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Triangular forces to solve the crises

Bhaktivirya Towsey has written long article about Prana Trikona based on Sarkar´s texts. I rewrote it in short text according my simple understanding and I hope I made it well enough to make it understandable for you also:

The physical world is a reflection of cosmic and spiritual world. The matter came into being as thought projection of Brahma. Laws that comprise physical, mental and spiritual are Cosmic Principles. One Cosmic Principle is Prama Trikona, balance amongst triangle of forces.

Sarkar says that in order to create harmonious society, there should be common goal. There is one Cosmic Principle, that explains why; the law of transformation of quantity to quality; when larger quantity of entities work in coordinated manner, then some new quality spontaneously appears. When people are taking common goal (quantity), then something great appears (quality). In the present society there is no common goal; people’s minds are dispersed towards different materialistic pursuits, different directions, which will lead to chaos and collapse of the society at the end. That’s why also Prout promote limit for accumulation of materialistic things.

If we think on individual level, one who has many psychic desires can not do great work, but someone who concentrates all his life into one goal, can achieve i.e excellent scientific inventions.

Sarkar speaks of importance of transformation of psychic pabula (materilistic) into psycho-spiritual. Minds of people have to be directed towards spirituality, which can change the materialistic destructive society into benevolent.

In the spiritual realm this can be further explained by Tantric description of creation. Before creation the three cosmic forces are arrayed into different directions. When they come to triangular shape the creation happens. Due to cosmic forces the quality becomes expressed. This is called Prama Trikona.

Within each level physical, psychic and spiritual there should be effort for balanced triangulation of forces. In individual level it is the duty of spiritual aspirants to establish a balanced triangle in physical, psychic and spiritual sphere. By this your coming to this earth will be justified and the world will remain ever grateful to you. As well also there should be balance between physical, psychic and spiritual triangulations.

Force acting in isolation will always generate instability, but forces acting in coordinated triangular way will tend to achieve stability. When the desires of society can be inspired into triangular array then the society enjoy stability with glory.

From theory to practice: according to Sarkar all types of social problems result from an imbalance arising from triangle of forces. The imbalance has to be corrected. I.e in order to solve the problem of providing adequate food supplies to the people in particular area, a triangle may be formed with one side consisting of the local demand for rise, another side consisting the present existing supplies of rise and the third side consisting of allocation of sufficient land for the cultivation of the requisite amount of rise.

In the society the degeneration happens in four stage process. In the first stage one of the triangulated forces burst forth due to instability. This is the stage of derangement. In the Western society employment is the symptom of this first stage. If nothing is done to correct the imbalance, then society declines to the second stage; the stage of disruption. Strike and sabotage would be examples of disruption. Even at this stage something could be done to reverse the decline, but if nothing is done then the society declines to the third stage, the stage of degeneration identified by hunger riots, localised wars etc. Finally society collapses into the state of annihilation, total chaos. Sarkar observers that the entire world is on the way down to this road.

Sarkar says that when society has been degraded to the point of degeneration, the society must be elevated first back to the stage of disruption then to the stage of derangement and finally balance can be achieved.

In order to elevate society from degeneration to the stage of disruption i.e
committee has to be formed to manage the balanced triangulation of forces. It is not only the committee that brings the success of stage one -regeneration, but the actual harnessing of the psychic and economical forces into balanced triangular array. In the second stage of regeneration the goal is to coordinate all the individual triangles. The aim is to build many triangles into a huge crystalline lattice structure.
In social terms this means also combining bioregions (socio-economic zones) into larger self-sufficient, stable economy.

Finally the goal is to establish balance between physical, mental and spiritual…only when spirituality is established we may achieve the stage of stable society.

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