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Auspicious Keshe and Outer suggestive Dada

Keshe's promises; 2014 is the year of the change. Advanced technologies will be mass-released to public, which will change the course of humanity... We shall put an end to hunger. Also we release technology to the men of greed that they can produce enough gold and precious metals, that eventually they will shy away even to show any interest in possessing such materials. To the world leaders; change your and your nations ways, or your citizens shall change it for you through the application of the new technology.

We shall put an end to the problem at Fukushima in Jan. In Febr we make all efforts to stop the production of arms across the world through release of technologies, which makes the present aircraft, missiles, and nuclear weapons ancient. In June...technology can change air into sustainable food and energy that no child will sleep with hunger. By Sept, we will deliver the technology for every man to be protected from the natural elements like cold and rain. We shall delivery clean water on earth, free...By the end of Dec no more disruption for space travels on this planet. Be ready to become soldiers of the peace and unity before the end of this year.

Keshe offers technology to clean up Fukushima mess in Jan; They have not told huge amounts of radiation coming out. Situation is critical. 60 % of material can be absorbed...If we do not reach an agreement with IAEA and TEPCO to stop this contamination, then we will open the cameras on Skype and show how to make the systems and materials to retract the commination in water and land.

TEPCO has put false rumors out in Japanese Internet. Our message to TEPCO, we are friends and brothers trying to help, it is the responsibility of a good friend to help to correct the mistakes or the oversight by a his friend. We are here to help...

We have made Fukushima our prime work, because if we do not intervene now, then the humanity as a whole will come to total despair very soon....Dinosaurs were wiped-out through a small fallout from the space. Our spaceship program will become the boat which Noah built, and the same story shall repeat itself, but not for world leaders, but for the ordinary men...These leaders needing to evacuate over 250 million people in Korean peninsula, Japan, China and N-America.

Governments are already planning for massive movement of hundreds of thousand...This accident will unify the man as one, but unfortunately, it will be too late to change the course of the situation with the Fukushima plant and the nation of Japan. We have to plan to build a new state of Japan outside the East Asia. The situation is too bad to explain. http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?release=2013-350.

From India lecture by sannyasi dada:

Autosuggestion, function of the mind, by Dada: Girl tells; in the evenings ghosts comes and disturbs her. She tells the ghost is some man who had died before. The girl has been having one year delusions. Dada was asked to help. Dada; Has the ghost come? The girl says it is standing on left of her. Dada; Now I order the ghost to go to right side. Is he there? Girl; Yes he is now in right side. Dada orders the ghost; Stand behind and don't disturb. Then Dada asks the ghost to do tic tics (punishment actions). And finally Dada says; I ask the ghost to go and never come back. He will never any more disturb you. The girl never saw anymore the ghost and her delusions also disappeared.

The modern psychiatrists and therapists give counseling in big hospitals in the west due to side personalities (and delusions). Many people can get cured also by counseling. Chemicals will not work. Mind is subtle and so no medicine can cure the mind. Only homeopathy can help. Practical psychology nobody does properly, only we do. They use only small area of our knowledge.

One more story; In US one lady had divorced, but her mind was still thinking constantly with anger the previous husband. The lady got very sick with cancer. (Sarkar has given advise to take alkaline food, the cause of cancer is acidity). She consulted psychologist. She was invited to one week course, the main theme was forgive, forget. The psychologist knew back ground of all present. After lecturing he told personally to her, that the person is gone why to think about him, forgive, forgot. The lady collapsed on the table. After some time she was taken to her brother's place. The brother was been told not to remind her about the past or cancer. The lady forgot totally all her past and recovered quickly.

We do suddhis (concentration for meditation) to forget the past and focus our mind. At the end we will forget even ourselves and become divine. This is spiritual science since ages, thousands of years. Sarkar says practical application of psychology is spirituality and opposite (I hope I got it correct). Autosuggestion is most powerful. Outer suggestion is strengthening and supporting; school, teachers say; you are so good, you'll do well. If that is accepted it becomes autosuggestion.

The more strong autosuggestion the more we forget and become one pointed. If it gets really strong we get emancipation. All the play of creation is play of autosuggestion and outer suggestion. Sankaracarya; what we say is relative truth. This relativity can be overcome, when one thinks; I'm that.

Long time back I red a book multilevel marketing and mentioned to Sarkar. He said I started multilevel marketing in -55. I was the only margi (member) and only (grhi) acarya (meditation teacher). Then I created one margi and then later he created many more margis and so on. Now entire world is full of margies.

Dr of parapsychology met one girl, who recalled all her past life. She told in which place she lived as son of old man. She told every details, even about golden coins that she, as the son, hided. The coins were found, when she went to visit the place with her parents. The parapsychologist was going around and giving demonstrations constantly with the girl.

But Sarkar said, that she should be let to forget...because that person died 80 years ago, if that old mind is still in the young child, parallelism of the mind and psyche will be lost – she will die. The parapsychologist didn't care about Dada's request to stop the demonstrations, that the girl could forget her past. The girl died. Only then the doctor understood.

We are practical psychologists. Read and you will understand Sarkar's psychology. One professor close to me called couple of months ago, and told that he has been harassed. Someone was throwing fires and stones to his house in the night. Dada said he will help. I told; avidyas (practiser of negative spirituality) can do such things, but they can apply only near areas, so the avidya must be somewhere around. Dada came after 11 PM to wait near the stone wall. Fire and stones started flowing. He saw someone under a tree. Dada took a stick and started beating that person hiding. When you use your GM and beat the avidyas run away and are afraid to return. The professor was grateful and is helping now with college project.

The present children in society are now more advanced, but they don't get proper “food” for their mind. They become nasty and start doing stupid things when not properly handled the subbtle, developed minds. That's why also our Neohumanist education is superior.
Didi Annapurna

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