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Bilderberg meeting in Virgiania, US

Without commenting much about Bilderberg meetings, news from some sources; WikiLeaks and Etienne Davignon on EUObserver. And see lots of follow up about Bilderberg 2012 meeting: Prison; Washington Times Breaks U.S. Media Blackout On Bilderberg, but Washington Post fails to mention that hugely influential power brokers are meeting in their own back yard. Canadian newspapers, including the Calgary Herald, is reporting on criticism levelled against Alberta Premier Redford’s announcement that she will attend the meeting at a cost of $19,000 to taxpayers.
Britain’s Daily Mail  the stifling security measures in place. Digital Journal has topics at this year’s confab.  Euro Crisis At Bilderberg. And Bilderberg 2012: Are Bankers Still “All For Obama” Like in ’08? Researcher Jim Tucker´s source: Heads of EU, Van Rompuy and Trichet will join Bilderberg meet to wargame how to handle a potential Greek exit from the single currency, highlighted. And the prospect of a war with Iran would again be a topic of this year’s confab.
Finnish media is also is waking up: Finnish biggest radio broadcaster had in its main news about Bilderber meeting and the more so as it gave rather critical picture. Finnish Finance Minister Urpilainen has previously said, when Prime Minister Katainen participated last year to Biderberg meeting, that he attended privately, but now when she went herself to attend Bilderberg meeting – as a Finance Minister of Finland - the broadcaster condemned her because her Ministry paid her travelling! That doesn´t sound private. Next day during the Bilderberg gathering Urpilainen told her last year statement was mistake. She also stated that as there are no decisions made, the stories about the gathering are quite legend.
The previous president of Finland Halonen declared the Biderberg attendance papers classified…According Finnish law the officials, ministers etc has to give information even about personal affairs regarding ownership, visits and tasks outside official position, but it never happens when it is question about Bilderberg. main news roadcaster also had Politiikka artickle. The main economic news paper, Taloussanomat had also story about Bilderberg. Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA Mr Apunen now attending Bilderberg meetings refused to comment when he was interviewed and reporter questioned that why he does not comment anything as he has himself previously been the one demanding transparency. Helsingin Sanomat, HS, main newspaper in Finland also had now short matter of fact style report about Bilderber meeting mentioning Jutta Urpilainen. Besides some one from HS attends always the Bilderberg meeting, as well as someone from Nokia. Also the Chair of Royal Dutch Shell Jorma Ollila is permanent member. More this year attendees: Esko Aho, now Harward Univercity, Juhani Kaskeala? Erkki Liikanen head of Central Bank of Finland and Lauri Kivinen, YLE (main broadcaster). So Finland has 4 invitees from 145, and 8 more (at least) attending, quite many!
So seems Finnish politicians are fully engaged with the “Global Mafia”, as it is called by Jim Tucker, or cabal according Fulford. The more as Finnish President Niinistö just visited NATO occasion in Chigago and Finnish Prime Minister is said also to attend first in Bilderberg meeting and then he will meet on Thursday US Vice-President Joe Biden, Tresure Geithner, Fed Bernanke and IMF Lagarde and some members of Congress. What is the outcome, that we hope to know from them also.
Daniel Estulin, book; Club Bilderberg was evalued by Jyväskylä Univercity publication. The translation of that book suppose to come already 2008, but was banned by the -publisher. In that book there supposed to be added article by Estulin concerning Finland and Scandinavia according
So at least now they got lots of covering and here some more from Occupy Bilderberg 2012 sources:

Bilderberg End Of A Legend: Saman Mohammadi;Hardcore activists and new media journalists from around the world journeyed to Virginia.
Some titles, mostly from and
Establishment Media Covers Bilderberg 2012 Alex Jones interviewed by standard bearers of establishment propaganda.
RT Interviews Alex Jones at Bilderberg 2012 RT’s report on the Bilderberg protest on Thursday.
Insider: Bilderberg Members Share Ron Paul Death Wish. Heated conversation about Congressman dying in plane crash takes place in hotel lobby.
Garry Kasparov: Bilderberg Hopes to Checkmate Russia. Chessmaster plays pawn to Western policy’s design on Putin’s Russia..
Sneering MSNBC Anchor: “I’m Way Too Lazy” To Research Bilderberg . Is it any wonder global elite confab avoids media scrutiny?
Bilderberg 2012: The Official List of Participants
Source: Bilderberg Planning Fake Bomb Threat .
First Dedicated Program Exposing Bilderberg Airs on Britain’s SKY TV. Charlie Skelton discussing Bilderberg on UK television.

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