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My favorite; UFOs, ETs and not a cult says Keshe

First Sarkar on Discipline; Throughout history the lack of discipline in a society has often been the main reason for the extinction of that society. The indiscipline of some members of society may make the peaceful existence of other members impossible. Discipline is therefore absolutely necessary for the preservation of society.

People should first be obedient to the social codes, and then if they find a few defects, they should have the right to initiate debates and discussions, and suggest amendments to the defective laws. But if people starts arguing without showing obedience, social indiscipline will be the result.

Some countries of the world are fast losing their power because there is no discipline in individual or collective life. The most important requisites for social security therefore, are that there should be no injustice and there should be strict discipline.

To solve this problem the entire education system will have to be reorganized. It is necessary to have a thorough grasp of the psychology of students in order to be able to infuse a sense of discipline into their minds and impart proper education...The gradual development of internal discipline springs directly from the mode of living and education. This internal discipline is known as práńa dharma...Knowing or adhering to the code of discipline means 60% success.

The path of Tantra is one of strict discipline; the disciple will have to go through strict anushásana. “Discipline imposed for welfare is called ‘Anushásana’”. The ideation of welfare is a must in anushásanam.

You should always remember that for proper success, to attain the Supreme Bliss, adherence to these eight-fold codes of discipline is a must...The practice whereby we develop detachment from finite objects, i.e. the discipline, whereby the mind is not influenced by the attractions of worldly objects is Vaerágya Sádhaná. The true Cosmic Entity is only revealed to people with this Vaerágya.

Keshe Opening of the Spaceship Institute (SSI), short cut by D A; Keshe Foundations press conference; Dr. Aristide Pele (Councilor Education and University of Brescia Province), Mr. Fabio Maroni and Mr. M T Keshe announced the opening of this world teaching institute in Italy in early 2014. Following the discussion in Italian parliament and by the opening this institute, Italy after Iran entered the Keshe spaceship technology. The SSI will accept 250 scientists from around the world and after two years will be able to produce the full working craft for excursion into space by an international team of scientists. We expect cordial response from Iran, US, and Israel; it is time to ignore our human difference and join in uniting this planet for peaceful journeys of our children into space.

Keshe ​Foundation is not a cult. There were those whom brought tremendous publicity for the Foundation in the past years, but it became apparent that the Foundation was becoming a cult like organization. This was not the purpose.... Now we are getting ready to go back and open our doors as a scientific organization as a team. And Iranian scientists have reached their goal and not using (spaceship) achievement as a tool for negotiation shows the maturity of Iranian government and its intention of using its nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Keshe.

My favorite topics; UFO Contact - Former Canadian Defence Minister - Disclosure 2013; Why UFOs and Alien Technology Covered Up - Dr. Steven Greer; Teaching people to become UFO contactees; Re-Engineering an ET Craft; Bill Uhouse, worked 30 years as an engineer of antigravity propulsion systems on flying discs. He testifies that the ET's presented a craft to the US government in Area 51, and the four ET's that accompanied the craft were taken to Los Alamos. He met several times with an ET that helped the physicists with the engineering of the craft. And he joined the aliens in Himalayas; And alien exchange program in Serpo planet: And same on Astronauts visit on Serpo planet; Still; Astronaut Scott Carpenter, the second American to orbit Earth, died NASA said.

Russian economy will stand, Voice of Russia; The planned GDP growth for this year is 1.5 percent. Those aren’t happy figures... but Mr Chubais explained that Russia has tools to handle the situation. He mentioned a macro-economy built by Aleksey Kudrin in which the debt-to-GDP ratio is such that the President of the US and France, the PM of Japan and Italy, and a dozen more world leaders “can only dream about. The ten percent debt-to-GDP ratio – it’s one of the best indicators in the world. Add to that the falling inflation, the Central Bank’s foreign currency reserves of $500 billion...Creating not just solar or wind-based power generation, but also machine-building for its equipment...:

But Puerto Rico verges on bankruptcy with $70 billion debt; …

Fulford's sayings on and; Pentagon taken over Fema camps, to put politicians into. Lots of confusion in military. CIA: Nov 11 Povergrid shut down? Fema coffins moved to Puerto Rico? Japan source; US has no military budget for 2014. Obama prevented WW3. German, France, Spanish, Turkish, Egyptian governments and EU nearing Russia. Russia helps Venezuela with nuclear bombers to take over US rigs there. Change in Middle East; New Iranian President making difference? And In US money printing again more;, because Saudis (etc) not anymore putting money in US banks, reason; Pentagon refuses to fight their wars (Iran, Syria). And EU and US split ab NSA listening. So EU Parliament suspended US from the SWIFT int data base. (Like before N- Korea and Myanmar). Chinese subs rounded US (?) and pioneering in new energy technology. Once we attain world peace we might be allowed off the planet...
Wilcock confirms; Obama has started working with Putin to defeat the Cabal.

Childhood friend gives description of Obama; (Old news; Syria Deal Reached: US ‘to drop military threat’ And Syria crisis: US and Russia agree chemical weapons deal. BALI (AP) — Putin says Obama's decision to skip a regional summit in Indonesia is "justified" as he tries to end a government shutdown that could rock the world's top economy.) Russia and Ukraine edge closer to ‘gas war’. Gazprom demands payment of half a billion pounds

RT_com; Iran and Israel meet for secret denuclearization talks; While Netanyahu; I urge Secretary Kerry not to rush to sign, to wait, to reconsider, to get a good deal. But this is a bad deal... it’s a very dangerous and bad deal for peace and the international community; And; Netanyahu Launches Anti-Iranian Twitter Campaign.; Leaked DoD document ab Fema camps; layout for a facility... Each to hold 4000 prisoners, barbed wire fence and 24 guard towers. Besides civilian resettlement facilities for 8,000 people. Job adds since 2009; FEMA Camps: not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore; S-Carolina gave their homeless people a choice, FEMA Camps or jail. And Money.msn; Colombia begin staffing the 240 bed, 24 hour, razor wire topped FEMA camp,  FEMA. Boston moving homeless out of the city into HOME Base near Salem. Also Sacramento place them in camps. DHS “Top Secret” Domestic Security Force; Is the DHS building a mercenary unit? Politico; Arming TSA officers hits resistance on the Hill.

Transhumanist agenda for global enslavement; European Coalition Against Covert Harassment (EUCACH.ORG); 80% of humanity may already be implanted with nano-bot implants for remote mind control. Over 1000 grids worldwide are now connected into HAARP mind control machine. In EUCACH scanning event in Brussels, all public was found to emit RF frequencies. RT, Daniel Estulin broadcasted to 10 million people; And

World Bank whistle blower Ms. Hudes; the banks are one big conglomerate…Anybody inside the world bank that saw money going in the wrong direction - accounting was not adding up -was getting fired...but there are a lot of insiders at the World Bank that are helping to expose the misdeeds of the world’s top bankers...We are determined taking back our world from these fiat bankers.

Fiat currencies are now under siege and we don't have much time to set up alternatives. The BRIC nations are moving away from the Western banking system by setting up their own system where the net difference of imports over exports must be settled in gold and not in fiat currencies...
US military are now revolting against the politicians that lobby for unnecessary wars. Germany has gone against the US for the Central Bankers' refusal to return Germany's 300 tonnes of gold.

Karen Hudes's complaints against global banking. And; there is massive amounts of unlisted gold reserves. Also; Hudes doesn't trust also Asian secret societies to take over the finances, she calls for transparency;

And; Interview of a former World Bank Huden. Fast forward to the last 3 mins of the interview, she is saying that on Oct 8 th a nuke was scheduled to detonate in S-Carolina. But it detonated 600 miles off the coast underwater, because generals in charge of the operation refused to obey. It suppose to be to start WW3 if generals obeyd Obama adm orders. Millions would have died. Seismographs registered 4.5 mag Obama fired the generals: South Carolina U.S. Sen. Graham; "terrorists" could bomb Charleston if something isn't done to stop Iran's nuke program; Video; And
What is happening in US, all in 11 minutes; CNBC report “Rich families hoarding cash. And How the Super-Rich Are Abandoning America. The US Senate on voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which repeals the military law on sodomy, and bestiality, – CNS News. London Telegraph; Microsoft has declared war on Google on reading all emails. Food stamp recipienst face a massive benefit cut when stimulus funds expire, equivalent to about 16 meals a month for a family of three, according to cbppanalysis. More; U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has vowed to hold up all nominations until the White House comes clean on events surrounding the terrorist attack on our foreign mission in Benghazi. And White House Press Office: we are remaking the courts...

St. Malachy’s “Prophecy of last Pope,” “Peter the Roman,” whose reign would end in the destruction of Rome. But Pope Francis is a change agent who has discussed letting priests marry, atheists going to Heaven, a proposed alliance with Islam, and a broad unification off all the earth’s religions. Yahoo News.

Germany ‘genderless’ babies with both male and female characteristics; Natural News; Intersex babies will still face invasive surgeries and medical treatments. Vaccines; over-stimulating the immune system inevitably leads to autoimmune diseases. Kobe University study was not originally intended as an effort to prove vaccination safety or danger. The researchers even used mice that were bred to avoid autoimmune diseases. Dangers of Wifi;

Never ending Holocaust battle; The Jewish Press; "Holocaust denial" has now been officially defined...Jewish pamphlet; Germany Must Perish forever, calling to remove the Germany from the world... by preventing the people of Germany from ever again reproducing their kind. There is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses.

And never ending climate battle; Crash course” to combat climate change? And Global Heating of Oceans: Pacific Warming 15 Times Faster than Past 10,000 Years. And White House's climate task force. But Global warming is over for 15-20 years; The Sun is cooling down…and Arctic sea ice has already started to recover. Climate Dynamics – by Professor Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Dr Marcia Wyatt; The scientific majority – represented by the UN, IPCC – have underestimated the role of natural cycles and exaggerated that of greenhouse gases.

Still never ending chemtrail battle; Chemtrail” word originated at the US Department of Defense as the title for a Chemistry manual used at the Air Force Academy training program in the early 1990′s; See also; Life Magazine, back in the 50s and 60s, continually covered US weather modification programs, including Project Stormfury which reduced hurricane intensity from 1962 to 1983.

What ab Fukushima; ABC: F 3 Exploded – Lies – Plutonium Escaped. ABC Australia; even the PM of Japan was unable to get answers from TEPCO about an explosion that he himself witnessed at Fukushima’s reactor #3. And ‘orange flash’.

After massive 7.2 earthquake on Oct 15, over 100 sinkholes have been opening up in Philippines in nine towns. And man-made say Dutchsinse: Microwave Pulse gives birth to Typhoon Haiyan; Dutchsinse expected this also and it came;

A new asteroid has six tails – as rotating lawn sprinkler, but it is changing its appearance, David Jewitt, of the University of California in disbelief of such an “amazing object”, Predicting;
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