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Keshe Fans Healing People – Doomsayers Get Out!

Healing people in relief occasion by Keshe Foundation Philippines: 75 patients, with 95% succes rate (obviously not at once permanent cure) by using Keshe Nano and Gans Health Apps. Source: Facebook
It works after all, home made Keshe Magrav Unit; Colleen Black, Jan 3. My entire studio is running on magrav… smile emoticon. Thank you Keshe Foundation, I have made a total of 5 magrav systems. My “mission”… is to find healing artistic applications for our environment and health. Love always prevails. I can finally see a bright future for the children of tomorrow; Here videos, have fun; Keshe free energy at C. Black Studios, Seems spiritual, service minded people can do it, while professionals can’t!

Magrav Power Unit; Roland S Martin; My savings from using the plasma technology is 1.515 Kilowatts per hour. We stopped burning fire in the fireplace around Christmas too. The electric heater was cheaper. Can you believe it??? Thank you Mehran Keshe and his crew.

Permalink; 80% reduction of the main grid. System is running since Nov 9, 2015, source: Facebook. And Jacky Buensoz; My second unit running outside the grid, with great fun. And Permalink; Proof of power reduction from ~ 107W to 34 W after 10 days of conditioning! Blessings for everyone. Facebook Video

Permalink, It works! We now have tested the mg device in a different way as Mr Keshe was telling us. Load 75 wh. I get an reading of 55 wh there was a reduction of 20 wh. Source: Keshe Group Aruba…………………………….
Me, I tested the Keshe pain aid pad, PAP with some people here in Poland; Case 60 years old, with right arm all over painful in any movement partly due to heavy lifting, partly due to long hours use of mouse on computer. The pain disappeared always totally in daily use of PAP, but due to less pain the person used more computer and pain tend to return. Anyhow after one month the arm has healed almost totally.

Case almost constant sciatica pain on right leg for one year and sore, cold feeling in lower back. First time disk damage diagnosed 1980, back heavily worn out. The PAP removed immediately sciatica pain, though it comes back occasionally. Sore feeling on back also has disappeared.

Knee accidental damage since nineties, there has been some pain always after walking or working, and occasionally feeling like patella could dislocate (but has never done so). After using PAP pain disappears. Pain comes occasionally if long time sitting in one position or longer walking. Used only few times PAP for the knee in case if the pain came.                     ……………………………………………

Testimonials with home maid Pain Pens from Global Plasma Net, Permalink;

Treating diabetes; My fathers type A diabetes has been stabilized since he uses the Pen on the hand reflexology point for the pancreas. He has had diabetes A since 45 years and his bloodsugar levels have never been as constant as it is since he uses the pen 3 times a day for 5 minutes, between 80 and 120 almost all the time. Amazing overall effects of his wellbeing! THANK YOU MR. Keshe.

He was in car accident; past 2-3 months a LOT of pain on neck, left foot and serious hip issues… I had to lay in bed using the ProWave 101 device (an excellent device as well). Started using Keshe pain pen; for hours around my neck, ankles or pointed it at various parts of my body for shorter intervals. I have almost zero pain now in my left foot and I can squat. I’ve also had a variety of ankle, leg, and low back bone popping happening as my body puts itself back into place. Source: Facebook

We tested our first health pens last night. Wow! This Plasma field is so elegant and powerful. We could both feel the field after about 30 seconds, it then amplified and ran through the body…. beautiful sensation, almost blissful. Source: Facebook

Anke van Ziel; Within a few minutes the pain diminished… I asked her to rate it and she said she went from 10 to 6 of pain level…She kept applying the Patchon the spot and the relief was even more. Last time I saw her she said her shoulder pain had disappeared completely.

Healing others; Another person relieved by health pen. However, she had so much emotional release, got afraid of mental patterns. Thus, taking a break. Source Facebook: Keshe Plasma Healing Group. And KESHE Pain Pen Testamonial NO PAIN! 100%;

Keshe pain aid pad, PAP, testimonies on video; ………………………………….Don’t wait for Santa;


eshe 95th Knowledge Seekers Workshop. Keshe show how Magrav Unit is stopping house meter; Selling Keshe Technology; You can find also many videos in Youtube that Keshe things didn’t work out.

Fish tank plants grow roots etc by CO2 Plasma / Keshe GANS; Seems like he became part of plasma; That’s also what he thinks, Paul Mansiny, Permalink; Stephen Comments; The (pain aid) pen you made is just beautiful – I love it!! They almost speak to me!!… It’s changing me.
And No More Doomsday! (I did this rant this morning by myself for beforeitsnews readers, here almost without censorship)

The constant writings by negativists, conspirators, trolls and doomsayers in BIN makes me to revolt. How many Christmas dooms came true, how many Alien invasions there has been so far, how many Economic crashes! One may though be coming – be happy, it is time for change, humanity deserves something better now! Prepare but no fear, no doomsday here! When we talk about crises, dooms and glooms we should also think what positive it will bring, how to prepare and how to help the sheep to drag along.

If we constantly only “worship doomsday”, we will be responsible of creating more doom, making people apathetic like we can’t do anything to stop things, to prevent, to change – no hope. It is good to awaken people, but not to scare them to death. When writing about expected treats, we should also be writing about how the course can be changed; new inventions, new policies, new economics, new energy solutions, new means to fight – new spirit, that’s what we need.

Yogis say one spirited person can conquer thousands of evil people. The crises will never be bigger than human being’s capacity to solve them, if one keeps the mind positive. If you can’t keep it positive, take some alternative meds, therapies, Keshe pads or hypnosis for doomsday fever. Or do you want to be the loosh maker for the power elites, who will not survive without our fears and lack of courage?

BIN is advertising of being “the last frontier of free speech”, at the same time we the readers just by choosing what we read, are encouraging all these troll’s and doomsday writings, better to ignore them or if one has to really read them, at least one should make some comment to discredit them. Like recent conspiracy articles about death of David Bowie, negativist tends to be top 50, but did we read even one positive writing of all 8?

We internet folks tend to become collectors of readers and their recommendations by crook or hook, but rather we should recommend others, and hit hard those negativists, trolls and doomsayers – with love. You’ll get less fame, praise and readers by writing positive, uplifting and encouraging things, but if at least few handful of people will start positive revolution, then nothing can stop it, so be the pioneers of the new dawn – what ever it is going to be.

And let’s not only talk or write, but also do something concrete. Make plans, help others to prepare for crises time – but no fear! Go to barricades, tell us your hero story, how you changed the outcome. Or how you helped the poor and exploited. Or how did you do your own life revolution. Or how you experimented with new energy solutions. Or when you didn’t know whom to help, how you went and picked up garbage from the forest.

When you was stuck at home, how you glued up on your window a sign; no doom! Or when you went in coma, how you astral travelled and helped others out of doomsday thinking. Or when you was dying, how you promised to come back to help humanity out of crises. Or when you will be dead how you will help from the heavens those who are prisoners of the physical reality – to know, they are not.

Send positive vibrations, prayers or what ever is your religion. I think religions duty is to uplift us to “heavens” and not to doomsday to graveyard and hell. There is no hell, there is no even death, there is no pancake earth, but many beautiful Planet Xs lurking. Believe me! Folks, I hope you didn’t get too hurt by my lonely rant. Love you guys. Here something soothing for your wounds;

Luminous Australian lady lost in wilderness;

There is no hell says Erik; David Wilcock about loosh; Let’s put the negative ET’s on a starvation diet – ZERO LOOSH!
At least he is prepping; Wilderness Survival Part 3/4. And Water Purification Tips Everyone Needs to Know

More links; Keshe 96 th workshop;
Keshe Magravs how it works and you may see functioning Magrav Power Unit; /beyond-science/2015/12/keshe-magrav-2449990.html and
Polish Magrav Power Unit;
Links to Keshe USB stick for downloading;

Interestingly psychic Ivan Teller says Keshe Magrav power used to function before…but is not functional right now... Certain people are involved...possibly...Then he says 'I wil not go more into it' …Difficult to understand what he means actually;
Psychic / Alien Q&A 1/17/16 Part 2;
See at about 15.00

Didi Annapurna, more Keshe flying by car?
Prepping for Golden Age
Sages and Saints about the Bright Future of Humanity

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