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Dreaming the future

David's prophetic dreams have often come true. He wrote some days ago about dream of huge ocean area... like the Arctic, where the ice was constantly undulating – dangerous, gigantic waves up and down 1000 feet. His latest dream predicts that something could shake things up, as the Gulf oil volcano once did - a major cluster of events. As lightning storm with constant lightning bolts.  Lightning is associated with the Dark Night of the Soul -- when "all is lost". Real deaths may also occur. It also represents the fall of corrupt kings -- and the restoration of peace and freedom. Sudden upheaval -- creating momentary crisis and chaos. He tells he had only 30 minutes before this mega-storm would hit.

He was being asked to solve a mystery, and prepare for the storm - predicting a very significant socio-political events. The mystery seemed impossible to solve in 30 minutes. The quest involved tracing a path through large house (warehouse, corporate). He was brought into big room with multiple doors and high ceiling. There were 560 doors on seven horizontal levels. There was no way to climb up to the higher levels of doors -- no stairs. He knew that only one door would open, which he had to find and he did not have enough time to open them one-by-one. He was meditating and found himself levitating: So he could access any door. He drifted intuitively right up to a certain door. There were texts “Front” and “Back” with arrows. He decided to try that door – and it just opened. He saw a hidden castle-like fortified Illuminati facility. There were guards armed with machine guns. So he took part into mission of exposing the Cabal or "Illuminati". The lightning was going to utterly wipe out the whole complex, even the men with the guns -- in less than 30 min.

Wilcock believes his dream to be predicting the full exposure and break-down of the Cabal - the media, government, military and corporate run by the few elite families. Additional clues were given in the dream; the castle was strangely just a farm -- with livestock and man tending the hay with a three-tined Devil's pitchfork. He looked like the pedophile Jimmy Savile. After seeing him the dream suddenly ended. Daily Mail has the Jimmy Savile story; he worked for the BBC -- one of the biggest media, which covered up the worst abuse -- four decades Savile was molesting sickening 1, 350 children.

Wilcock requested for more information -- and went back to sleep. He visited a wealthy house with a family gathering. He tried to get them interested in greater realities, which led him into direct meeting with Vladimir Putin, who knew about his intuitive talents. Wilcock started telling Putin about a nuclear threat against Russia, which he thinks is not going to happen.

Wilcock feels the defeat of the Cabal is a dangerous process…that’s why it is taking so long from the Alliance of ab 160 countries (more), but steadily building up to a major series of coming events. Things could get pretty rough for a while -- including economic and political upheaval, natural disasters and terrorism -- but also radical improvements in different ways -- could be less than a month away?

The dram continues; Putin grabbed red phone and handed it to Wilcock. Apparently his top military advisor was on the other line. Putin said "Tell him what you just told me" Everyone in the room was staring. This "clarification dream" confirmed; Cabal of being defeated -- but that dangers and upheavals will occur. Boston Marathon and Texas fertilizer plant explosions are two examples of this.

Another scene of the dream – he met with the positive investors and financial planners, and Saddam Hussein. He started giving insider information about UFOs and functioning stargates in Iraq, which was one of the reasons why Irak had been invaded. Besides super-high-tech ET gadgets were buried. Wilcock gave Saddam Earth’s stargate address. Saddam had secretly worked with elites in the past.
This dream seemed to indicate that Disclosure will be a major part of this whole transformation process. Could such a major event be about to happen? More evidence;

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, or ICIJ; 38 different media companies -- 86 journalists from 46 different countries -- working together for the first time, They have hacked into over 2.5 million secret files – which Expose Global Impact of Offshore Accounts; more than 170 countries. This is the most tangible, practical sign yet that the 160 nations Alliance really does exist -- and is working to defeat the Cabal. 

And a new LIBOR has just emerged in the aftermath of the prophetic dream; Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds, the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right; The world is a rigged game. The world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything. LIBOR "twin brother" -- ISDAfix -- market controls $379 Trillion dollars (100 times US budget) of assets…ALSO being manipulated by same mega banks than Libor.

What other markets carry the same potential for manipulation? The potential is almost everywhere. From gold to gas to swaps to interest rates, fuel prices are dependent upon these cabals. Once this is globally exposed, it could be a very significant change -- as the Cabal uses violence and terrorism to defend itself.  Disclosure will be a major element of this process; the biggest event in recorded human history on earth.

On April 7, 2013, Lee Speigel wrote on Huffington Post.  The disclosure of the tiny ET became the Most Popular story on Huffington Post for four full days. The film SIRIUS was shown first time on Monday. 

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