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More world secret pouring out, Part Two

Update: Dec 14th: Many insider groups are pledging to protect Wilcock now, after death threat related to Part One release. got 400,000 hits in ab 5 days. Spreading like wildfire on people’s own websites. Due to interview the American Freedom Radio's server for the first time in their entire history collapsed. The lawsuit is now 122-nation campaign bringing down the "OWO." This secretive cabal has been destroying our planet with bubble money - backed by nothing but hot air. This is what we have been led to believe. It turns out that the nations of the world actually are on a gold standard... kept hidden from the public. Talking about this is dangerous.

Part Two: "Bigger Picture" with totally new info. How this Nazi-type OWO mentality could exist? Denial has kept this story secret for so long. The majority of OWO members are miserable, trapped, and want escape. Changing the world is done only by changing the people in the world with love. They will typically build their identity by being "strong" and resent those who are "weak"seing others easy targets to be exploited and manipulated by alternating severe "punishment" and love-bombing. Stockholm Syndrome.

This type of people actually exist with goal of worldwide control. Now imagine that you could create money, out of thin air, the ultimate magician. People will do whatever you tell them just to taste some of the magic. When endless gold is out there, people reject your "worthless paper". In order to prevent gold-backed financial system, you've got to take that gold "off market" and hide it. For that you will need to use violence and convince the world's leaders of “their best interest”.

Once you've got control of the worldwide magic printing press, it doesn't matter what the world leaders think. You tell people; atrocities are a sad but necessary in order to reach a New World Order of peace, prosperity and happiness. All of this really got started with Fed money printing 1913, and Bretton Woods in 1944. Then 1954 the 77 "non-aligned" nations came to know that the intended humanitarian programs were turned into military machine.

For thousands of years Asia was producing the most highly-regarded stuff and accepted only gold as payment.”You want to give me a piece of paper, get out of here!" So according Fulford´s sources trade was main way that 85 percent of the world's gold ended up in Asia.

High-ranking Asian insider Jade Lion has now given totally new info. I questioned this new insider the day after my death threat, in detail: China is sitting on top of colossal gold mine (also Cambodia, Laos and SE-Asia), being under the control of a Dragon Family or the Elders. Also responsible for building 100 pyramids in the Xian province.

Elders live in the Forbidden Zone of China in tough mountainous region, but having worldwide network of contacts. JL and others: Elders eat an extremely pure diet, herbs and may know healing by gold - secret why some Elders live 300 years old. They might be direct descendants of humans from another planet. Chinese legend tells pyramids were built by "the Ancient Ones who descended to Earth in flying metallic dragons." The Source Field Investigations.

The Elders are peace-loving, highly evolved people. They wish to see our world transform into loving and prosperous place for everyone. Elders might have brought spices, silk, ceramics and technologies from their home world. Possible also that the Elders brought a gold-making technology, which could explain why other insiders said; if such secret gold mines really did exist, they surely should have known about it.

JL's data gives also new context to the story of China's October Surprise 2010. China told in negotiations, if OWO didn't pay up their debt and surrender, China's ET allies would begin destroying their ability to take over the planet: followed by inexplicable failures of military equipment ( i.e 50 missiles offing, while UFO hovering over the facility). With the 122 countries alliance they are preventing the G5 "Illuminati´s” planned genocide and fake alien invasion.

JL is in contact with someone who lives with Elders and has been working directly with FED/BIS The Elders sued the Fed in Sept 2010 for hundred years old gold contracts, in a secret world court of BIS (not same as 1 tr court case in Part One). They won in Dec, and Fed got $286 Trillion dollars payout. Many top insiders confirmed, and it will probably go public by the Spring, the time of major changes "Reset Point" – on Earth. The illusion that gold is rare commodity was kept due to China's national security. (Sounds also like manipulation of money markets???, DA).

How did the US, few ragtag colonies, become the world superpower? JL; US was built up based on Asian gold. America was a rebellion against colonial, monarchic rule in Europe - and for the Asians this was investment for their gold and security.

The Dutch, Portugese and British were fighting out for supremacy over profitable Asian spice trade 1500s. English E-India Company, the Dutch E-India Company in 1602. Wikipedia:1670, during King Charles II, The E-India `corporation became a nation´ (an early foreshadowing of today) and was invading Asia, bit by bit, right in China's backyard. For security shiploads of gold, 2000 metric tons per trip/month was sent to the US, with contracts, for almost century and secretly used as collateral by the US Treasury to issue currency – (ab 2 million tons gold total???). The US kept the gold in many mutually agreed places. Without receiving this gold American currency would have been built on hot air, hyper-inflated - causing the American Dream to come crashing down.

Chinese also worked as highly-skilled professional builders in US: . Many thousands emigrant workers from China, referred to as "Celestials" and China as the "Celestial Kingdom." The traditional name for China was Celestial Empire. Celestial: 1. heaven. 2. spiritual, divine: bliss. 3. celestial navigation. 4. the Chinese people. They came from another planet.

The Celestials idea was to build US as huge industrial power, profitable enough to repay all the original investments. But as soon as the US had this critical piece of infrastructure running, they tried to kick all the Celestials out by adopting the term "Coolies", "slaves", while passing laws; illegal to live in the US: Anti-Coolie Act of 1862: The foreigners citizenship of the US is dangerous to the well-being of the State. Asiatic coolieism is human slavery, prohibited in this State.

JL, the Celestials fully realized they were being screwed by 1911, as the US moved to create its Fed. (The Celestials were not aware that the Fed was planned since 1700s?). All gold shipments were halted. (But strange, according Part One; During Kuomintang dynasty in China Japanese tried to steal Chinese gold, some gold was sent to the US for safe keeping in 1938. JL is not aware of any of those shipments ???) The ultimate goal of the Fed banker’s secret society was to eliminate the gold standard and create "bubble money".

JL told that the Elders have the full support of the Chinese military - that’s why there is "absolute terror" in the halls of US gov, unwilling to pay this massive, outstanding US debt. They know this has to go public soon.

[DISCLAIMER: (Part Three will follow). Bear in mind that Keenan and Scott (in trillion-dollar lawsuit) are unaware of the information provided by JL. And I do not wish to damage their credibility. They are not also aware of extraterrestrials. I'm presenting you according the information I am receiving, so you can make up your own mind. Very little can be proven at this point.

Although I believe there are ETs among us - Wilcock told once that the ancient Aryans who came to India from Siberia were highly developed beings and had sophisticated devices etc, but Sarkar who knows very well the history of India, told that Aryans had wild imagination and used to make strange drawings of non-existing things.

So to think that Elders came from other planets? SAnd some may have kept their blood more intact than others. Whether they have sophisticated techniques to make gold etc might be possible even just if they were in contact with ETs.

Wilcock´s articles rises many questions, In some ways elders seems to be helpless victims, wander why they didn’t get any help; military or more sophisticated until now? Why China allowed them to hold such fortune of gold in their territory? Why the whole military of China is obeying them,, if they are just small secret group? May be ETs helping so military has surrendered. The time will tell us more. I will wait with great curiosity things to fold open, and great thanks for Wilcock and Fulford for their love and sacrifice for the sake of humanity.
Didi Annapurna
Sarkar writes: Some people are of the opinion that the people of ancient times used to address as deva those beings who had arrived from other planets. The truth of their opinion should be carefully verified… The history of the earth however reveals that humans are not causeless. They are not even the first living beings that came onto the earth… The thought of other planetary civilizations remains outside the minds of those who only think about the various nations of this planet. It is not possible for such internationalists to establish universalism. When inter-planetary conflict begins, then internationalism will assume the same role as nationalism does today…

The English colonialists were also cunning enough to discern the práńa dharma of the people of India. The British colonialists applied the same tactics in China The Chinese people, before the Kuomintang regime, were laborious and dexterous as well as religious(China had Tantra before, but the British imported a huge amount of cheap opium into China and made the energetic and pious people idle and indolent. As a result, it was easy to mislead them onto the path of communism. In ancient times tea used to grow wild in the eastern Himalayan regions, as it does today. The Chinese were the first to cultivate tea

(I tried to find the part mentioned about Aryans drawings, but couldn’t this time, but something I found, DA): Sarkar: The level of intelligence of the Aryan mass at that time was so low that it hardly merits any mention… To distinguish themselves from the masses as the upholders of Aryan culture and Vedic religion, the Aryans started wearing a pigtail.

After the Aryan settlement in India a great man was born into the non-Aryan society. He was a great Tantric - a great yogi, Shiva. As the result of His Tantra sádhaná He attained extraordinary powers, which He employed for the good of humanity. To this Self-realized Mahápuruśa there was no distinction of high and low. People of all classes, from the highest to the lowest, were dear to Him. As far as we know from the history of spiritual sádhaná, Lord Shiva was the first to propound it, and He gave this spiritual cult the name Tantra. Tantra is the secret behind spiritual progress. (Sarkar also told that Shiva reached even Alps in Switzerland with his jack!)

For those who are humans both in mind and body, the style of practice is called viirácára. Our avadhútas and avadhútikás practise viirácára. Viira means brave. North of the Himalayas – in Tibet, China, Siberia, etc. – the practice taught by Shiva was known as Ciinácára, that is, “the Chinese style”.

The basic problem in China is that despite considerable agricultural progress, China has not been able to feed its huge population. Moreover, in China there is not even sufficient land to accommodate its huge population – and its population is continually increasing. In the industrial sphere China has already exhausted most of its natural resources. It hopes to preserve its remaining scant resources for industrial development, thus preventing a dark future.

In exchange for these commodities, which required a large space in their ships, Bengali merchants used to bring back merchandise from overseas countries. In exchange for exports which required very little space, Bengali merchants used to bring back gold coins.

Everything has been created with particular types of mental waves. If by a scientific process we are able to create differences in the waves, then we will be able to convert this into that, iron into gold. Mercury can be converted into gold very easily by removing the difference in the waves.

For instance, gold is used as a catalyst in the preparation of makaradhvaja [a type of áyurvaedik medicine]. Once it has been prepared, the gold can easily be separated out…Though the catalytic agent itself has no direct role, its presence makes the whole process work very smoothly, and thus it is a great help. Gold is not mixed directly with the makaradhvaja, but its presence in the process is essential.

During the Buddhist and Puranic eras, indeed, even during the Pathan era as well, the Dákrás used to gather gold particles from the sand of this river which they would then melt down to remove the base metals and extract the pure gold. During that time many of the archaeological artifacts made in this Suvarnarekha valley were fashioned of pure gold…

Much later still, paper notes were introduced in China. Since the Gupta Age, buying and selling has mostly been undertaken through monetary exchange.
History tells us that from ancient times vaeshyas [capitalist, rich) have, by monopolizing trade, frequently degraded themselves and betrayed their humanity, and that since the Buddhist Age, they have accumulated most of the wealth in society.

Many people are under the wrong impression that perhaps the people in ancient times lived long lives. Had it been so, then why is it maintained in the shloka, “you should aspire to live a hundred years”. It is not true that many people lived a hundred years.

The sun’s material energy brings into existence the living being’s inner development through mental clash and spiritual practice.
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Didi Annapurna