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Colds No More!

It is quite easy! Homeopathic Aconite Napellus (Aconite) can stop colds, if taken for the very first symptoms of cold. Homepaths recommends taking 1-2 pills Acon 12c potency, every 15-20 minutes for at least 10 times. Same medicine is recommended also by other homeopaths altough first just 1-2 tiny pills of Acon 6c, then after 15 minutes Acon 30c and after two hours once more Acon 30c. If one has tendency to get often colds then the third time should be Acon 200c, just once.

In order to stop the cold one has to take the medicine really immediately when one feels the first hints of getting cold, something in nose or a bit achy chilly feel in body or throat. One should not wait to finish the computer work or so.

I used to get colds all the time, until in 1996 I discovered that by taking Acon, the cold symptoms always stopped totally. I was taking Acon this way for about 13 years with about 90% success. Mostly when I didn't succeed, it was because I didn't notice enough early on the first symptoms of cold, or I didn't have Acon with me, or I was doing some experiments. 

Others that I have recommended this method, have not been so successful, simply because most of them seem to not notice to take Acon enough early, or they forget it totally, or can't find the medicine when needed. But those who have managed to take it at time have had equally successful experiences.

For stopping the cold one has to be alert, which is sometimes not so easy, so I also decided myself to start taking Acon as a preventive medicine already before I get any symptoms of cold, and that's what I have been doing five years now. I take Acon just 2-3 times in every couple of months during Autumn, Winter and Spring times regularly. Summer time I keep a little bit longer pause 3-4 months. 

Last time I took Acon about two months ago as preventive. Now again yesterday, I took Acon 30 once and this morning I took again Acon, but 200, as preventive. I got first some aggravation, a bit sore feeling in my throat and felt a bit chilly, but that was all I got. Now noon, I feel totally free from any cold like symptoms, and I don't need to take Acon anymore. I will be “immune” again to colds for couple of months. I remember having just few times during these five years got cold, due to forgetting to take Acon regularly every second month or so.

Homepath Ellen Lanham Dart, D.H.M recommends also combination of Ars, Gels, Eupat 30, or Anas barb 200 alone or Oscillococcinum once a month as preventive, but I have no experience of these for preventive purposes, as Acon 30-200 has worked so well for me.

The beginning can be a bit complicated for common people, especially if one has taken very acidic food for long time, drugs etc or has many cronic diseases, then one needs to really find a homeopath to test which homeopathic medicines help the best. Anyhow when the right medicine/s is found, then it will work for years. 

Also when trying first time stopping cold with this method (or if one has had too many months between when taking preventive) one might actually get colds by taking Acon. Why? This can be explained, that if one has too much lack of something - in this case it might be mostly iron (Acon contains lots of iron) - then homeopathic medicines can easily cause aggravations. (Sometimes I feel mineral iron, calcium etc also causes aggravations?). One may still overovercome the aggravation by taking lover potency of the same medicine.

It is very common in homeopathy to get aggravations and even some acute disease, like cold or diarhoea. Usually the disease would have come anyway sooner or later. Homeopaths don't usually tell about aggravations while giving homeopathic medicines, because people would be easily too suspicious and worried to take any homeopathic medicines. 

I think it is time that people get to know about this, as the aggravations are nothing dangerous and can be easily overcome. It is far more worse when people take allopathic medicines and those side effects will not go away. At least homeopathic medicines don't cause any side effects.

Aggravation is actually a sign that the homeopathic medicine works, although it can be also sign that one needs also something else, or that one has taken too long time the same homeopathic medicine.              …......................

Now in case the cold has passed over the first symptoms into more deep stage, what to do? One well known homeopath in India taught me, if one has running nose, sneezing and having watery eyes and sore throat, one might get over it just by taking Acon and All-c for couple of days. Acon is still helpful in deeper stage of cold, but it will not cure alone.

In more serious colds with fever, he gave most commonly combination; every 2-3 hours alternating Acon 30, Gels 30 and Bell 30 for two days, last time one may take 200s. The cold may not stop earlier than two days, (as it never usually stops if it is in full swing, even what so ever you take), but one is less likely to get after any complications such as sinus, ear, bronchus etc problems and less likely to get cold soon again.

For the longer lingering cold with coughing he recommended to take Bryonia 200 and Hep s 200 for few days. Although these may be good advices for those who know a little bit about homeopathy, they are not meant to be sure recovery for all cases. Each case is individual and better to seek advice from homeopath. Colds are not that easy to cure especially if complications set in. 

Homeopathy is still not enough well known, or experimented, and homeopaths seems to have many dogmas themselves, especially in the West. In India, where I also have studied, homeopathy is much more developed - understandably as most of the homeopaths there have tens if not hundreds of patients every day. Millions of people go only to homeopaths during their life time in India.         ….......................

And if you don't want to take homeopathic medicines (or you want to take besides homeopathic medicine), there seems to be some other preventive measures for colds. Some in know recommend beta-carotene, zinc and astragalus couple of weeks during the cold and flu season and formula of echinacea and goldenseal twice weekly during the cold season. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids might be also helpful. Use Ginger and turmeric for cooking. 

During cold lemon water with salt will help by reducing acidity. Honey and having something hot to drink constantly - teas, fruit drinks, elderberry (boiled) and black current juice etc - flushes out the toxins. One may breathe some steam, and rinse nose and throat with slightly salty warm water. 

Indian Sarkar's ayurvedic receipt; ginger, cardamom and black pepper mix, boil and drink 4-5 times a day. Ginger is the destroyer of kapha. Thus ginger in ayurveda is kaphári. Mustard mixed with old molasses licked in the morning with ½ tarmac powder (lime stone) and cup of warm milk twice/day. Keep ears, elbows, knees, feet and neck warm, cold enters in those places.

Let's not forget that there are also psychic reasons for colds; Some people claim cold is small suicide, effort to escape stressful chaos and take rest. Fear and anxiety seem to be related to colds also. Chronic stress and vitamin D deficiency could be described as the perfect "storm" for developing colds, say doctor Mercola.

Old traditional cure for colds in Finland, field hops with seeds of raspberry and alum. Anis, juniper berry oil or syryp and wormwood were also taken for colds. Some varieties of lichen, hyssop and coltsfoot for lung symptoms. Moss, salix peel, polypodium vulgare for deep cough. Marsh tea for pneumonia. Sorrrel and lacquer (Rubus chamaemorus) were used for fever. Mallow for sore throat. 
However the best healing method in Finland was sauna and cupping (often with blood letting), which took almost all the disease away!!! 

Take care of your health! Didi Annapurna

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