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Unity consciousness and mind control

As Sarkar said, in ancient times humanity developed physically, due to survival struggle. In next phase they developed in psychic level; sciences, religions, arts etc. Now humanity is developing mainly spiritually, but spiritual progress also creates some change in physical and mental behavior. You can see this today; spiritually elevated people tend to eat vegetarian food, stop smoking, drinking and all kind of destructive behavior, and besides they start to do yoga practices and meditation. These all are signs of spiritual development. When you become aware and sensitive to animal's feelings, you don't want to eat them, you even feel nausea by seeing meet.

In Finland I have noticed this change in many ways, young people don't anymore so often start smoking, drinking and having sex. They refuse to eat meet in schools or homes. In society, in restaurants and airports smoking is restricted etc - smoker's rooms feel more like prison cells. Most of the people have gone to yoga class at least once, if possible. More and more are practicing yoga. Christians and other religious people don't anymore condemn meditation, but they have even accepted meditation as part of their prayer. So we can say that meditation is spreading like wild fire and the world is turning automatically into more spiritual, moral and sentient life style. Although those who are lacking behind easily become more destructive or self destructive.

Drumvalo says that now the consciousness is rising and brain is not important but heart, intellectuality is not important, but wisdom of heart. I think intellectuality guided by consciousness is even better.

He also says; Earth is one universe in multiverse. We have Duality Consciousness; I win you loose, but Unity Consciousness is that I win you win. Reporter asks wouldn't it be good if we have one world we could use one money, etc systems??? Good question...but not with the evil people leading and controlling.

Alfred Lambert Webre how to build Unity Consciousness: To create a government whereas we the people become the governing leaders. Direct Democracy (1 person, 1 vote). Abolish the monetary system whereas the money becomes ‘public utility’ . Dismantling of War (the industrial activity as it’s associations).; Doc Barham, as Coach Hollywood; Unity Consciousness doesn't mean merging ego, all becoming one, as one big blog. Unity Consciousness is that we work and grow individually as different beings, but we work in cooperation, together. That's how universe is; many, many, many working in cooperation.

Consciousness Science Kept Hidden; Peter Russell discusses the crumbling barriers between science and spirituality, and what contemporary research may be telling us about the origin and nature of consciousness. Another thinker; Indian enlightened;

Indian Sarkar; among the common people a new awakening will come, a keen intellect and wisdom will emerge, and a new pattern of history will be the result. In fact, a new pattern of history has already started to emerge...The Supreme Spirit within humanity, neglected for ages, has awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human history. You will all be the pioneers of the new trend. The popular meaning of Saḿvit nii shakti. Shakti is “awakeness” – awakening from slumber...The development of the collective mind is impossible without developing proper social awareness, encouraging the spirit of social service and awakening knowledge in every individual.
One sign of rising consciousness is also that people are becoming aware of the realities of world, that have been hidden from common people by elites, controlled media and agencies. People have also started to express their painful memories of mind control, violent rituals and manipulation.

Here some examples; Court case against Pope and others, see the pain of the victim Toos Nijenhuis; And conforming Toos; “I saw Pope Ratzinger murder a little girl”: Eyewitness confirms. House stenographer under mind controll?

Brice Taylor on Mind Control, by Kissinger, Reagan, Nixon etc; This video has many famous people exposing different aspects of mind control; Arizona Wilder; Bizarre experiences. And Brithey Spears confess NWO and mind control. AmandaBynes. She sold her soul to devil; And AmyWinehouse sacrificed.

Miley Cyrus' father:; He says “Hannah Montana” destroyed his family and he fears that Miley could possibly have the same tragic fate than Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain and Anna Nicole Smith. Miley-mk-ultra-mind-control-victim/.

Illuminati Stars - Before And After; And halloween-social-snaps. Bill Clinton admits; Was Navy shooter under mind control; Is Obama under Mind control? Politician exposes: Mysterious hooded men showing up at soccer games in EU; Samsung marketing campaign...‘Google Barges’.
One more sign of rising consciousness is that we come in contact with aliens, ETs. In order to communicate with them we need to be somewhat telepathic and willing to care for others;; Starkids have past life memories as non humans, of being on spacecraft and educated, having downloads - knowledge bombs, sense of mission and continue their connection to ETs, to higher awareness. Extreme jump in intelligence; many 184. They are here to guide the awakening of terrestial consciousness. Tracey Talor. Children in Himalayas; use unknown signs, language, draw prictures of the triangle crafts in the sky, communicate telepathically with unseen aliens. Mexico; children use sign language, are talented and more disciplined. Thousand children can see with various parts of body. In China, according Goverment records; some children can change DNA, are superpsychic, intuitive, telekinetic, telepathic. Children with higher conciousness;

And straight from Margaret Rodwell incredible findings real life X-Men Children that are born with super minds and incredible abilities...with the help of ETs.. Is what we are witnessing, the next step in human evolution? (1600 case studies with 60 types of ETs), on; And MORE than 400 W-Australians have sought counselling after seeing UFOs and meeting ETs. Perth's UFO Abductee Contactee Support Group Ms Rodwell says record numbers are contacting her in the past year.  Many experiences involved "going up on a spacecraft" and certain medical procedures done. She said aliens were showing themselves to humankind as part of a "slow desensitisation". Many more interesting articles;

Cliff Stone says: we are part of something greater and we are part in adventure and we all play certain role in that. They (ETs) are us, because everything in the universe is interconnected. All species are interconnected. We develop spiritually by going through this life.
My experience while giving lectures or attending Living Libraries and giving interviews in schools was that there was often one student in the class or group, who was clearly a “problem”; came late, sat alone or or stayed after, but in every case the one seem to be ahead of others intellectually, spiritually or mentally. I really loved those kids.

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