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Mia from Kauttua, Eura, Finland took photo from the light show in the sky, which has been recognized of presenting the map of the Eura municipality area. Space, -thinks that it is a natural, but never seen so clear reflection of street lights on the sky.  
Psychic Focus says, there was some danger underground in that area, so the ET s prevented it and then they showed the lights for the sign of peace. Five for Friday #27.

There has been many strange things going on in Kauttua area. In Year 2007, The seismological center in near by city Rauma recorded two separate explosions one week between, and two deep holes were found on the ground in Kauttua. Local people claim of hearing even more explosions. One person saw bright light ball on the sky during one explosion. One person living near by described the holes so smooth that it can't be explained as explosion.

Many people in the near by Eura woke up to sound of explosion. Another UFO occasion in Kauttua; 2010 midnight a couple saw three different UFO s within 5 minutes. The balls were blue, yellow and light color. Nuclear Power Station is not also very far. 
The Kauttua area is most significant historical place in Finland, there is old Viking area from 1000-1200, having ancient relics, pronze age settlement, iron age graveyard and stone age materials 5000-2000 (before time?). Bright fireball lights up evening skies in Finland. 
Keshe Magrav Pover Unit Found Running; I went With some friends to Puerto Escondido… We stayed at the hostel…It took me few days to realize that the set of plastic plates and trash that was sitting on top of the fridge was actually the future of electricity…A Keshe design with a pin-pon ball that contains plasma inside; Similar to something I saw on the Keshefoundation youtube channel…Her polish friend came to her hostel to stay and when she told him that the fridge was costing lots of money…He descided to do this gift for her…

The Owner of the hostel assured me that this gift that the polish Guy made while being at her hostel, was making the fridge to spend half than before. The girlfriend of a friend mentioned that she works with one of the 500 fortune companies; she assured us that this is the same kind of technology that her company sales to Amazon and Apple, to reduce their energy waste…Thanks for Keshe.  
NASA’s New VASIMR Plasma Engine Could Reach Mars in 39 days; VASIMR heats plasma - an electrically charged gas - using radio waves. The system then provides thrust by funnelling the hot plasma out of the engine. VASIMR will save thousands of gallons of rocket fuel. Magnetoplasma rocket technology will revolutionize space travel. And And;

China and Russia have signalled their intentions to first explore the Moon. Now they have been joined by the European Space Agency (ESA). In a new video titled "The Moon Awakens," the agency says it will team with partners to return humans to moon by the end of the next decade.... "Eventually we will see a sustained infrastructure for research and exploration where humans will live and work for prolonged periods... In the future the moon can become a place where the nations of the world work together."

This guy stumbled by accident to Keshe Magrav Power Unit; We stayed at the hostel we’ve always stayed...It took me few days to realize that the set of plastic plates and trash that was sitting on top of the fridge was actually the future of electricity... A Keshe design with a pin-pon ball that contains plasma inside; Similar to something I saw on the Keshefoundation youtube channel...

I asked the owner about it, and she started explaining how this polish friend came to her hostel to stay and when she told him that the fridge was costing lots of money... He descided to do this gift for her...     ......................
Gravitational waves have finally been detected?; New battery made of molten metals may offer low-cost, long-lasting storage for the grid;
Final 8-10 phase leading to pole shift has started, ZetaTalk Prediction made already in 2013; (but don't take Zetas too seriously). There will be increased visibility of Nibiru, aka Planet X. The blending of the seasons, in the time prior to the last weeks weather would jump from mid-summer to mid-winter within a day or so. Migrations, rioting and anger will be on the increase. Growth of the barter system will replace traditional retail and banking markets. And the rise of survival camps will emerge. 
Three MSMedia have come out with articles about a ninth or tenth planet. It is Sun’s binary twin...being “20 times farther away from the sun than Pluto”. Precisely. ZetaTalk right again! Nibiru is not binary sun, but comes from that direction. Sources 9 th Planet; and Cal Tech.
Why they reveal now the 9 th planet; On YouTube Earth wobble can be seen in the sunrise and set times. Methane a New Climate Threat;
Earth Changes 2016: More Than 10,000 Squid Dead In Chile. Rare 5-Planet Alignment Happening on 24th Febr, also ISS passing same time;

Fighter Jets Chase UFO & Alien Abduction Pics Surface! Guy Disappear from his house - Alien abduction - you see if it is fake. He worked on computer and you can see how he is going on door and looking out several times and finally he disappears with lights flashing outside;

Thirdphaseofmoon exploding of UFO sightings and new insiders; New insider area 51;
2016 huge UFO sightings, Kentucky Police UFO Encounter 2016! Deputy Sherriff talks;

This Video Will Shock You! Russia UFO Sighting etc; Alien creatures; More objects; Aliens and presidents;
Everybody seems to be now doing disclosure; Project Blue Book: 130,000 pages of US Air Force's UFO files declassified, hits the web and Galactic federation is threatening to de-cloak their ships; there will be no activity of your military’s aircrafts, read more. And CIA


The “Blue Planet Project Book” reveals facts about government involvement with aliens, genetic experiments, and amazing technology using alien knowledge: 
New whistleblover; Since 1951,12 years, William Tompkins worked in secret Douglas Aircraft Company designing kilometer-long antigravity spacecraft for U.S. Navy. Now aged 92, Tompkins exposing with numerous documents, Selected by Extraterrestrials. Source; 
Tunnels as tall as the Eiffel Tower discovered under Antarctic ice sheets. Researchers detected tunnels when they flew a plane over the Ice Shelf in West Antarctica. Radar from the plane, as well as satellite photos, revealed that ridges and cavities on the surface of the ice sheet corresponded to tunnels lying at its base. they were most likely formed from meltwater... who knows;
Ubuntu on Gaiam TV by Michael Tellinger, from South Africa.
CG: Many of these non-terrestrial groups have a genetic purist kind of ideology.... but the Secret Space Program wants now to bring down replicators that would feed people, give free energy, healing technologies that work off of light and sound frequency. They want to bring it to everyone on the planet at the same time. No need money...

DW: But how is what you're saying not communism?
CG; When everyone has everything that they need-- if you really want to have money, the replicators have the ability. Everything is going to be based off of bartering skills, people sharing their knowledge and abilities with each other as a community, and through these technologies.

DW: Space Program Alliance people mentioned to you Michael Tellinger and Ubuntu contributionism.
CG: I had heard of Tellinger mentioned by ancient civilizations... Lieutenant Colonel Gonzalez was there. They have been following this movement with great interest. After the monetary system is gone and capitalism, all the isms are gone, as we're moving to be like a Star Trek civilization. 
MT: Ubuntu contributionism is very different ism. Ubuntu is an African, ancient philosophy of sharing and caring, unity within community. Definition of it is, I am who I am. Ubuntu movement was started with sharing about the origins of money and how money is being used to control and enslave humanity. And then at the same time present a solution for the system. I've become the messenger of this. This is not my system. A new system that doesn't work with money, system that's driven by people and their passion for life.

DW: Darth Cheney is going to say, as soon as you take away people's need to earn money, they're going to drink beer and watch TV all day.
MT: Yeah. That's in a capitalist-driven system. But Ubuntu people live out their lives and express their talents...without money live in paradise. Competition makes corporations benefit from the knowledge, technology. Competition prevents new technology...

DW: Darwin's father was a 33rd degree Mason. Darwinism says that the most effective killer is the most highly evolved.
MT: Yes. Only out of unity we can then diversify into an infinite number of resonant, fractal activities as long as we resonate together at the core center. Think of your body and the trillions of cells in your body that all work together for the benefit of the community of your body. We've got to start seeing communities-- the extension of our families.

We are the ones we've been waiting for, the wave of the New Age. The whole Ubuntu contributionism philosophy is about creating self-sustaining communities of abundance, because we live on a planet of abundance. See also the undergroun folks pictures;
Cashless society, and no money, is not good idea. People are not that sharing and loving, even what kind of economic system you would live in. Most people are selfish, even you provide them free food, energy and so on, they are not ready to live in community, sharing and caring for others. People who doesn't need to do any work, they would become just lazy, wasting, having loose habits and lifestyle, addictions etc. People (cabable) have to work at least some hours in order to get money. Money is not the problem according Prout even you have free energy, food, etc. And how long it will still take to get it??? Didi.
Global economy in real crises. See this how they are manipulating the stocks; And George Soros: "Europe Is On The Verge Of Collapse". EU confronted with five or six crises. Italy, Greece, Financials Crash As European Stocks, Peripheral Bonds Plunge. And Downgrades Poland From A- To BBB+.  

Washington Unveils Investigation Into "Russian Meddling" In The EU; News that US is to conduct a "major investigation" into how the Kremlin is "infiltrating political parties in Europe". Source; UK’s Telegraph. The US Director of National Intelligence has been instructed by Congress to begin the major review into Russia’s "clandestine" funding of EU parties.
Fulford; all US dollars will have a Chinese person's signature on them by 2018.
Retired US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford admit Saudi Arabia is the main sponsor of radical Wahhabist Islam. 
The Pentagon and Russia increase military relations (and France joins) against the Khazarian mafia worldwide. US Dunford; Turkish Erdogan and Merkel have to go because of creating the EU refugee crisis etc. Turkish surrogates killed 12 Marines in Hawaii. So Turkey has to face “bloody coup...
There is effort to remove all fraud from the world’s financial system. Some major financial institutions and countries (US too) will go bankrupt as part of war. Freeze on global shipping. NYK lines, a major int shipping firm; we will lose money every time we send a ship. But the major reason is that shipping companies are now demanding to be paid in Chinese yuan. 

It might lead to empty shops and social unrest. Walmart closing 269 stores is just the beginning.
China paying with Yuan its oil. Sanctions against Iran ended, Iran will be flooding the market with oil. China, Russia and Iran are bartering. I didn't have time to read more, see videos; And the Baltic Dry Index dropped below 500 for the first time in recorded history, and falling ever since. On Wednesday it fell to just 369, its lowest ever level.
Many psychics claim Jesus lived in France with Mary Magdalena, latest Ivan Teller says; Father was important for Jesus, teaching how to deal with people, died early. Jesus didn’t die on the cross, he lived with Mary Magdalena in France. It is strange, but there was some reason why they lived there.

Mary Magdalene - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; Mary Magdalene had travelled to the south of France and died there. In the Provence in France there is a ‘Mary Magdalene industry’. Rumour has it that part of her remains were taken to Burgundy, to the church which carried Mary Magdalene’s name.

Reference to the Magdalene was chiselled into the stone. Many more speculations on;
A lot of links to Mary Magdalene; One research here about Jesus in France;

Sarkar told: One yogamonk came to near Maria's (mother of Jesus) place. Maria fall in love to him and she became pregnant. The Guru of that yogamonk ordered Him back to Himalayas, as the monk did mistake by getting engaged with women. Maria got married with another man Josef and they got the child Jesus. When Jesus was ab 13 he went to visit his father to Himalayas and stayed there studying meditation practices.

Later when he came back and the people were planning to put him to the cross, he asked mentally his Guru, what to do. The guru said: Just use your powers and let them crucify you, but get out of your body before and take a new body. Jesus asked: what about the blood which suppose to come? The Guru answered: You know how to do that, use your powers. So Jesus did accordingly so he didn't actually die on the cross.

Sarkar said in other occasion, that it was not Jesus Christ who died in cross, but his mental projection. He could project himself with bleeding...He was outspoken, that is why people wanted to kill him. He was asked to come to Palestine...

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