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Master Units for starting new spiritual life style on the earth?

Fulford claims that The purge of the Nazis has begun on three continents

There are signs everywhere now that a political logjam has been broken... swift changes will be unfolding worldwide in the coming weeks. The signs include a massive purge of the Nazi (Sabbatean) faction in the US, Europe and soon, Japan. In addition, US troops have been placed in Egypt, on Israel’s border, in order to force the Zionist terrorist regime to stop... to start WW3.

In Europe six members of the P2 Freemason lodge were arrested by Berlusconi allies in what is expected to be a futile attempt by Berlusconi to place himself back into power, Vatican sources say. In Russia also a purge has begun, starting with a top general, after a recent attempt to assassinate President Putin with Polonium. The efforts to kick-start the new financial system have also moved into high gear.

Master Units for all the corners of the world:

Times are getting hard in many ways in the world, due to climate change, earthquakes, volcanoes, uprisings, economic crises, battle for earth domination, pollution, materialism, lack of spirituality etc - though the goooood times are also dawning behind the clouds.

For the time being there should be places where everyone is welcome to survive, to learn different skills, to have spiritual company, to get free from addictions, to practise growing organic food and fine arts, to do service, to have cultural interchange, to prepare oneself for cosmic brotherhood and to learn the use of alien technologies etc.

Sarkar created Master Units around the world for that kind of purposes since seventies. We have developed some of them gradually and quietly at some degree. One is our sister´s Master Unit in Poland, Ananda Ashiisa, in Eastern Poland, in the middle of nowhere near Liethuan border, where I´m just now, replanting some blackberry bushes, and we are rebuilding the floor of our meditation hall as well. The other Master Unit in Poland is more well known brother’s Master Unit; Ananda Bhutta Bhumi in Jelenia Gora, near German border.

And what said Sarkar himself about Master Units:

As there are different nerve centres in the body which control the function of the different limbs and organs, and which are finally controlled by the mind itself, likewise the Master Units will be treated as the nerve centres of the society.

Through Master Units and PROUT, we will elevate the standard of the people in a few months or a few years…PROUT and all-round service may render temporary service…particularly in the fields of education, culture, economics and spiritual upliftment. These Master Units will work to improve the fate, first of all human beings, and then of all living beings, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion and national barriers… All-round service, PROUT and Master Units are the ways of life.

There is the necessity of starting Master Units in each and every district and block of the world...Master Units should be a minimum of five acres. The Saḿskrta name of Master Unit is “Cakranemii” which means “the nucleus of the cakra” (wheel). I want all Master Units to be economically self-sufficient in all respects, because spiritualists should not depend on the wealthy class for money.

There are several common points which should be implemented in all Master Units: Schools, including primary, post-primary and higher secondary schools. Hostels, including junior hostels, senior hostels and higher hostels. Children’s homes, including junior homes, senior homes and students homes. Medical units. Cottage industries. Dairy Farms. Plantations.

Besides these common points, there are some special features of Master Units which should also be implemented (short cut by DA):

A wheat grinding machine or flour mill to produce flour. A bakery to produce bread, etc. A seed bank. A seed distribution Centre. A Free Plant Distribution Centre. Bio-gas plants. Butter production. Apiculture. An Ideal Farm Training Centre. A sanctuary. Only bio-fertilizers like compost, cow dung, neem paste etc. should be used. Chemical fertilizers must be avoided. Research centre: agriculture, biology (zoology, botany) and chemistry. All integrated farming projects and master units should endeavour to include some special features… such as solar energy, apiculture, school and children’s home.
Our Master Unit program is a combination of oriental sublimity and western dynamicity.
AND SERVICE: When you are taking responsibility for the entire globe, solving the problem of malnutrition is also your sacred duty. What is the cause of this problem? The cause is irrational distribution in the economies of the world. The long-term solution to this economic problem is PROUT, but the immediate food shortages themselves must be solved as an urgent necessity.. It is the sacred responsibility [[of our AMURT and AMURTEL(1) – let them shoulder their]] responsibility.

The only solution to the world-wide problem of malnutrition and of the maladjustment and misallocation of resources is to implement multi-purpose development schemes. Multi-purpose development schemes are based on the degree of poverty in a country and aim to immediately elevate the standard of living of the people and bring about integrated development throughout the world. Such schemes are for the entire globe, and include undertaking temporary and permanent relief and upgrading the standard of education wherever required.
Rendering all-round service to the people is an extension of the multi-purpose development schemes….This programme is necessary due to defective economic management in many parts of the world...
We have to help people in their local areas in times of calamity and distress. We can also take help from others who want to serve people selflessly… You will have to elevate the standard of both the downtrodden mass and the down moving mass.
One of the most important reasons for psychic ailments, defects and deformities is the lack of proper education… Proper education means elevating the standard of downtrodden humanity.
When you offer something to a person and expect to receive something in return, it is a sort of commercial transaction. But when you have no desire to receive anything in return for services rendered it is called true service…Naturally you are more grateful than the person you serve because Parama Puruśa has given you the opportunity to serve Him. 
Japakriyá and dhyána (meditation) should also be practised with the ideation that one is serving Parama Puruśa. This is internal service. If this is done one will achieve intense psychic concentration. Of course one must serve without expecting any reward in return.
Internal service (átmamokśártham) leads to fulfillment or immortality; external service (jagaddhitáya ca) leads to universal welfare. Thus both internal and external service has equal importance. External service purifies the mind, and with a pure mind one is more capable of rendering service to one’s iśt́a. Every sádhaka should render both types of service.
Be the pioneers...

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