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When science proves reincarnation...

Pastlife research show that 12 from 28 adults previously interviewed as a child still remember their past life. And 12 others still remember something. As a child each had ab 30 pieces of memories, now only 8. But interesting is that those interviewed remembered better their past lives than their childhood! The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. Links: http://www.medicine.virginia.edu/clinical/departments/psychiatry/sections/cspp/dops/

UVA Alumni Magazine, summer 2007 , Near-Death Experiences being conducted by Dr. Bruce Greyson. Pope has announced publicly that Jesus was not born on December 25, and that Christmas was based on a pagan solar festival. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/the-pope/9693576/Jesus-was-born-years-earlier-than-thought-claims-Pope.html

Sarkar has said that when science proves reincarnation it will be the end of the so called religions.

Sarkar: After death the disembodied mind floats in the vast space with its unexpressed saḿskáras. Later on, with the cooperation of the mutative principle, the disembodied mind finds a suitable physical base. The memory of its past life remains awake for approximately the first five years of its new life. Although the child remains in a new physical environment, mentally it continues to live the joys and sorrows of its previous life.

The newly-born mind has not yet had time to build a close relationship with the new brain. The revival of experiences of past lives is what we call “extra-cerebral memory”, and is principally the task of the causal mind. The child’s mind being unacquainted with the outside world and the new-born brain being inexperienced, his or her crude mind does not function much….Since the crude experiences are relatively few, the subtle mind remains tranquil. Thus the waves of the causal mind easily surface in the child’s subtle mind. As a result, the accumulated experiences of the child’s previous life can easily be recollected. As the child’s crude mind is not yet mature enough to work externally, the dream experiences are not expressed in the wakeful state.

This extra-cerebral memory begins to fade after five years. The more a child sees new things before its eyes, the more restless it becomes to know each and every object of this world….The more it receives the answers to its questions, the more its mind gets acquainted with the mundane world. The experiences of the crude mind then begin, and get reflected in the dream state. As a result, the vibrations of the causal mind cannot come to the surface any more. Hence, the more the child advances in age, the more it forgets its past life.

Sometimes children can remember their past life even after the age of five. In this case the mind of the new body remains free from environmental influences. That is, the waves of the external world are unable to influence the mind.
If one still remembers one’s past life after that it becomes difficult to survive, because two minds will try to function in one body – the mind of this life and that of the previous one. A single body cannot tolerate the clashes of two minds, hence psycho-physical parallelism is lost leading to eventual death.
Forgetfulness is a providential decree…It is a blessing because human beings feel burdened by the weight of one life. It would be impossible for them to carry the burden of many lives together…

If the memory of the past lives is revived, the bondage of attachment will tighten its grip, putting a halt to spiritual advancement.

Many people, however, remember things from their past lives. They can remember a few particular episodes…. They see them like dreams, though they are unaware that these episodes are known to them. But they remember them….What is the use of recollecting the history of your past life? Try to learn only about the future.

Naturally, however black one’s past life might have been one should erase it from one’s mind. Human beings have no control over the past events. They can only build their future by making use of the present. God has put eyes in the front of the person’s head.

Some of the philosophical interpretations of janmántaraváda [the doctrine of transmigration of souls, or reincarnation] also oppose revolution; that is, they argue, “You are starving in this life because you committed many sins in your last life, so what is the point of launching a movement? Destiny cannot be changed.”

Mr P didn´t visit place assigned to him as he couldn´t find there anyone to help with arranging yoga or meditation class. Sarkar said to him, that even if you went there and sat under the tree and did meditation, the future people will recognise the place due to its vibration.

Generally one does not reap the consequences of the actions performed in this life itself. If the accumulated saḿskáras of this life are almost similar to the bundle of saḿskáras of past life, that is, if the actional vibrations of both lives are the same, then the reactions of both lives occur concurrently.
With the help of sádhaná or spiritual practice the spell of pleasurable and painful requitals ceases both internally and externally. Sádhakas call it the combustion of the seed of action in the fire of sádhaná.
One story: A Filipino Mr P went to India, and was anxious to know his past life. Sarkar asked him: Mr. P, what is your permanent address? Mr P answered: “Manila.” Sarkar said laughing: “Oh, is it so?” Sarkar called one Acarya to sit and do meditation. Sarkar asked him to look into the mind of Mr. P– and go back 135 years. Acarya: “I see a tall man wearing a dhoti and kurtá. He is a Brahman in India”. Sarkar: “Yes, and today that man is Mr. P. What is your permanent address? [laughingly] Is it Manila or India?” Mr. P: ”No, the universe.”
Thus there is no place for casteism, or for exploitation, racial, religious etc hatred. 

Still one story I just heard: There was two men meditating in the same cave in Himalayas ab 600 years ago.
They fell in love, but still wanted to continue their lives as renunciates. In this life they met again; the other is man and other women. Eventually they got married probably to fulfill their karma which they created in past life. Both they meditate and may be in their next life they have overcome the need for experiencing worldly love, but yearning just for divine love...(The husband told me this story).
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