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The Polar Vortex

David Wilcock: The universe is alive; we are ultimately causing natural disasters to occur. If enough people in a certain area become "out of balance" in some way, the Earth will reflect that. Catastrophic events "out there" end up mirroring the emotional problems we are suffering "in here”.

Water; floods and tsunamis can occur in response to sustained sorrow in people of that area. Droughts occur when we are unwilling to face our pain. Fires and volcanic eruptions strike due to outbreak of anger among people in a given area. Earthquakes express our inability to keep ourselves stable on an emotional level. Hurricanes and tornadoes release stress and anxiety.

The "polar vortex" phenomenon that is freezing out America is emotional response to "chilling" new (NSA) revelations. Dark Night of the Soul. At the peak of it the "chilling effect" - shocking betrayal of trust - can make your body literally feel cold. The term "chilling effect" also describe the Snowden revelations. 

NSA revelations are not going away.  I posted dreams in advance of the Snowden documents revealing that "The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit", dislosure storm. April 27, 2013. 

People may not be ready to "make the jump" into the idea that the "New World Order" Cabal or "Illuminati" is real just yet – but..."Illuminati is not fringe anymore. Financial Tyranny (with David interview) now has had over 1.3 million views in Russian television network. The truth is spreading like a wildfire - and the Powers That Were cannot extinguish the flames.

An earlier version of this same mass surveillance program was run by DARPA. Congress defunded the project in 2003, people assumed it just went away, but...NSA continued. I have contacts with whistleblowers who are much more highly-positioned than Snowden. By learning the truth we are able to create a safe place to keep us out of the cold Snow. Once we accept it, true planetary healing can begin.  

Massive blizzard struck the northeastern U.S. State of emergency. 3300 flights cancelled. This was short cut from Wilcock, see the original;

Recent news and gossips

Former high level NSA employee William Binney says that corruption at NSA is rampant. It's time that congress begins to aggressively rein in the out of control NSA. War on Terror Is not the Only Threat. Writing for the Atlantic Council, Harlan K. Ullman warns that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order.” 

Emotions are linked to physiological changes in body nervousness and sweaty palms, hot head/cheeks and a racing heart. Lauri Nummenmaa tested 700 people from Finland, Sweden, and Taiwan. Despite differences in language and culture, all humans have very similar physiological responses to emotions.

News from (TRN ). A massive security flaw has been found in Google's Chrome Browser that allows anyone to monitor conversations in your home or office (near your computer). Google was alerted to this "flaw" at least four months ago but has not fixed it, ... Google cooperating with the NSA to allow the government to spy.

Under Oath, a former executive of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed the EPA's goal is to "modify the DNA of Capitalism." The
"Global Warming" crusade has been a complete lie. TRN has obtained the Certified Transcript;...Click to read from the government's own web site. MIT Professor Admits Climate Change is All Politics. Prison

By Dec 2013, NASA found one of the two enormous objects landed on the moon. As a result three rockets blasted off from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility. All of this was kept secret until by accident, the LROC images were uploaded to GoogleMoon service. Now even in mass-media; The Hindustan Times of India. And Turner Radio Network China launched its Chang e-3 on moon in Dec 2013.

Nuke Commander Purge; following the termination of the nation’s top two nuke commanders;Air Force says some officers were ‘texting answers’ to each other. Senator Lindsay Graham warned against anuclear attack’ on S-Carolina. (That would make it understandable, why purge).

James Gilliland, Eceti Ranch, where UFO supporters gather... ETs are saying, it's really imperative right now that people make their own personal connection with Source. More people in England believe in UFO's than they believe in God. The powers that were are on their way out. There's so many different Beings visiting in this process. Love pouring in on the planet.

Fulford; Last week Pope Francis replaced four out of the top five officers overseeing the Vatican Bank, sending shock-waves through the leadership of many countries. I live 200 kilometers from Fukushima and never detected any radiation. The local organic food store has tested all produce since March 11, 2011 and have not found radioactive food.

PM Erdogan in Turkey, removed 350 police officers and 20 prosecutors and is now purging Bankers etc. Scmp news world. And Putin to visit Tehran. Iran invited to “Jerusalem Committee” – with Kerry’s approval

In the UK politicians investigated in pedophile scandal, expected to lead to Tony Blair. In the Vatican, 400 priests defrocked by Ben Fulford.

But Researchers from Fisheries and Oceans Canada confirmed that the radioactive plume from Fukushima reaching the shores of Canada and the US, And Pope fired all, but one; Pope Francis fires all but one. Nigel Farage; “Europe Is Now Run By Big Banks, Big Business, And Big Bureaucrats”.
Every year, there are about 150,000 cases of a disease whose impact in the deserts of the American Southwest "is equal to the impact of polio..." John Galgiani, physician told Dana Goodyear.

Baba’s story; Maya married Arun, but they couldn't get any children in 16 years, even they went through all possible doctors. Sarkar told Arun to do lots of Tandava (Shiva dance for strengthening and releasing male hormones). The couple got child within one year. Arun used to dance Tandava in front of Sarkar in several public occasions.
Didi Annapurna

In the land of Sadhus, Swamis and Sannyasis
Past life is past, or is it? 
Western objective and Eastern subjective approach

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