keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2011

Whom to blame the economic crises and exploitation

If the economics collapse, whom to blame? The capitalists, the NWO, the gangsters or the banksters? And does it help, make things better? Yes we have to see what are the reasons, but have you done something yourself to stop the exploitation? Everyone experiences daily exploitation and injustice. I.e. the boss is demanding to work during free time. Or the boss is nice to you, but exploiting others. You will do something? Or are you scared that you will loose your job?

Now what is moral-courage? One should try to do something while seeing injustice without fearing loosing job etc. When you do righteous things at the end you will always be protected from consequences in one or another way. You might even loose your job, but don’t think it doesn’t work for the best, because you don’t know in which sense it might be at the end better for you to really loose that job. You might get better job, you might get time to change the direction of your life or just the boss will call you back to work with better conditions.

Still if you are not ready to test with your job, do instead something; go to demonstrations, or help those who are enough couraged to demonstrate or write to politicians or net, use your creativity.

It needs always courage to try to stop exploitation. Moral courage is not that easy thing. There wouldn’t be any exploitation if it would be easy. Finnish people seem to have lots of sisu(Finnish word for obstinate strenght), but where is our moral courage? Sisu comes only after we have got really enough about something.

But how far a way the things have to go before we get into sisu ? In some countries we see people more easily protesting, but at the end they might not have that much sisu? We are a bit different in different cultures.

Spiritual practises anyhow give more moral courage, so everyone can change oneself. One can be at the beginning good ksatriya, fighter, but not having qualities of intellectual or capacity for money making. But anyone of us can gain these different qualities and become stronger.

Spirituality also increases the consciousness and awareness, so that one can see much wider and deeper. Already now, due to spirituality rising awareness commonly is growing, that’s why people has started to question the leadership structure, decision making processes, money creation etc. I.e. the Occupy movements are growing globally.

Sarkar: Hatred is not an expression of moral courage. For doing something bad you do not require any moral courage, or any spiritual strength. But for doing good work you must have moral and spiritual strength. Before punishing a person you should consider whether you love him/her or not. You do not have the moral right to punish one whom you do not love.

Today all over the world a grim fight has started between the evil forces and the benevolent forces. Those who possess the moral courage to fight against the evil forces, it is they who alone can give a soothing touch to the struggle-torn earth with the balm of peace.

The practice of Tantra requires a little courage – it is not for cowards. The revolution which terminates the capitalist era requires the united struggle of the disgruntled workers. Shúdras can never be the actual revolutionaries because they lack sufficient moral stamina, responsibility and fighting spirit. They are vulnerable to many vices and are not well-established in human values, hence they cannot develop the requisite revolutionary character. The vikśubdha shúdras develop into genuine revolutionaries because they acquire the moral courage and discipline to oppose exploitation. An Ánanda Márgii will have to be Vipra (intellectual), Kśatriya (fighter), Vaeshya (creation of money) and Shúdra (labourer) all at once.

To rescue a person in distress, or to compel a person moving on the wrong path to come to the right path, by one’s strength, physical capability and courage is Kśatriyocita Sevá.

To help human society in its mental and spiritual development by application of Parájiṋána (intuitional knowledge) is Viprocita Sevá.

Remember that the value of each service is the same. Whatever kind of service is most necessary at a given time should be rendered.

When the Sádhaka or the spiritual aspirant will stand untrammelled and resolute, with the courage of his conviction, and self-confidence, all snags and dangers will gradually wither away – will timidly disappear from his path.

It is an ingrained human trait that generally people do not have sufficient courage to undertake those tasks that require courage. But if someone takes the lead courageously, then others will cooperate. When a brave person comes forward, other people become brave due to his or her example. This is also an ingrained human trait. That is why whenever a righteous person undertakes a noble cause, honest people willingly extend their unstinting cooperation to him or her. Hero-worship of this sort is quite natural. If anyone opposes this natural thing, it should be understood that he or she suffers from a fear complex and criticizes hero-worship just to hide it.

You should always be very vigilant that no complex – be it superiority or inferiority – find a place in your mind. What is desirable is that you move ahead with courage, maintaining all the while perfect tranquillity of mind.

Didi Annapurna