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Today is the day; US grid down drill

Comet Ison: US Gov. has put on the comet Solar Sails which has slowed down Ison and possible changed it course, now only facing a 40% possible direct hit on earth expected Nov 15. I also find it of interest that a Power Grid shutdown of all nuclear plants will occur Nov 13-14-15. -Stew Webb.

Official NERC receptionist, said there will be no disruption in electrical service to the public;

Concerns; And Someone; Meanwhile, there’s a lot of talk percolating around on the net about how Europe could have big outages this winter too. (And 87-countries are now said to have drones.)

The DHS and the FEMA will participate in GridEx II, an international electric system security exercise. North American Electric Reliability Corporation. The exercise will involve 5,800 major power plants and 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines. PDF FILE;

Wall Street Journal (WSJ); several major corporations, including Walmart and Safeway, are unplugging from the grid. Janet Napolitano's Warning... And senator Songstad warning;; Senator in; coming natural disaster on american soil may be planned. David Suzuki warns; And, web site off on Planned Outage: Nov 9 — 12, 2013...4:00 p.m. The electric grid, says Havlin, failure in one place leads to failure in another place, which cascades into collapse; The Daily Sheeple. And Massive Fireball Roars Through Suburban Power Lines, Blows Out Electricity.; We have seen almost every imaginable false flag warning on why the Obama administration would invite the Chinese Army onto American soil at the same time as the Grid drill. Chinese are “good at running work camps” so is it possible they are here to run Obama’s FEMA camps.

Fulford; The planned “simulation” of a shut-down of the N- American power grid involving Chinese troops on US soil may be the turning point.... Reports of an imminent move by the Chinese, Russian and US militaries to begin mass arrests of cabalists, but believe when you see it. ( I think he said somewhere also that the good guys will shut down Feds money printers...); And;
Indications the dumping of radioactive industrial waste in Fukushima and the accompanying fear mongering campaign is being wound down. The Japanese slave government announced law to drastically curtail press freedom...The French branch of the Rothschilds also showed its colors last week by vetoing a deal to end Western squabbles with Iran. Specific individuals blocking the new financial system; two US generals now negotiating with the Chinese in Nevada. In the UK case Jeremy Heywood and John Scarlett, as senior Bush Nazi fascist operatives need to be removed from all power. Bush Cabal used them to bring an EU drone strike capability on anyone in the UK... and EU member states to reduce their defence capabilities in favour of a federal EU force. Policies implemented by the likes of Sir Heywood and Sir Scarlett; EU cabal drone-intel force is the only answer to the “threat” from the cabal in the US.

The Cabal are planning some mega-event within Nov. They expect that “83 percent of Americans will be affected” by this, and that wherever you are when it happens, that’s where you will continue to be — for a long time to come. (also Celebrity Russell Brand’s recent speech). Not to panic, but to have faith in the positive changes this will bring about... Congress was all going down to Florida to attend the funeral of some guy who is really inconsequential, and disaster drill scheduled for that same time!

More Wilcock’s comment on Ben’s post; I have done a lot of prepping this past week including a gas generator and a solar energy system. It’s a good practice to have cash on hand, extra toilet paper, food, water, and be prepared in case you had to live at home for 2 weeks without electricity, water or food. Forewarned is fore-armed.

In order to get Obama really believe in what he was doing and have a chance of winning in last elections, they never told him what he was getting himself into. In the meeting with all the former presidents; Bush Sr. sat down with Obama for 25 minutes in a private room. Bush started screaming at him, called him the N- word repeatedly, and said, “Look you f-n n-er, you work for us and you will do whatever the f – we say! If you ever even think you can try to be a f-ing hero, we will rape and murder your n-er daughters while you get to watch!” Obama staggered out of the room, collapsed into tears and said, “My god, they made the n-er into a scapegoat.” Two different insiders witnesses and reported this event........... The Dragon Gate is a sister org to the White Dragon Society. Both groups are cooperating behind the scenes to assist in the liberation of the planet and their methods are complementary. There is a new advanced healing technology by the Dragon Gate: the Mandala Sphere Laser System.
House Voted to Get Banksters Back in the Derivatives Business. H.R. 992, the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act will allow predatory Wall Street financial institutions to once again engage in high-risk derivatives trading.” Lipton and Protess, New York Times; “Two crucial paragraphs, prepared by Citigroup in conjunction with other Wall Street banks, were copied nearly word for word” in House committee’s 85-line bill.

Confessions of a Quantitative Easer, at the WSJ QE is the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time.

C.I.A Is Said to Pay AT&T for Call Data, New York Times. And US LAX shooting comes amid mounting aversion to the TSA... ridicule and mockery among those it was designed to protect. LA Times. Prisonplanet; Company Admits New ‘Smart’ Street Lights Can Analyze Voices, Track People. NSA; Washington’s Blog. And CBS News; Baltimore interviewed the original NSA whistleblower: William Binney. While EU to spy US:
From different countries; India; Chandigarh fears nuclear attack, moots underground bunker to keep 'top brass' safe – NewsX. Eurostat; European Union Pulls Report Alleging Spanish Economic Data Is Made Up. And; Bloomberg. Are Public Mass Executions Carried Out in Seven N-Korean Cities? On independence day of Poland the nationalist march escalated into an attack by radical demonstrators on Russia’s embassy. Police arrested 72 people in Warsaw. The Russian FM demanded apologies from Poland over the attack. Denmark remains happiest nation... Native Indians speak; Venezuelan government forced Daka electronics stores to charge customers "fair" prices. President Maduro ordered a military on the company's five stores. Washington waging"economic war" against Venezuela, he says.

Scientists admits chemtrails..., but he doesn't believe in Dutchsinse. The two typhoons heading for Japan were destroyed by HAARP? They realized too many people were watching;

The X1.1 flare of Nov 10 was accompanied by a full halo CME. We expect a non-central encounter of the Earth, interplanetary disturbance late on Nov 13. Geomagnetic storm conditions may occur. Quakes possible? Food Bank CEO: “People Are Scared to Death”. And Reuters; U.S. Sends Marines to Help Philippines After Typhoon;| A team of about 90 U.S. Marines and sailors headed to the Philippines.; Skywatchers around the world use binoculars to spot Comet ISON, and here we are with little more than a couple of weeks to its closest proximity to Earth, and still nothing from the main media outlets on Comet ISON... new tail.
Asteroid will have impact on earth in couple of months on Caribian Sea, Puerto Rico somewhere.... Update; Bill Weld exposes himself; How my Christian faith led me to end the hoax.

Williams; Bitcoins value will increase ab 7-8 times. As part of long time plan; Bitcoins will be stepping stone for one-world currency by intelligence. Due to collapse of Fiat currencies Bitcoins become popular...but not for long. Bitcoin is a model for coming electronic money with implants. And Zero Hedge; As Bitcoin Plunges 25%... Stunning Price Target. So yes: Bitcoin is volatile. Very.
And ab Bitcoin; even the Chicago Fed in “Fed Letter" published online. The problem is tax free money.

Kerry Cassidy visited former Navy Mark Richards in prison VIEW; Richards was in the Secret Space Program prior to his being convicted of a murder he did not commit. Sub-humans and other creatures were produced from abducted human females. A secret resistance group formed within the military. 'Dutchman,' Ellis Richards, Jr ordered the attack on Dulce facility in 1979, and son Mark Richards led the attack. Dulce battle suppose to be fred, but it became battle. Killed some grays in order to free humans, aliens runs the place. Two hostile races of reptilians think earth is theirs. Raptors (close with Mark). There is great truth in super soldiers. Japanies and Chinese dealing with alien race, giving technology. Aliens dealing with many militaries. Many kind of stargates in earth; he used to go to Moon and March. He also flew many alien crafts. We are having ET protectors, but no friends. Eisenhower met with group of aliens. Bushes DNA is reptilian, they don't go to normal hospitals. Mark didn't want to follow Nazi agenda and murder ETs. Alien bases under Vatican. Very few races does shape shifting, but blood lines. Military want to awaken humanity, although hiding some things, secret projects. They want to be first in the scene of aliens, to get those technologies. We are getting gold from other planets. Biggest danger robots possibly incoming. Investigating Dulce; And Chip Tatum is back; about Hudes Worldbank Whistleblover, who claims also that there was nuking effort on S-Carolina;
When Prabhat Sarkar was a young boy, he invited a low caste friend to his home. After the friend was gone, Prabhat's mother dragged him to be washed by Ganges water. Then mother took the sheet to be washed as it had been touched by a low caste. Prabhat became angry and picked up the mattress under the sheet and dragged it to be washed. Prabhat's mother asked what was He doing? Prabhat replied that if the sheet was polluted, then the mattress was polluted too. Later Prabhat smashed His fist in hand and took the samkalpa that He would destroy the caste system. And he did great part of it...

And relax with mantra, spiritual times are ahead;

Didi Annapurna

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