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Hoh hoijaa; Committee of 15 individuals, who claim to be in charge of the system for creating US dollars and most central bank currencies, are trying to arrange a peace agreement with White Dragon Society, and make available $700 trillion, or $10,000 for everyone on the planet earth in goods and services, and debt forgiveness for individuals and nations. The WDS has proposed that the following organizations would distribute the $700 trillion in a non-corrupt, non-inflationary way:

The Chinese, Japanese, Canada, Russia and S-C- American governments. The Roman Catholic Church and ASEAN, The Commonwealth of Nations (Indian in charge), France and Fr Africa, The Republic of the US, N-Europe and the Islamic world. General agreement exists now to start a massive campaign to “save the planet.”

Initial proposal to continue US dollar, Bitcoin or any system...The French also helped the WDS last week by revealing the exact coordinates of all the Google, NSA, Facebook etc. computing centers in the US. EU treat to cut off all intercontinental communication cables on the Atlantic seabed, if necessary.

However, there are still some powerful factions clinging to the Zionist Armageddon; P2 Giuseppe Di Antonio, who threats to kill Pope Francis, and has faction inside Mossad and NY and LA media, Leumi Bank and runs Pentecostal Christian cults. Kissinger and Larry Silverstein are still strutting around like peacocks. A new name to add in the March 11, 2011 nuclear-tsunami attack on Japan: General Richard Meyers. Obamacare appears to be just an effort by Washington D.C. to steal some insurance money in order to keep going for a few more weeks.

Some comments from readers;....It would be difficult to find a more corrupt and Satanic organization The Roman Catholic Church. Canadian & French Govs are under cabal control. Republic of the US doesn't exist. How could these be reliable distributors of the new wealth? But lets hope best!$17,000,000,000,000 divided by 7,000,000,000 equals $2,428. When you distribute money free, more likely maximum corruption would ensure.

FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers -Reuters. Anonymous have hacked U.S. Government agencies; George W Bush converting Jews to Christianity? The Guardian. He will speak today at fundraiser in Texas by the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, an organization which aims to promote the second coming by converting Jews to Christianity.

During a two-hour White House meeting, Obama called on senators to give more time for diplomacy with the Iran, The Hill. Before lawmakers in both the House and Senate sent letters urging Obama to adopt a tougher stance with Iran. PressTV: Obama asks senators to ignore Israel lobby against Iran. But S-Arabia already have given the go-ahead for Israeli planes to use its airspace in the event of an attack on Iran, now both sides are now prepared to go much further; Israel working with Saudis on Iran strike plan, Sunday Times.

Top generals claims of a purge of senior officers and a degradation of military readiness under Obama’s leadership. Stunning testimony at a recent Senate committee hearing shows America may soon be unable to fight and win a war. The Air Force is having problems retaining its pilots, even offered big bonuses to remain. Senate Armed Services Committee hearing... concern about budget cutbacks and Obama will fire anyone who disagrees with him;

What is this joke; Nesara law was enacted on 11/15/13 by Judge Roberts of the Supreme Court. Multiple announcements to follow. The Republic has been restored as of 12 midnight on Nov 3, 2013.Thank You White Knights, The Good Military and Thank You GOD. Republic website; And;

Google building flying cars; In late August a patent covered a “personal aircraft.” Aircraft in parking lot between two cars. Zee,Aero flying car; google-flying-cars. Technology from ETs, Don Phillips interview:

Ison comet wings; On Nov. 28, ISON will nearly touch the sun’s 5,600-degree Celsius surface. If it survives, the comet will be visible in the morning sky, and closest to Earth on Dec. 26. X Flare Directed Straight into Ison/Crossing Mercurys Orbit.. . .And NASA Knew About Comet ISON In 2005! Or its a 1 in a Trillion Shot ! You be the judge! Comet ISON Now On Stereo HI1 And; . And; Red Ice Radio - Richard C. Hoagland - Comet ISON; Ison spreading rocks is nonsense.; Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich, Ron Paul; As expected, New Fed Ms. Yellen indicated that she would continue the Fed’s “quantitative easing” (QE) polices. Tepco Successfully Removes First Nuclear Fuel Rods at Fukushima. And GCHQ snoops on hotel reservations targeting diplomats – Snowden leaks, RT; GCHQ’s top secret ‘Royal Concierge’ program tracked 350 hotels across the globe. Germany’s Der Spiegel; revelations from Snowden...British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) came up with the idea of turning hotel suits into a huge net to fish for secrets.... Field operatives then allegedly wiretapped the phone and network cables inside the targeted suite. Thousands protest mainstream media. RT. And Dallas Police Plan To Kidnap Alex Jones; Rob Dew overheard Dallas police discussing plans to arrest Alex Jones.

Flights from china and japan being rerouted to land at a separate site and then scrubbed clean of radiation from Fukushima. Joint U.S. Navy/Chinese maneuvers in N-California.

A sweeping child pornography investigation has led to the rescue of 386 children around the world and the arrest of 348 people, Canadian police said. Officers seized hundreds of thousands of videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst that they have ever viewed," Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins; . The attached video's discuss the GUILTY Verdict where the court has found Canadian PM Steven Harper, Queen Elizabeth, and the Vatican guilty of crimes against humanity. QUEEN arrest warrant has been issued??? And

Controversial, Valery Uvarov; http:/; I am answerable to two people above me. They are answerable to the next person above them, who is Putin. (Some claims, that this is nonsense, DA).; Tunguska explosion; It was a meteor, but destroyed by ...a missile generated by a material installation, dealing with a technology much ahead of our own-one. The last time that this installation shot down a meteor was last year (2002). Planet-X and this installation in Siberia are closely connected...keeping planet-x in a stable orbit. (Sounds strange?) The Installation, transcript; If something serious comes up, we can have contact (to ETs) when we need to. And he says US taking UFO technologies and using even against Russia (some others claim too); Video ab Uvarov; Use your consideration.

Putin Earns 9th Degree Black Belt In Taekwondo. Russia/US… Russia produces and exports most oil and natural gas in the world (ie 35 % of EU needs). The US imports more oil than anyone else. The US debt to GDP ratio of 101 %, and trade deficit half trillion last year. Russia debt 8 % and large trade surplus. The US unemployment rate of 7.4. Russia 5.4:
Russians in US: In recent months, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon have been quietly waging a campaign to stop the State Department from allowing Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, to build about half a dozen of monitor stations, on US soil.

Quantum physics proves that there IS an afterlife, claims scientist Robert Lanza.....quantum physics. Theory of biocentrism teaches that death as we know it is an illusion created by our consciousness. He believes our consciousness creates the universe, and not the other way round, and once we accept that space and time are 'tools of our minds', death can't exist in 'any real sense' either, continued that as humans we believe in death because 'we've been taught we die', or more specifically, our consciousness associates life with bodies and we know that bodies die. Book Biocentrism.... Read more:

Souped-up electric propulsion systems and rockets driven by nuclear fusion could end up shortening travel times to the Mars dramatically, John Slough, University of Washington."We are hoping to give us a much more powerful source of energy in space that could eventually lead to making interplanetary travel commonplace."

Crystal McVea Claims She Spoke with God in Near-Death Episode, ABC News' Linzie Janis reports: An Oklahoma woman encountered God in a nine-minute brush with death; "I was standing in the most beautiful tunnel of light. There were no words. It was just effortless communication between us." While treated for pancreatitis, being accidentally overdosed on medication, McVea's heart stopped beating and doctors struggled to revive her for nine minutes. McVea, a mother of four, says she at first declined God's offer to return to her body but then heard her mother scream her name. "I still turned around," she said. "I was right back into my body." Waking Up in Heaven. "I was sexually abused for many years of life. And I questioned his existence my whole life…'What kind of God could allow this abuse to happen?'" All of that fell off in the presence of God," McVea said.

African Centre for Biosafety (ACB); failed GM corn from Monsanto is now being pushed on African countries with help from the Gates Foundation. This maize, MON810, has been grown in S-Africa for 15 years, where it “failed miserably”.Monsanto got the science completely wrong on this one. Mozambique is changing their laws to allow the GM crop and WEMA is putting pressure on Tanzania to do the same. The Egyptian government peer reviewed studies indicating the risk of MON810 to human and animal health. Natural Society. And Boosting Global Crop Yields Without Genetic Modification. Seed technology firm Kaiima Bio-Agritech has developed a way to greatly speed up the multiplication of the genome of crops, known as genome doubling, without changing their DNA, or genetic fingerprint.

New huge Scientology building with superpower room; ttp:// Bill Weld exposes himself';

Student; Sarkar as practical neohumanist; We started walking and were just about to climb the stairs. Sarkar attracted my attention by saying; "Look at this big dog." The dog was opening and closing its eyes and streams of tears were flowing from them. Sarkar said that the dog was waiting for him and that he was going to leave his physical body within hours and that he should be taken care and berried after death. Sarkar told also that the dog was a good spiritual aspirant in past life, but due to some mistake had to take a dog's body in this life. Sarkar still reminded to take care of the dog. The dog was taken care and finally beried after some hours, when he died. Sarkar questioned still later if the dog was taken care according neohumanistic aproach.
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