sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2012


I happen to end up landing to the richest side of St Petersburg and was surprised to find out that vow!!! this city is something totally different than I remember since Soviet time before 1990. That time I landed to the poorest part of the city with gray and dark everything, with only cabbage and peas to eat, for me, who couldnt eat cabbage and beans. So after few days I was really ready to depart happily with the couple I came with, but I suppose now I would feel melancholy to leave after seeing all that beauty. Those days I was on mission here and now I'm also on mission.

And this is the land of Putin, who is hiding these times behind curtains obviously crippled by some accident, but also who is claimed to be one of the supporters of the new financial system and who is the only one seems openly fighting with all his might against Libya - and now Syria - take over.

By the way Lindsay Williams has been long claiming that Fed is going to take over all the home in US. He thinks now that this is really happening through Fed's latest shoppings. Lindsey Williams: Now I understand that the Federal Reserve is going to purchase $40 billion in Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) every month. His source said that’s correct. Williams: Am I to understand that this $40 billion is in mortgages, whether they be toxic or non-toxic? He said that’s correct. Williams: It’s the mortgage on your house. If you’re house is mortgaged, then the Fed could have possibly purchased the mortgage in Sept, or Oct, or any month… Where is the Fed going to get $40 billion every month? Indefinitely? The contact said immediately, they are going to get it out of thin air (print it). Lindsey Williams: The bottom line of this program: The banks, and those who control these banks in the Fed, will control every piece of mortgaged real estate in the U.S. before it is over. Lindsey Williams.

While Fulford believes Fed has been dismantled and turned into US Treasure, same people anyway...  

The New Nazies in the streets of Athens and no more cancer medicines for Greeks. Recent research in Finland show most richest people don't really pay taxes. And the NWO folks The Trilateral commission is visiting this weekend Finland on their mission, just when I turned my back...I.e Mario Monti, Estonian president Ilves, Goldman Sachs Sutherland and 160 other members are in Helsinki, and media is almost totally quiet about it. President Niinistö just meeting them. Members also include Esko Aho, defence Kaskeala, TV Kivinen, Business Vihriälä, Jean-Claude Trichet, Swedish Bildt, Olympics Rogge.

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