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Self-styled Godmen of India

After the alleged molestation of a young girl by so called godman, Asaram Papu – once again everyone in India is talking about fake godmen. Though all these godmen externally profess about spirituality, health and social service, some of them have made it into headlines due to financial irregularities, sexual abuse, criminal activities etc. In this context people must be careful while following godmen. Generally people presume that these godmen and women are completely above their base instincts and blindly adore and worship them. Despite charges of rape and criminal intimidation swami Nityananda enjoys the support of his followers in forty countries, including politicians and celebrities. Similarly though Asaram Bapu is facing the allegation of land grabbing and sexual abuse, yet his clout has not diminished among his followers.

In the past few years India has witnessed severe allegations against other godmen like Chandra swami, Tunnu Baba, Swami Bhimanandaji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale, Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Sing etc. This problem is not confined to India or Hinduism alone. Allegations of child molestation by Roman Catholic church is repeatedly surfacing over the years.

All saints are not fake. There are genuine personalities who have dedicated their lives for serving suffering humanity and guiding to right path. Selecting a right spiritual guide is important thing. There are many who became godmen for name, fame and wealth. These people easily manipulate gullible people and exploit them. True godmen will never crave for luxuries, rather lead a simple life. Today so many godmen are rolling in luxuries and hood winking their followers. Hence one should pursue the spiritual path cautiously. We should not consider a person as saint just because he is knowledgeable and deliveries a good speech on spiritual subject. Rather we should see his conduct.

Godmen are meant to lead people towards the God, but gullible followers prefer Godmen rather than God and misplace their faith. This will have an adverse impact in society. When people feel that they have been betrayed, they will start doubting even genuine persons who are serving the society selflessly with all the purity of their mind. Sometimes it forces people even to doubt the spirituality and existence of God. Hence these bogus Godmen should be dealt strictly by society.

Many people dedicate their lives and becomes monks with the genuine intention to serve the humanity, but fail to maintain their sanctity, fall pray to their base instincts and draw the public attention for the wrong reasons. Hence dedicated monks must follow conduct rules laid down for physical, psychic and spiritual growth in order to maintain all round self restraint. Dr P Govardhan. (Short cut and edited by Didi Annapurna)

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Didi Annapurna

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