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Elite gatherings

Billionaires are gathering on the island of Kiawah, near South Carolina. “Suspicion was raised when 20 very expensive jets were seen at the Charleston International Airport,” reported WBTW. Event being led by Bill Gates... attending I.e Michael Bloomberg of New York, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet and the potential future President... Jeb Bush. The London Times; Similar meeting on 2009, which discussed plans to “curb overpopulation.”

Another; Bilderberg group is gathering in Watford, U.K. Grove site June 6-9; Bilderberg is now merging with Eric Schmidt’s Google claims;, but seems they have not released info what they promised so far ab Bilderberg transforming itself into a new technocratic elite, with Google at the helm. It suppose to be on, “Googleberg” and also the Bilderberg topics and political agenda for 2013.

And also the G-7 are unscheduled emergency meeting was last weekend outside of London. End game being discussed? How best to shut the current system down, reboot another one AND retain as much power as possible, planned years ahead of time. Since the beginning of the Greatest Financial Crisis, these nations have bankrupted themselves, printed and borrowed...and responsible for Gold being shipped “East”. Bank weakness and insolvency, QE’s lack of traction, Gold inventories (or lack of) the top of the list. The physical metals markets globally are telling me (and them) that they were and that the end game is near. “Bank holiday” would ultimately occur... and revaluation of assets and currencies.

Russia’s Plan For The BRICS to Dismantle the Dollar System... that Kremlin decided not to hide the document, but publish it outright - is a very vocal angry signal directed at the US. A, which the Western media ignore; “there is a common desire of the BRICS partners to reform the outdated global financial and economic framework...” Russia assumes that BRICS countries cooperation, alliance can become one of the key elements of a new system for global governance, primarily in the economic and financial domains. In the section titled “Strategic goals,” the first point on the BRICS’ agenda is the reform of the world financial system in order to make it “fairer, more stable, and more efficient.” This “reform” is said to dismantle dollar system.;

Russia says CIA agent caught trying to recruit spy, Reuters; American tried to recruit a Russian intelligence officer to work for the CIA. The announcement came just days after a visit by U.S. Kerry during which Washington and Moscow agreed to try to bring the warring sides in Syria together for an international peace conference. Ryan Fogle, a third secretary at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, had been detained overnight carrying “special technical equipment”, a disguise, a large sum of money and instructions for recruiting his target.

Israeli PM Netanyahu spent three hours with Russian President Putin at his residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, May, 14. He came for a last-ditch attempt to head off the Russian anti-air missile systems to Syria. Instead, the Russian leader turned it around to focus implicitly on Israel’s air strikes against Damascus. He issued a warning: ”In this crucial period it is especially important to avoid any moves that can shake the situation.” SoIsrael was in no position to demand that Russia avoid selling Syria advanced weapons. The PM warned that the entire Middle East was in a dangerous state of volatility.

What does the Judeo-Russian mafia got to do with the Boston bombing and Syria and Iran? Wikipedia; Russian mafia groups might reach to 50 countries and have 300,000 members. During early 1970s, when Brezhnev agreed to allow the limited emigration of Soviet Jews, thousands of hard-core criminals, many released from Soviet Gulags, swarmed into the US as professional killers, thieves, and scoundrels. Also they control sex trade in Israel, CBS. Adolf Hitler once described America as the Jews’ “new hunting grounds”. He said “all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights, a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.” — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 11. And The World’s Foremost Problem, By Henry Ford — Ford Motor Company. PDF: NOTE: Henry Ford's series of articles reveals quite clearly the plan for world domination by Zionism.
Israeli leader under fire for costly lifestyle; a new disclosure about Israeli PM Netanyahu ab his soaring spending on house, furniture, clothing...TV station's report that Netanyahu spent $127,000 in public funds for a special sleeping cabin on a recent five-hour flight to London, while average Israelis are struggling with tax increases amid a huge budget deficit...Netanyahu's expenses have soared nearly 80 percent since he took office in 2009, ab $905,000 last year... On a recent flight with Netanyahu, Shiffer saw two young men holding large bags.”I thought that it might be the suitcase containing the codes of nuclear weapons", but the two men were hairdressers who had been flown..." Shiffer wrote.

The 1st quarter of 2012, I published State of world report 2012: World on The Brink of The ENDGAME?; world’s dominant geopolitical powers were on the brink of engaging the last and most dangerous stage of their geopolitical agenda. The Apocalypse is not Mayan, but Rather European-American-Israeli. Toxic and increasingly deadly imperial world system or a sane and just Planetary Culture that is striving to reverse all of the catastrophic trends. CWS.

Nigel Farage: Euro continent seems poised for "wholesale, violent revolution," according to one British minister of Parliament known for his frank assessments. In a recent speech on the floor of Parliament, Nigel Farage blamed European elites and finance ministers for destroying the Eurozone economy, and will likely spill into the streets of numerous European cities. Farage's speech, here : Mac Slavo at "They know it's coming and the fallout won't be limited to just Europe." get your money out of banks as quickly as you can ...

Mr. Al Gore ab chemtrail aerosol spraying, which he must be privy...the magnitude of the toxic chemicals being dumped into the atmosphere; ninety million tons per day!!! 90 million tons x 365 days x 10+ years = ??? According him this is part of the plan of manipulating the droughts, floods and super storms across. Al Gore admits Chemtrails are for blocking the SUN; And in Quite strange the main media keeps quiet!!!

New SARS-like virus spreading worldwide; RT ; Saudi Arabia has confirmed four more cases of the new deadly coronavirus, contributing to global fears over the disease’s spread. Panic of this type has been boosting media ratings and has kept the drugs market bubbling. The WHO is ringing alarm bells, labeling the new coronavirus as “major challenge for all of the countries which have been affected as well as the rest of the world."The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in France has informed WHO of an additional laboratory-confirmed case with infection of the novel coronavirus (NcoV). Web bot waits for Big Quake between now and May 26th, or June 1. UFO: The witness included three images, MUFON report. Image 1, Image 2, and Image 3. The video downloade here.
(NaturalNews) Chinese medicine, lei gong teng or "thunder god vine" is stunning Western researchers with its ability to stop cancer. Lei gong teng (Tripterygium wilfordii) is native to China, Japan and Korea, valued for its distinct anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and anti-cancer properties. University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center discovered that mice treated with triptolide for 40 days showed no further incidence of tumors. Rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis and lupus respond to lei gong teng as well. Since the herb can cause serious side effects, including loss of bone density, headache and infertility, it is important to consult a qualified TCM practitioner before use. Plan to make A drug by FDA approval and patented, will be nutritionally ruined, and sold for exorbitant amounts of cash..."

An international team of physicists has found the first direct evidence of pear shaped nuclei in exotic atoms. The findings could advance the search for a new fundamental force in nature that could explain why the Big Bang created more matter than antimatter..."If equal amounts of matter and antimatter were created at the Big Bang, there would be no galaxies, stars, planets or people," said Tim Chupp, a professor of physics. The electromagnetic interaction gives rise to forces on electrically charged bodies. And the strong and weak forces operate in the cores of atoms, binding together neutrons and protons or causing those particles to decay; "The pear shape means neutrons and protons, which compose the nucleus, are in slightly different places along an internal axis." To determine the shape of the nuclei, the researchers produced beams of exotic radium and radon atoms at CERN's Isotope Separator facility ISOLDE....the nuclei were excited to higher energy levels, producing gamma rays that flew out in a specific pattern that revealed the pear shape of the nucleus.

You won’t believe what we saw,” the pilot flying a 747 said; “This thing was bigger that a 747.” According to the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, (NARCAP) there have been over 3,500 documented sightings of UFOs by pilots. But Captain Jim Courant, a commercial pilot for over 31 years, says there are many more sightings not reported. Islam Siddiqui, a former Monsanto lobbyist, wrote the USDA's food standards, allowing corporations to label irradiated and genetically engineered foods as "organic." RootsAction has launched a campaign demanding a Congressional investigation.

Natural News; GM babies are a ‘biological product,’ under FDA jurisdiction.

One-Third of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply; users about recent celebrity deaths were relatively accurate. At least better than chance and better than all.

Stunning Astronomical Alignment Found at Peru Pyramid;; An ancient astronomical alignment between a pyramid, two stone lines in some distance and the setting sun during the winter solstice - the three would have lined up to frame the pyramid in light."Thus someone viewing the sunset from these lines during the winter solstice would have seen the sun setting directly behind, or sinking into, the adobe pyramid," they write. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers have found about 50 of these stone lines so far in a flat, dry area near the pyramid. Also found 200 cairns, rock piles.

Secret Streets of Britain's 'Atlantis' Are Revealed; A University of Southampton professor's analysis of lost medieval town of Dunwich, dubbed 'Britain's Atlantis'...most accurate map to date of the town's streets, boundaries and major buildings, and revealed new ruins on the seabed...substantial urban centre almost as large as the City of London. Global climate change has made coastal erosion a topical issue in the 21st Century, but Dunwich demonstrates that it has happened before also. The severe storms of the 13th and 14th Centuries during climate change, turning into the Little Ice Age. Scientists may have found Brazilian 'Atlantis'; And Los Alamos Lab Has Had A Secret Quantum Internet For Two Years...

Why Brain-Controlled Gadgets Will Blow Your Mind;
The White House Convenes Scientists to Discuss the World's New Ocean;

NASA detected a strong signal from the brightest gamma-ray burst in decades. Because this was relatively close, it was thousands of times brighter than the typical gamma-ray bursts. In very rare cases -- such as GRB130427A -- astrophysicists are lucky enough to see energetic gamma-rays from hyperfast jets of outflowing material consisting of charged particles created during a massive star's violent death throes. Our Very Normal Solar System Isn't Normal Anymore

The magnetic field emanating from Earth's core helps create the Northern Lights;
Even to this day scientists astonishingly know more about the rings of Saturn than they do about the core of our own planet. "We're at a golden age in terms of the real discovery of the bulk of the deep Earth," says seismologist Professor Rick Aster. Not everything that Verne imagined was wrong. So scientists are also fascinated by the Earth's core because it is responsible for creating our planet's magnetic field which is vital to life. Horizon: The Core, BBC. Catch up afterwards via iPlayer.

NaturalNews; As quantum physics can now confirm, the universe we live in is not made up of solid objects but of energy and information. In an information universe made up of energy, health or disease can only come from information. When the cells in our bodies are aligned with pure, healthy sources of information, we are healthy. Likewise when we are exposed to distorted information fields, we can experience ill-health. Pure information is eating pure, natural, uncooked organic food and pure filtered water. Distorted information are junk food and the electro-magnetic fields of wireless networks and cell phone towers. Source;

In Bangladesh 10,000 military attack; The combined forces of the secular regime including its "civilian" gangs, led by police and military forces, attacked the defenseless protestors who were quietly praying, doing zikr and sleeping after the daylong rallies. Blood flowed in the streets as the Muslims were indiscriminately slaughtered. Truck loads of the dead are being taken away.

And senator Lindsey Graham believes that “the dam is about to break on Benghazi. The whistleblowers that are testifying...admission. Anti-EU/anti-immigration/populist UK party, UKIP, just did awesome in recent regional elections.

US Losing; Rebels Defeated by Syrian Armed Forces. And‘Cannibal’ Commander Abu Sakkar Ate Soldier’s Heart. International Business Times Video depicting Farouq Brigade leader cutting heart out of Assad soldier’s body posted online.

Holocaust debate; Postwar Germany’s Nazi Party Ties Covered-Up; He reveals that, for half a century, the German leadership sought to suppress the names of prominent citizens who were Nazi Party members in the Second World War while pretending to seek them, “I found the biggest postwar cover-up imaginable, it went all the way to the top of the state.”

Passenger jet flies 800 kilometres without a pilot; The flight happened back in April. It took off with a regular pilot and test engineers on board. But once the aircraft was straight and level, the pilot handed control to the ground pilot and sat back for the ride, only taking over again for the landing.

Advanced Israeli Drone Hijacked by Iran or Hezbollah...Richard; Shoval drone was on a mission between Tel Aviv and Netanya. An unknown hostile force exploited a breach in the navigation system and took control of the vehicle. Once the drone became unresponsive, the IAF realized either it could be crashed into a sensitive Israeli target or else hijacked to Lebanon or Syria. At that point, the IAF searched to find it. I do not know who took control of the aerial vehicle. It was either Iranian forces or Hezbollah. Ynetnews report Last year, the Iranians claimed to have done precisely the same thing to a U.S. Predator drone over Iranian territory. Also Hezbollah, with help of the Iranians, compromised the IDF communications systems during the 2006 Lebanon war.

Business Insider; I have never seen such a disconnect between the asset market and the economic reality … Asset markets are in the sky and the economy of the ordinary people is in the dumps, where their real incomes adjusted for inflation are going down and asset markets are going up. “Something will break very bad.”

How your Birth Certificate is traded on the Stock Exchange. U.S. Standard certificate of live birth. ( This information is used to issue the birth certificate – as a Bank Note, which is sent to the State where the “Live Birth” is registered. A Certified Copy is sent to the Department of Commerce. From there another Certified Copy is sent to the IMF, listed as a collateral asset.... probably the first time you have heard about this scam!  Bill Brockbrader declared himself a sovereign being and demanded his case be dismissed. He is an American Hero here. Bill is in a Federal Prison because he told of how U.S. military is using Tomahawk missiles, targeting Iraq long before 9/11. Though the fabricated charge was finding him guilty of rape. And;

Did And And Steve Webb; Breaking Most important Radio interview of 2013

Sarkar; In every sphere of life – social, economic, mental and spiritual – making human beings conscious of their rights leads to the expansion of knowledge, and the full application of these rights is called the cultivation of science. Neglected people who, for whatever reasons, have not pursued knowledge and science, should be given full opportunities. There should be no discrimination. 
Didi Annapurna 

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