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Breaking the news

The movie SIRIUS premiered April 22 in Los Angeles. David Wilcock was featured in the movie and also was watching it. His lightning and follow up dream occurred before the premiere. He suggests that this revelation of tiny ET -- could change the entire world.

The movie; 1945-98, ab 2000 nuclear bombs were exploded. ETs protected us from nuclear weapons and were great teachers, protectors - evil invasion not supported by the evidence. Dr. Steven Greer; got top geneticists at Stanford University ran DNA tests on a humanoid found in the Atacama Desert in Chile. This being is only six inches tall, having genetic markers of six years old. We now have absolute proof, from leading world experts, that this being was a living, humanoid organism.

Dr. Nolan, the Director of Stem Cell Biology at Stanford, was willing to risk his career, even his life to conduct the tests. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Lachman, pediatric radiologist produced a written statement for SIRIUS -- indicating that the many anomalies of this little being, including a massive cranial vault and only10 ribs instead of the normal 12, do not match with any known human deformities or mutations. It IS biological, have humanlike DNA, NOT entirely, have differences from normal human life. Stanford University DNA tests of remains of a mutated human:

The key in Greer's film is how we can develop UFO technology, "free" energy -- and eliminate the need for oil, coal and nuclear power... without pay for fuel or electricity. But those who profit from the sale of energy would lose everything. Lee Speigel shocked the world by announcing this film on Huffington Post on April 7th. His post hit the Most Popular list to the top. Cabal concoct desperate attempt to get us looking elsewhere; Just five days after this stunning Disclosure US was struck with terrorist attack on Tax Day, April 15th -- when the Fed cabal gained a massive new infusion of cash.  

Solution; only 7000 people meditating were able to reduce terrorism, worldwide, by 72 percent -- in peer-reviewed Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. Why not do that? potential to shake our modern world; If the FBI is proven to be responsible for Boston "false flag" event, major upheavals in the US government could be imminent -- as Wilcock'c dream may indicate.  FBI trying to set up young man for an entrapment operation, MK-Ultra. Suicide once the "job" is completed is a key method. FBI-related, according; When the suckers become involved, they are promptly arrested for terroristic plottings... Gordon Duff Confirms FBI Involvement in Boston;

America’s intelligence and Special Operations community came to a very startling conclusion; An American agency (FBI) was involved. They hire actors to wear backpacks with “simulated” explosives; FBI Suspects in Marathon Bombing;

C-SPAN...People are now brave enough to call in to a television show and reveal -- risking significant trouble, even death. The second major event two days after the Boston; Fertilizer plant explosion in Waco, Texas. Huffington Post; far-right-wing Christian group was invaded, burned and shot to death by the FBI - caused by a missile;; And once again emergency response vehicles and drills before the explosion -- say hospital’s CEO...David thinks the Alliance is taking action soon.

In David's previous update a huge, metallic object exploded over Russia. UFO crashes -- not meteorites, located by Majestic; dead bodies of small humanoids with broken craft. Two days after David's "lightning storm" -dream, another "meteorite" explosion - over Argentina;, and a "halo" in the sky, caused by debris from the craft? The disclosure event will be so grandiose in scope, hard to imagine what it will be like. Spread the word, watch SIRIUS now.

David's weekly TV show, Wisdom Teachings, free 10-days. More disclosure in Brazil; CBPDV Brazilian Ministry of Defense has officially invited 20 UFO researchers to discuss the UFO Phenomena at the Ministry building. Clear sign that the topic is being fully recognized. Brazilian Government open 4,5 thousand pages of previously classified UFO documents. Something absolutely extraordinary...

And Obama Issues Lone Wolf Terrorist Warning. Sibel Edmonds: CIA Ran Tsarnaev Brothers. New American; Israeli Leaders Blast Chinese Organ Harvesting.

Canada’s Complicity in the War on Terror. Three days after Boston, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced: they had foiled a terrorist plot targeting a Via Rail passenger train - Or so they say. In absurd press conference RCMP officers repeatedly answered questions with “we cannot comment as the investigation is ongoing”, the only info released; “received guidance from Al-Qaeda in Iran”. The timing of the arrest is mystery. The Department of Defense and the US Army also warning; Russian Izvestia; the older Boston brother attended a workshop – sponsored by US – on destabilizing the Russian satellite states. Washington’s Blog; Was Boston Bomber “Radicalized” at a U.S.Workshop. And The Roots of Terror: FBI’s Fingerprints All Over the Boston Bombings.
And bloggers question: Why no ambulances, fire track? Because it was only a DRILL, as announced on the speakers repeatedly... In fact, the fire department and medical centers would had to have been told to stand still ahead of time to avoid citizens calling them in. Paul Short; guy with his legs blown off, sits upright in a wheelchair without a drop of blood dripping, wheeled back and forth 4 times, to make sure got his picture taken. They don't push trauma victims on wheelchairs up the streets, they bring the treatment unit to the victim. And Boston Terror Narrative Starts Falling Apart, Global Research, April 23.Crisis Actors were AWESOME. All victims being treated at the same Jewish medical center. DHS web page had job applications for amputee actors, and for people to arrive with shredded clothes...Fake Blood AND Silicon Confirmed;

There is no way that there are 30 or more lost limbs at this scene. In fact there is no way to confirm even a single dismembered limb, finger, or foot found anywhere. The gaping wounds are applied silicon fabrications. Plenty of fake blood on the ground, but none yet oozing from their bodies. And one case how could she go from no blood to vast appearance of blood?

 The Tsarnaev brothers weren’t even there, but photoshopped into the frames; Dzhokhar’s backpack at home. This means that this bag was not left on-site, as attributed. 

Lets see what Dean, Press TV, Veteranstoday say; It was a bombing drill in the morning in the vicinity while the bombing was at the end. Some awful silly accusations were made by internet folks about actors, which has hurt the hunt for the truth. The story presented was that double amputee veteran ‘actor’ was pretending to have had his legs blown off as proof of a false flag. While Paul Bauman, whose leg was blown off was being photographed recovering with his family at this bedside in the local Boston news.

The Craft security contractors who were so prominently visible at the finish line area with their uniforms. The backpack fragment of the first bomb matched exactly one that was clearly Israeli looking Craft contractor. But… corporate media never mentioned a word about them, something that was normal to inquiry. We have video footage of them coming back but stopping at the finish line and calling in for permission to enter the bombing area… like asking “Have they all gone off yet? The top of their unmarked van had a hyperspectral camera in it… space technology stuff. What do we think at VT… and our counter Intel sources? We suspect that the kids were allowed to walk the bombs in… by somebody knowing that there was no bag checking and Craft Security would do nothing.

Now, federal court documents have identified three of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s college friends who could become some of the strongest witnesses....Kadyrbayev texted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, saying he “looked like the suspect on television.” “LOL,” Tsarnaev texted back. “You better not text me... “I’m about to leave if you need something in my room take it.” When Tazhayakov saw it, according to court documents, “he believed he would never see Tsarnaev alive again.” The suspects went into the room and removed Tsarnaev’s backpack. Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov admitted that they agreed to get rid of it after concluding from news reports that Tsarnaev was one of the Boston Marathon bombers. Their lawyers denied any wrongdoing. The anti-constitutional searches conducted at gunpoint amid the Boston lockdown are breaking through into the international media.

In Angola 1988 the armed forces of apartheid S-Africa and the US-backed mercenaries were defeated by the combined force of the Cuban military, the Angolan army, and the liberation movements of S- Africa and Namibia. This led to the independence of Namibia and then to the fall of the apartheid regime in S- Africa itself. Cuba’s heroic role is the outstanding example of principled anti-imperialist internationalism.

Hitler; regarding Poland: "I attempted to find a tolerable solution. I submitted this attempt to the Polish rulers.  You know these proposals. They were more than moderate. I do not know what mental condition  the Polish Government was in when it refused these proposals. As an answer, Poland gave the order for the first mobilization, and my request to the Polish Foreign Minister to visit me to discuss these questions was refused. Instead of going to Berlin, he went to London.”  -Danzig Speech, Sept 1939. Regarding France: "I have always expressed to France my desire to bury forever our ancient enmity and bring together these two nations, both of which have such glorious pasts."     - Reichstag Speech, October, 1939.
Promoting geo-engineering, chemtrails; After the non- CO2 warming, world’s top climate scientists at AMEG reached the stunning conclusion that the planet stands at the edge of catastrophic climate change due to Arctic and Methane. CH4 in Febr 2013 is twice as high since 400,000 years...could lead to an unstoppable chain reaction of runaway overheating of the planet. This is why scientists formed AMEG. Imagine 40% of land crops disappearing. Beckwith believes geo-engineering is the only salvation for the Arctic; injecting sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, which acts like a large erupting volcano, blocking out sunlight, but some scientists fear ‘Frankenstein atmosphere’ once humans begin tampering with nature. The Independent (UK), April 23, 2012. EcoAlert: Methane... The Daily Galaxy, Aug. 29, 2012; Climate Change. Astronaut Merbold, Germany, who participated in three space flights, 49 days: Obviously this was not the ocean of air I had been told. I was terrified by its fragile appearance.

Argentina prime example; hoarding is tangible investment; We are going to hang onto our soy,” said Jose Plazibat, farmer in Buenos Aires province. When government turns against its own people, as USA is currently doing, hoarding emerges as does barter.

"Forbidden History" of World War II. Free samples below, and ALL the history from 1760-1939. Full story of WW2, just $5. A phoney CIA report on Israel is being distributed by a notoriously iffy Canadian website.
Mrswealthandsuccess....f_ckhym; Her name was Dawn and she was the Sandy Hook principle who in fact was killed during the massacre, however was seen in the Boston Marathon with new name Donna....So actors never die. FAU Florida Atlantic University professor; James Tracy asks whether the Sandy Hook was real and Boston bombing "mass casualty drill"; And MSNBC Forced to Apologize After Egregious Quotes Out of Context for Gun Control Segment. How to tell the difference between the real bystanders and those paid by FEMA as crisis actors?

Fulford; Desperate Sabbatean mafia tries to bribe Putin with offers of world power in a desperate attempt to keep in power. That may be why Russia is going along with the fake Boston bombing. However, any bigger role for Putin is unlikely since the US military will not alloy.

US and the Zionists despair; Terror run by Zionists and not Muslims. The crypto-Jewish Saudi regime under attack due to financing mayhem. To provoke China over a few tiny rocks in the ocean ignored. Attempts to start nuclear terror by N-Korea quashed. Japan on April 28th celebrated independence from secret Zionist rule, (The web page removed???) and strengthening relations with Russia (peace treaty and economics). Reunifying Korea and normalizing relations.

No trust to EU or “EUSSR”. Zionists Fed and the ECB losing their magic money printing. Henry Paulson and Kissinger, Xinhua news, meeting President Xi Jinping... on a begging mission, but were sent away empty handed, so they used earthquake and ongoing “bird flu” weapon. The bombs going off (Czech, Iraq, Syria etc.) are campaign to maintain control, but they are going down hard. Fulford's Hotmail and Skype account hacked. The P2; agreement needed over the Global Collateral Accounts.

The pentagon... white hats legal effort didn't work out... the terrorist Sabbatean mafia is only going to be removed by guns. MI6 operative warned Australian embassy in Tokyo one hour before the Boston attack... A recent poll after the Boston fake bombing psy-ops show that instead of increasing American’s willingness to “give up freedom for security” it did the opposite;

Very powerful groups are sabotaging cabal's psy-ops, like Sandy Hook and Boston. A missile attack in Texas very close to the Bush ranch... to take down Bush munitions? Warning about future attacks linked to Reagan.. and Clintons. The anti-Sabbatean forces are hoping to topple the Saudi regime in order to cut off oil money. Obama negotiating with the Saudis for refugee status, if he is ousted??? The 180 nations BRICS alliance is creating alternative to OPEC.

Venezuela; election recounts, riots - attempt to overthrow a legal government, U.S. Intervening. The Washington Post; The US administration should begin coordinating with Mexico, Chile and L- American democracies to prevent Mr. Maduro from killing his way into power. And Capriles Falsifies Evidence.. In leaked phone recording, Capriles' advisor admits they lost and are playing politics; Difunden en VTV audio. Venezuelan violence, but picture from Egypt; … #SOSVenezuela US spy; VENEZUELA: Arrested US citizen, "rightists’ conspirator". CIA coup; The Venezuelan suggestion that detained American is a spy, is "ridiculous," say Obama.

Did you see meeting of presidents of US, 23rd? (Reuters) - George W. Bush basked in warm praise from fellow former presidents, as Bush's library was dedicated in a ceremony. At the end Bush - who has largely avoided public life since 2009 - choked back tears, as Obama said; "...He's a good man". Clinton and Carter praised Bush of AIDS relief for Africa. Bush senior, 88 and in a wheelchair, spoke briefly; "God bless America."

Nikola Tesla’s predictions; And Tesla’s eugenics; forced sterilization of criminals and undesirables would purify the human race by 2100. New scientific discoveries, rather than war, would become a priority for humanity. In the twenty-first century the robot will take the place of slave labor...freeing mankind to pursue its higher aspirations. Systematic reforestation and the scientific management of natural resources will have made an end of all devastating droughts and floods. Tesla dined milk and honey in his final days -as purest form of food... but looking quite ghastly. He saw television; “possible to see any object at any distance” - instantaneous transmission of typed characters all over the world (internet), - communication with Mars (the Mars Rover), - universal telephone - reproduction of photos. U.S. EPA - within a hundred years. Within a century coffee, tea, and tobacco no longer in vogue. Alcohol still used. And Video: Tesla Coil Goes Live! Model GPO-2 Tesla Coil installed at the Museum in Arkansas.

You want to see photoes from Peking, full of smoke, pollution; New tape; Massive, uncontained leak at Fukushima? Cold weather front and even snow sweeping across much of N- America. Weather radicalization- expensive food or no food at all. Natural news. You was your hair with poisons;

"Escape from Los Angeles"- Hollywood Elite Selling Homes and Fleeing California. In my 10 years of being a real estate agent in la, I have never seen AN EXODUS like this month, taking enormous losses, desperate to sell. The partial list inlcudes ab 80 famous actors etc. What do they know? *Buttercup*:. To get a idea of these meetings, click on, "WITNESSES", then click on each of the witnesses individually. First noticed magnetic pole shift 2006, being a pilot and a solar engineer I often took measurements, and nothing was lining up the way it used to, so I tried a few different compasses. I thought it strange, and no one was talking about it. NASA is downplaying magnetic shift, “don’t panic. We are in a period of very fast movement of the magnetic pole, and it appears the north pole has the itchy feet and the south pole is more stable. Source: magnetic pole shift appears to occurs with a lessening of overall magnetic field, which allows more cosmic radiation in to the planet, which allows for more DNA damage and the occasionally successful mutation.

Sarkar; We have to be able to do service while others get paralyzed due to bad conditions. Our avadhutas has been many times the ones in hard situations the only ones helping. If not distributing relief aid, then at least burning bodies, which others are not able to do, due to getting sick. Governments have also acknowledged that.

Choose only good company; Tiger which lived with foxes learned howling like fox. Another tiger notified that you are a tiger still you howl like fox. That's also what happens when we human beings get engaged with wrong people.

Avidya tantrics do exist still in India. This is one real story; One Dada came to bus and sat down, but other passangers said that he should not sit on that chair, because every day one avidya tantric comes to the bus and sits in that seat, so nobody else dares to sit on that seat. But Dada kept on sitting on it. The aviday tantric came to the bus, he asked Dada to move, but Dada just said that he came before to the bus so he doesn't need to vacate and started to do dhyana meditation. Aviday tantric started to repeat his mantras and the bus started trembling. Driver stopped the bus and people went out. Finally the avidya saw his mantras didn't work on Dada, so he left the bus. The people came back in the bus, and touched Dada's feet. Dada had been so deeply in dhyana, that he didn't know what happened, so he asked why people were touching his feet. People said that; you are stronger than the avidya tantric. Dada said I just did my meditation on my Guru. Then people realized that although Dada was strong, his Guru was still more powerful. The avidya tantric never came anymore to the bus.
Didi Annapurna