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Holistic Approach to Curing Cancerous Body and Mind

Cancer is a disease of the whole body and mind. It is combined result of different factors; lack of self restraint, acidity and especially constipation, which contaminates digestive fluids and air in the body. Parts of the internal organs of people who are self-indulgent become weak and their body loses vitality. Person with tendency to intolerance, who shuns physical work and takes acidic food, intoxicants and tobacco, is more inclined to get cancer. When the blood becomes acidic cancer gradually breaks out in the weaker parts of body 

The patients will have to eat alkaline foods as much as possible; all kinds of fruits and roots, vegetable soups, etc. One should drink coconut or peanut milk, curd-water - or if liver allows cow's milk. The evening meal should be before 8 P.M. Also the person should let the breath flow through the right nostril for about an hour after each meal. One should drink about three litre of water every day in small quantities. Lemon water with salt is helpful for removing acidity. Pineapple, banana, citrus fruits, and tomato are both food and medicine. 

Recommended asanas and pranayamas; Morning – Utkśepa Mudrá, Násápána, Diirgha Prańáma, Yogamudrá, Bhújauṋgásana and Karkat́a Práńáyáma. Noon – Same as in the morning except Utkśepa Mudrá and Násápána. Evening – Matsyendrásana, Padahastásana, Utkat́a Vajrásana and Karmásana. If one is too weak, one may do noon ásanas or according cause of cancer. Asana chart;

Sun-bath at sunrise, or mud bath and Vyápaka Snána (kind of cold bath for lover body) are recommended daily. Non-vegetarian food, and sexual relations are to be strictly avoided. Walking outside and doing some physical labour (especially if one is lazy or mental worker) is also necessary. One should take something to clear the bowels regularly. Patients should sleep 9 PM and get up very early in the morning - and meditate. Source; Sarkar's book, 1958, Yogic-treatments-and-natural-remedies/.

Sarkar told on 8 Nov 1987; physician Karkatii Raksasii could cure cholera and cancer. Unfortunately, some people misguided by dogmas, killed her, and her medicines were forgotten. For diagnoses of diseases and for research on medicines, she had to deal with cadavers. The people wrongly thought that she was eating human flesh. Karkatii Raksasii was burnt alive...

Sarkar also has said; The medicine prepared in a sentient environment by spiritual person will have a much greater effect in curing a patient. Besides still if the patient oneself starts to practise meditation regularly, the cure is more easy.
Common psychic reasons for cancer are intolerance, guilt, obsessiveness, bitterness, sexual issues, repressed emotions and lost job or friends etc. Often when cancer "victim" has long standing unsolved life problems, cancer becomes the means of escape to a "final solution". Prior to cancer Dr. Hamer has been able to see concentric circle lesions by CT scans of his patient's brains and equally in a related organ, that develops cancer. When Dr Hamer's patients resolved their specific psychic issues, changes on their brain and organ CT scans followed. 

Psychic issues related to each cancer from different sources; Brain cancer; dissatisfaction, despair distrust, obsession for mental work. Breast cancer; women's issues, losses, indifference herself and life, mean. Thyroid; anxiety, fears, lack of self confidence and expression. Lungs; sad, fear of dying, suffocative anxiety, grief. Stomach; loneliness, anger, swallowing negativity. Pancreas; anxiety, anger, family conflicts. Liver; gloomy, starvation, irritability, frustration. Uterine; sexual and sexual abuse issues, shame, secretiveness, introverted, betrayal. Bones; inferiority, will-power conflicts, over sensitive. 

Reasons for cancer according Edgar Cayce; Failure of natural processes, chronic irritation. Cancer is an entity unto itself and it draws from the vitality of the body. Holistic aspects of cancer involves mental and spiritual factors. His curing methods; Segregation of toxicity via immune response isolates it and protects the rest of the body; Absorption of diseased tissue via local circulation; Elimination of toxicity; Increased reproduction of cells to replace diseased tissue.
There is relation with cakras is regarding the area where the cancer is, for example breast cancer is related to anahata cakra in the chest (centre for feeling love), brain cancer is related to ajina cakra in the head (higher feelings), etc. 

Yoga increases oxygen and blood flow, balances the glands, reduces anxiety, depression, insomnia and tiredness. It relaxes and helps to scope with stress. Beginners need to get instructions how to do yoga on yoga course, as it matters certainly how one does asanas and especially pranayama. If you need treatment you may get here;

 Studies have found that yoga and meditation helps to improve quality of life, and emotional and social wellbeing. Harvard Medical School Mental Health Letter. Yogi recommends turmeric and neem etc;

Well known and respected Indian homeopath gave me his receipt for common cancer cases to begin with; Calc Fluorica 200 and Conium 200 both once a day. In case of more serious cancer he recommended to start with Conium 200 alone for some time 2-3 times a day, and then continue with Calc Fluorica and still Conium. Anyhow in each specific case according place of the cancer, patients habits etc, other remedies might be needed, such as Hydrastis, Thuja etc. And here Mr Banerji proves with x-rays;

Psychic Focus recommends dandelion oil; ab 80-90 % of cancer can be cured in beginning stage by it. It has toxicity removing, alkalising etc effects. What comes to taking soda, ash extract etc highly alkalising things, certain medicine or herb, it might be very effective in short run, but in order to change the course of acidity and other bodily weaknesses into better shape one has to take a bit more holistic approach, otherwise other diseases will strike if not the cancer renew. Psychic Focus;

Some alternative treatments which might be helpful for curing cancer, acupunture, removing toxins and root canal fillings, taking minerals, vitamins, mistletoe extract, hemp, black seed and frankincense oil, colloidal silver, ginger, fermented foods, avoid cell phone, Fasting especially in certain days of the month, one day at a time, is helpful in removing body toxins.

And remember service. I have experiences myself and seen other cases too, that when one starts to do service even how little one is able to do, something mysterious happens.... Another advice is to start to see things in a positive light, to laugh and make others happy around. Don't stay alone, find spiritual company.

Amazing story; Near death experiment cured her cancer, Interesting; And spiritual healing;

Didi Annapurna, this article was first published in;

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