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ETs: A former Chinese official reveal new evidence that ETs walk on Earth, everywhere. Speculations on: The Telegraph: Houses built on farmland in Wukan, China, villagers have chased away local police.

Russia and Putin said to be heading with ab hundred other countries to start the new global economic system. Is the Russian vote-protesting showing just a sign that when someone turns better, then one gets more opposition? Anyhow can´t believe voting in Russia without fraud, but some "voting fraud” videos, seems to be made before elections and claimed; putting thousand ballot slips to box - would take 15 minutes, says Vladimir Tshurov. TASS/ "Fox videotape wrong: NOT in Moscow." Russia Today: Golos-org planned Russian vote sabotage with US gov. CIA secret prison Romania Bukarest finally found, ARD-tv.

Tell your friends, or do something, to get Nikola Tesla's research released. On Jan 7th 2012, anniversary of Tesla, we will demand his research, harnessing electricity from the ionosphere, to be released. The Energy Crisis is a lie; the problem was solved 100 years ago by Tesla. Upon Tesla's death on Jan 7th, 1943, the U.S. Gov confiscated all of his scientific research from his lab - greed has bought our gov to prop up corporations of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power. It is time Tesla's Research be released so that we can finally become a sustainable society. (Recent scientific article confirms: Antimatter found - could bring new energy source for the space crafts.

Pentagon now working with American Patriot Militias and Intelligence agencies to achieve orderly regime change in US: The desperation of illegal Washington DC private corporation became nakedly visible at the end of Nov 2011 with an amendment (SA-1107) to The National Defence Authorization Act (S-1867)…The Pentagon et all now seek the abolition of the W DC corporation and the return to American Constitutional governance, to achieve US regime change peacefully through legal channels.

Sen Feinstein Confirms President and Military Can Detain US Citizens Without a Trial. Senator Levin: Despite reports that Obama is planning to veto the NDAA, administration itself lobbied to remove language from the bill that would have protected American citizens. Wood,, running a petition to oppose the signing of the bill. Protests and funeral marches for the death of freedom. The permanent martial law, on Bill of Rights Day. CNBC: Americans leaving country from 1 % to 5.1 %. Activist Post: Drones Flights For Domestic Law Enforcement - from conspiracy theory to admitted fact. Opposing NDAA: Heads of Defense Panetta, CIA Petraeus, FBI Mueller, Nat Intelligence Clapper, WHouse Adv Brennan.

PM Harper and Obama sign strategic border initiative under a veil of secrecy. It will give US law enforcement powers to operate in Canada and nothing in popular press - And then comes NDAA..

Kerry Cassidy: Obama in order to stay alive and play the game…may in the process have been compromised. On the other hand he may at some point reveal himself to be on the side of the light….and get himself killed doing it. Elenin and YU55 are controlled by someone - changed course. Fulford: Soros, Obama under investigations.

AFP: CSPOA, US Sheriffs, are being invited to gather on Jan. 30 in Nevada. Sheriff Mack; we can stop the UN or the New World Order boys at the county level with educated sheriff, when 200 sheriffs begin to behave constitutionally… The Daily: $500 million more of military gear to U.S. police in 2011 to help fight terrorism etc despite a 40-year low in violent crime, police hardware orders up 400 percent.

LOS ANGELES vote against that ´Corporations are equal to persons´. Fielder: I hope this voting will inspire other 3,000 Democratic mayors. Bank of America moved 70 tr (more than global economy) derivatives to a BoA holding company.

The Daily Bell: BIS Calls for Hyperinflationary Depression - attempt to create Great Depression? Bloomberg: Who Took $586B, half tr, in Fed Swaps. Fed lends dollars to other central banks without tracking where the dollars end up; and EU officials don’t share info of borrowers’. Sen Schweizer: This is an opportunity to leverage your position and enrich yourself, your friends, and your family!

Swiss banking secrecy: Swiss Saga, Part two. Correction Corp of America, in Tennessee, owns all private prison systems in US, selling its commercial bonds with the help of Walmart, Hewlet Packard, GM: the prisoners are called Goods and jails Warehouses., And

A majority of people still support Occupy Wall Street even after weeks of disinfo and repression. Occupy Helsinki had economic forum. So many good ideas and positive approach to try to make difference. Ab 8-10 people are still sleeping constantly in Helsinki tent village. More and more tents and things are appearing like mushrooms in the rain. It really demands now Finnish sisu.

Merkel, AFP: “few months ago concrete steps toward a EU fiscal union would have been considered crazy”, (some still consider crazy?) “Merkozy”: Time to Strip Countries of Sovereignty. Returning back speculations; Ireland prepare backing into own currency, and rumours that Germany reprinting its Mark. ECB got bonds with €1000 bill and now printing more thin-air money for banks. Slate: "Eliminating paper money could end recessions." But Italy banning large transactions of cash! A Daily Mail: “Rise of the Fourth Reich”. Der Spiegel: the run on Greek banks accelerating. Greece: 100,000 businesses closed and a third of the population in poverty. EU to change the EU treaty - to ban vital public spending: But Geithner; progress in Europe. Interesting statistic; Soros and Sarkozy: Disintegration EU

Seems Iran avoided US provocation and thus prevented false flag attack. DebkaFile: Iran exhibits capture top secret US drone undamaged. US - Israeli intelligence shocked. Reuters; Iran’s FM spokesman: Obama should apologise for downed drone. Reuters: Iran says oil over $250, if its oil exports blocked.
Reuters: Member of INSC: Iran will practice closing the Strait of Hormuz. Brookings–institute; UN report: Which path to Persia becoming real? BBC: Hu Jintao; China to be ready for war. And Bill Gates Nuclear Reactor to China?" Middle East expert, Press TV: The UK and US new unlawful biological weapons for terminating certain races. US Special Forces On Syrian Border, airlifted from Iraq.

Celac, Community of Lat-Am and Caribbean States, which Chávez has called ´the most important political event in America in 100 years,´ planning common fund in global economic turmoil. And demands US to respect UN decision and finish its sanctions against Cuba.

China or Russia could launch a high-altitude EMP weapon which could get USA back into the pre-industrial age in a nanosecond. ( And solar flare potential.

Web bot predictios: See,, realistnews etc.(Short cut written hastily from video, sorry if mistakes and don’t take too seriously, predicting is not developed yet, Sarkar said, DA): RASH and RESCUES common. Market rise still, but then big crash in March (not in Dec) 2012: return to nature. Rescues of people and countries. Euro crash first, people put assets to US dollar, which crash in two weeks, then metals, then also metals crash. (Have different currencies and food for months). Blond suing big banks, the only one. Damaged documents, secrets out. Judge rises up on foreclosures. Israel, Vatican crimes, killings – ending to death of religions. Emotional turmoil Jan-March.

Floodings, winter - mega storms (added with home made?), hunger, riots, deaths - north of US and EU. Flights - pilots resign - insects and radiation; impact crop and oceans, due to rains, war, chemtrails, from space - hiding problems - cancer deaths, thus “sheep” wake up. Fukushima; new evacuations - deaths. Cultural, infrastructure destruction due to electric failure, but new electrics. New device no need oil, elites desperate to stop it. Sabotage, false flags, war March. Lover class of elites don’t get paid - reveal secrets, scandals. US fascism.

Looted underground storages by ETs. US military staff left stranded abroad. Sovereign movement EU, Global social evolution. Major person opposing criminals - a temporal marker. Economic criminals hiding - group trials. Nov 2012 OWO gone. Secrets space, ab human origin. Unknown energies from space. Dreaming the future into existence. Incredible to see this time…

Opposition Soini keeps track: Finland crises backing grown by 7000 percent. If Italy, Spain and Greece fall each Finn has debt 50 000. Poor people in Helsinki, Eurostat . Copehagen and Brag better. Worst Budapest. Riga, Lissabon, Athens - polluted. New American: EPA: $1M in Green Grants. And S. African activist’ : UN’s “Green Climate Fund”- keep poor nations poor. Kofi Annan: The global financial crunch no reason to avoid climate-friendly investments…. Joemat-Pettersson: “We must end this dictatorship of climate change.” While Cern nearing Higgs bosom! And "The Russian survey in Siberia; terrifying discovery - huge plumes of methane bubbles rising to the surface, 100 fountains, some kilometre across, said Dr Semiletov; scale not seen before. xzz1gTX0wFci, xzz1gSR8h6jJ

Landry: IMHO, get prepared for the next decline, or could they hold it up for another year? Ure: A new trick EU; Some opt out. Everyone thinks it will work out, but next March end stuff. And March next EU summit ... how convenient! "Due to MF Global Corzine bankcrupt farmers no money to buy fuel, seeds for 2012!". The Detroit News: "Farmers testify to losses in MF Global collapse". ZeroHedge: farmer saw three days in advance his wire transfers of money out reversed. While MF Global, Corzine; sorry I don´t know where the missing money is. Hot money flowing into Indonesia, from broken economies. Commodities hot: gold, nickel, tin anything. Korea and China hiring English teachers like there's no tomorrow. Damn the volcanoes and Five Year Floods expected! The Blaze: The Wall Street Journal. MF Global found one investor willing to buy $2 billion of EU bonds at rock-bottom prices - George Soros.

Times Live: Butter half kg 350 euro in Norway. Reuters: Some depressed do worse on drugs, placebo helps more fifth of them. UK Daily Mail: Flu jab narcolepsy vaccine, but still GlaxoSmithKline deny. Under the USDA, regulators are training the Monsanto, BASF and Syngenta etc, to conduct environmental reviews of their own GM seed products, called NEPA project.

2010 and -11, more US suicides than died in combat, Next wars: A computer virus Agent.btz collected secret info to unknown external receivers. NSA team neutralized it.

Something unusual has happened: CIA OPENS BOOKS (and FBI is notifying former intelligence agents and officials that the release is official): Lee Wanta, White House intelligence coordinator: George H. W. Bush was “defacto” president while Reagan a “doddering fool. JP Morgan (Rothschild partner), worked with Gaddafi on Banks for the African Union and moving some oil cash into private accounts. Gladio operation set up groups across EU in case of Soviet invasion, Libya as staging ground. The “crash the ruble”- trading scheme run by Wanta netted trillions that Reagan intended to pay off the national debt. Court filings are backing it all up. Treasury had $23 tr, leaving $4.3 tr to Wanta less $1.7 tr in taxes – big power for someone jailed, greatest private fortune. The known OWO families looted these accounts, proved by bank security photographs of high gov officials. Wanta: How Gaddafi, cooperating with Rothschild, Bush, Baker was attacked by NATO? The reason is still classified. The 1986 bombing of Tripoli Gadhavi agreed, as needed cover. And SCUD missiles at Italy and US were blamed Gaddafi, as Osama bin Laden was blamed for 9/11 - though on the CIA payroll. Former Bush envoy, Welch, supported Gaddafi to the end. Will we ever understand Gaddafi, who may well be alive and, under some circumstances, still have a role to play?
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