “I will let Germany collapse before I will leave power,” there is going to be a tough winter for US and EU unless you get these guys out.

Canadan research; “paid armies” of fake commenters in China: The Internet Water Army to inundate the Internet with comments, etc content to build up or demolish credibility might argue, that if this [Asian] group actually succeeds, it’s the NWO, Illuminati, martial law, FEMA camps and all scary things. But the reality is stronger than the propaganda. Bush was trying to flee to Paraguay, but they stopped him. He takes his card, and he goes to the store, and they say “Sorry. You can’t buy anything. These guys will be just street trash once their money is frozen, and it is.

Islamic countries are afraid of ending up the way Ghaddafi did – keeping low profile, but they are essentially with us. The Jewish people need to realize that their leaders were a part of an insane cult, also behind the Holocaust story. The atrocity is too boggling for most people’s minds to even wrap around. But all this is provable.

Regarding the 1 tr courtcase. Judge Mulligan gave an official statement confirming that the lawsuit is genuine, which should be opened to the public. Davos World Economic Forum is involved, because of tape recording evidence of a conversation. OITC is a joke! The front man RC Dam, raised by the CIA, is lost. Wikipedia; defraud of an entire country Fiji, where the equity of the world’s banks is.

Discussion will be going on at the forum of 117 nations about the new financial system. Need to get the G5 to participate, so can quickly come up with new global structures to replace the corrupt UN, World Bank, BIS and IMF - common set of rules for the planet. Also Malaysian war crimes tribunal found Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes - just another sign that humanity is waking up. Many people in these cabal groups don’t want to anymore be working for the bad guy. They want to save the planet, so let’s do it!

Ban Ki-Moon, the head of the UN without authority, tries to take over African countries. As well US people under threat: bill to murder and imprison Americans without trial. The criminal cabal in W. DC. and Wall Street may plan setting up a fascist dictatorship in the US, but that effort will only speed up the Pentagon militia and the agencies to take action against Obama and the Senators. The same in EU were Freemason and Bilderbergers make moves towards fascist control, but will ultimately fail. They simply do not have anymore money to bribe people and hire bully boys - mathematically doomed. Signs of imminent revolution and the Senators being confronted by angry people.

The military has told Obama to buzz off, so he ran off to Hawaii....Fulford: But people in the Pentagon and the agencies are so used to taking orders that they do not know what to do when their leaders become dysfunctional…there are enough votes in the US Congress and Senate now to impeach Obama, but the problem is nobody can agree on a replacement. The temporary military government - armies are not good at governing. The new financial system has already promised generous financing to ensure a restoration of US economic might.

Don´t let all this to freak you out. Life on Earth is being guided by a Universal consciousness to a coming Golden Age of peace and prosperity. It is remarkable to see mass international uprising coinciding so neatly with ancient prophecies. The downfall of the OWO will be a key part of the process of 2012 Planetary awakening. The Source Field Investigations, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, IndieBound.

Full article And White Hats report, at darkcabal. com. PDF file court case: . And article:

And Wilcock Death Threat: Adam Smith on Wealth of Nation, wrote; if countries hold gold they are risk to world, they can take over other country, gold has to be kept out of the international market. Nobody expected endless inflatory thin air money to be created: Germans needed money in wheal borrow to buy bread. The wealth in gold can be placed to back all currencies of the world. (Expected the gold prise first high due to gold is scarce -belief, but later down and the currencies can be restored?). Anonymous “alien’s” advise to Wilcock after the death threat: Put out the second part, we’ll be watching. I’m so faraway you can’t believe...Death threat psychological rather. Simply tell thruth, don´t compromise, you are safe.
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