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Disclosure update

As Fulford told: Obama would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him. Obama complyid to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military.

That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other bush operatives were fired. The purge  included David Petraeus etc, according to CIA and other agency sources. Obama now has a totally different set of handlers and teleprompter script writers than he did in his first term...  Remember Wilcock told before that according his dreams Obama would come forward finally and do disclosure too, so lets see... While waiting see the latest from Wilcock: DANIEL FINALLY COMES FORWARD: Three-dimensional time, "portals" and stargates, was inspired by the data I originally receieved from "Daniel"...  he is a "real person -- writing pages and pages of information:

I was filmed extensively for the official Disclosure Project movie, airing just in time for a January 2013, post-Mayan-Calendar-end-date, "Fourth Density" debut!…This film is the culmination of many years of work for Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI, who has personally interviewed over 560 different insiders - in highly classified "government" projects …with UFOs….

UPDATE: DR. GREER'S GROUP LEADING CONTACT GATHERINGS And, coordinated effort to make loving, peaceful, amazing contact with numerous Star Civilizations. And CONTACT, a classic 1997 Disclosure film with Jodie Foster.
Daniel also appears in 2012 Enigma.

1983, Looking Glass flip-flops between "Timeline 1", which seems to be a powerful metaphysical transformation of Earth, and "Timeline 2," in which everything is buried under 20 feet of mud after an apparent pole shift. The tipping-point ar December 21, 2012. For several years now, the insiders have concluded that nothing can stop the positive timeline from coming to pass…

As soon as you create this "null zone" in our own gravitational field, you automatically open up a direct portal that allows you to peer into the parallel universe -- as well as creating potential "lift" to be used for propulsion…Dr. Dan Burisch, another insider I was in contact with, soon confirmed that Looking Glass was a reverse-engineered pineal gland -- upon my direct questioning...Disclosure proves that you already have a working stargate custom-built into your own brain.

The Source Field Investigations.
UPDATE NEXT MORNING: HOT...The following link may not last long: Shadow Operations: The Mars Project, 11PM tonight on the west coast, and Daniel's stunning new papers at

Wanderer Awakening.  Many different underground bases have been completely portaled out, all over the world -- beginning in August 2011…same year the Law of One predicted the "Harvest" would begin.

UPDATE 12:34 AM – after watching the show: Kerry and Bill arguably took on the single most dangerous, contentious subject in the entire UFO / insider world -- the idea of a joint human / extraterrestrial base on Mars.

Daniels articles: Timelines, Ascension, Chemtrails and HAARP:
Time and Timelines:

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