torstai 16. toukokuuta 2013

Summer greenies and samgadsadvam

For sure the summer is already here. Last night while I planted in torch light some pumpkins and beans - which grow 5 meter high - the mosquitoes were already biting me, although I couldn't see any of them. It is also getting noisy. All kinds of birds chirping, twittering, honking, and the dogs barking them, and the froggies adding their croakings along with neighbors roaming with tractors around. Besides airplanes as well keep on flying above on the skies - may be CIA spying on me to get my conspiracy news closed up, which would prove that they are not just conspiracy news - so lets hope it was not CIA..

Summer thunder storm also flashed few nights back and I was sure the pole shift started, because thousands soundless lightnings were flashing without any rain – so so awesome, but luckily the thundering and flooding started finally...was a bit more familiar then.

Neighbor Minski is testing my nerves, when he finally appeared still once to rake the garden plot, and driving it not only once, but at least ten times up and down, so my potatoes that I already had planted there got flattened up, but lets see if any flat baby potatoes will appear to grow. Anyhow better later than still later – because today I planted Brussels's sprouts and pumpkins there.

Some days ago we got the greenhouse planted full of tomatoes, cucumbers and paprikas. Gp had made electric heating box for eggplant sprouting, (could perhaps also keep the stork eggs heated if any comes, as they don't seem to know how to make nest), so now we have again some black eggies coming up in the greenhouse. Now there is nothing yet to eat only green weeds, which we ate also last weekend, but when the drinks were also green, then Gp said enough is enough greenies - no more...

Tomorrow I will go to pick up milk first time with my pinkish bicycle. (The orange one was too fast for me). Gp got its peaces set together immediately, but I didn't bicycle yet, before I got the road fixed. It was full of rivers so that the postvan almost sank...and Minski with his tractor, but more badly on the field with three tractors. I put first some hay on bumpy places and then moved the stones and clays from the middle road to the sides, so now the river flows only middle, can canoe also on my eco-road. And I dag the embankments lower so that can drive with sight seeing buses also. Then already Minski broke my bridge so that I have to now jump over the ditch with my wheel-borrow and doggies. The capitalists can easily break things, but they can't fix after, because the tractor work would cost to them 200 slotys / hour, while they think my spirited road making cost only little...I hope the capitalism is soon deranged, degenerated and disappears.

Yesterday I went to city to show up in my orange. During that time someone - I suspect - from the city office had come and gone after flattening our road - more. Such pleasant surprises I have experienced here many times. The city cleans the roads and empties the dirty water wells etc, without needing to beg them at all - and without needing to pay even. So such a grace to be living in Poland. Not capitalistic everything. Electricity is almost never cut, and if once is, it usually takes less than one hour when it gets fixed. They must be flying and running in order to serve us in a best possible way. The only thing that I have to struggle to do is to buy bluish, yellowish and blackish plastic bags for shorting rubbish, although anyhow at the end in the van - which comes to pick up the rubbish - they mix up everything...

While I was struggling with the road, the rabbits tried many times to attack the apple trees, but the dogs have learned to run after them - almost as fast. Anyhow I have to teach them not to bark while running, because that's how the rabbits notice that they are after, and also how much you can run, if you are yelling all the time? So our dogs are not useless eaters, but busy so much that when we do group meditation, they fall asleep, if not rushing here and there, although I never see anything dangerous -
except ticks, they love this place. Every day I get at least 1-5 ticks traveling on my clothes. Once they did even coup attack in my room. They had occupied my clothe closet and my sleeping bag and all over places. Luckily Gp got my mini vacuum machine working, so I cleaned finally the whole room, but forgot to empty the dust bag! And found them again running here and there, so had to murder them (so far ab 60), as can't kill them by raging. I just don't know why they don't dare to bite me, if I'll find it out, I will tell to dogs too. Actually I soaked already couple of ticks in alcohol to make homeopathic medicine out of them, which I will give to dogs.

Although no time to teach yoga asanas to the dogs, they seem to learn by themselves. One is doing regularly some Diirga Pranams and one is sometimes doing Kobras. The third one though is more naughty and lazy, so doing only Savasana all the times - also on my garden on plants, if not digging or pulling them out, so that I had to make a fenced garden. The bears do it also in Finland;

EU is generous by giving subsidies for organic gardening, but as it is so heavy job, I'm thinking our MU to go next into the EU “Back to the nature” scheme, which means that you have no right to do anything - let everything grow natural again, but of course EU will force our MU to accept some subsidy also for that. Then no diggings, no plantings, no waterings, but you might hide some pumpkins and veggies here and there in the fields and bonds and hope they will not notice. Then you mostly eat just natural greens every day, that's what I'm doing anyway. I hope my face doesn't start to show up green. May be that's how the ET s get their color?

I also went finally to Facebook, and got immediately shocked, as I have not used to see scientist and minister types wanting to be my best friends and many more others. So I have to protect my heart now for some time, and rather concentrate on writing my conspiracy news...again I wander if some facebookers might be CIA spies, at least they all rushed to my conspiracy Prout page, so revolution might happen soon.

So my days go by here in great adventures, the only problem now is the spiritual vibration getting a bit diluted. We sang last weekend some spiritual mantras, but needs more samgadsadvam (unity) and satsaunga (spiritual company). So we invented full moon spiritual (Sarkar's) birthday party on 25 May. You all spiritually minded are welcome, if you happen to roam here around. And if you know how to get someone to sing and play mantras on skype for us.

We can also do some greenhouse touring (I hope the tomatoes are ready that time, that I don't need to hang some bunch tomatoes there), garden walks and tree blessings, if we find some walnut and chestnut trees.
I saw some time ago a dream, may be because missing still snow; Sarkar suppose to give on the radio some urgent announcement what would happen on earth, so I was waiting. At same time I heard outside was some drunk people. First I didn't care, but when I heard from radio, that Sarkar's announcement would come only after one hour, I thought I have to let the drunk people to come in as otherwise they might get frozen outside. I closed the radio, because I didn't want them to hear what Sarkar would say, and opened the outside door, and lots of snow was whirling in. But as I was so upset that the drunk people would come in, I woke I couldn't hear Sarkar's world end announcement or what ever it was.

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