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Back to conspiracy world

As I have been in the holy atmosphere of India it is a bit flattening to start coming back into the world of crude physicality and conspiracies, DA

Mysterious flashes of light captured on smartphone video emanating from a crop circle near Salinas, California. The video shows the two men first capturing the strange light flashes in their car. They follow the lights to discover that the grass in the area has been flattened. The cameraman is heard to say: “Holy! It’s all laid down. Dude, this is a crop circle.”

Scientists Searching Seriously Time Travelers on the Internet; time travelers would have left clues on world wide web. Michigan Technological University study, Searching the Internet for evidence of time travelers

Fukushima; The alarmingly high levels of radiation on the beaches Dec 23rd, 2013 at Pacific State Beach video. And Oceanus Magazine; the total amount of cesium-137 is 10,000 to 100,000 times greater than the amount released into the oceans by the Chernobyl disaster or nuclear weapons tests of the 1960s.

Uygur at MSNBC was instructed not to warn the public about Fukushima71 U.S. sailors developed serious diseases…Starfish disintegrate into “white goo“…Bald eagles dying in unprecedented numbers in Utah…Birds in Alaska “broken open and bleeding”, seals and walruses lose hair and polar bears fur loss and open sores

Deaths in Oregon baffling scientists. And sea lion deaths in California. Sockeye salmon of Alaska is at a “historic low”. Pacific herrin bleed. While mushrooms and berries polluted. Shocking report; Bluefin tuna transport radioactive material “across the entire N-Pacific Ocean” 15 out of 15 contaminated. 

Australian adventurer; “the ocean itself dead”. Radioactivity of U.S. west coast could double over the next five years. Russia’s State Duma Shingarkin says that US seafood danger for mankind…One scientific report; radiation could kill more than a million people…see year 2020. Wall Street Journal; cleanup up to 40 years to complete. “Unexplained radioactive steam; Ecologist article, and

Fulford lives in Japan claims there is not much radiation.
NATO and other EU to start a $15 billion project to help the Philippines. Disclosure coming on Kennedy assassination etc. US Treasury Jacob Lew arrested for refusing to sign on to the new financial system, and Obama will not return from Hawaiian holiday. However, we have been told repeatedly the same, only to have them appear in public the day after…

Now, Nazi cabal has lost control of most of the men in the Pentagon and the agencies. Pentagon found Nazi laboratories in former Soviet Republics spreading biological warfare agents, labs are now being shut down. The execution last week of N-Korean number 2 and the arrest of Yongkang in China, is beginning of a purge of cabal influence in Asia, to ouster 20,000 people. To remove Rothschilds in N-K, In S-Korea purge against Goldman Sachs… Neil Keenan; US Biden tried in S-Korea demand rights to gold.

Japan PM Abe is following cabal orders by trying to provoke war in E-Asia. The situation in EU and US is getting worse. Italians are waking up to the fascist fraud known as the ECB, year of revolution in the west

9/11, It gives reason for the Pentagon to take military action against the Saudi regime. The Russians also have a similar justification. 

The people trying to provoke the Asians to fight each other include the Rabbi Cooper, Mossad Japan Green, Lord Sassoon, Jean Cohen,  Richard Haass. Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni Shrine was to provoke China and Japan to shout at each other.

Nypost; After the 9/11 attacks, the public was told al Qaeda acted alone. But the White House allowed to see only 28 of 800 pages of Congress’ investigative report on 9/11 dealing with the 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals. Mainstream media picks up on the Saudi connection to the 9/11.Dec 26th Mass Arrests, RV etc...And Mass arrests by Drake.; Second release of secret TPP documents. On 13 Nov draft text. Documents describes deep divisions between the US and other nations, TTP

Unhivedmind on oil companies destroy water bodies to create oil alternative algae. Reactor can turn Algae into Oil within sixty minutes.
By Push of a Button: They Can Lock Down the Entire Banking System; Target Corp Hackers compromised 40 million credit and debit cards and stole encrypted PINs, And Bloomberg, London gold vaults are empty, gold transferred to Hong Kong.

And Harvard proves Obama not born in US. RT: N. Korea’s leader ‘very drunk’ after they failed to hand over lucrative business to the military, says Japanese newspaper. The Global Corporate Mafia is Taking Over; no transparency regarding the government’s purchase of 14 million doses of potassium iodide.

London Telegraph;  Debt burdens in developed nations have become extreme and will require a wave of haircuts, warns IMF. MSNBC’s Hayes complains of Drudge-fueled global warming, Washington Examiner.

Department of DHS insider “Rosebud”; According to internal document, I’ve seen preparations to respond to a orchestrated crises within the US. It is the final ‘smack down’ of the metals, gold and silver. The response will be controls and restrictions…Obama is the product of decades of planning; by intelligence agencies. Northeast Intelligence Network.

P R Sarkar asked before his physical departure; ‘can I rely on you?’ and our answer was clear and unwavering; ‘Yes you can rely on us’! (Sarkar meant that are we ready to take over and establish His mission including Prout, as He planned to depart, but He never told to anyone straight so in advance).

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