keskiviikko 27. kesäkuuta 2012

Ydrefors, Sweden midsummer retreat and relief work

There were about 50 people. The theme was relief work. Some workers came from Africa and Myanmar to give their presentations. We have been i.e in Burkina Faso ab 30 years. Mostly our relief work is around water projects. New methods of conservation of water are also introduced; brought from India, including in draught stricken areas - when the rains finally come - to get the water distributed and absorbed in the dry land.

Haiti has lots of salt, which have been produced very inefficiently for the markets. There are now ab 55 villages joining into our cooperative and factory production scheme. The production is thus much more efficient and it doesn’t anymore ruin the health of the tribal workers. Reforestation is going on, childcare, education and orphanages.

Indonesia was one of our main fields since the tsunami devastated the area. We have concentrated mainly into distribution of food etc items and construction of new homes and schools. The funding reached into millions from different countries. 

In Myanmar there was also flood and we have been there first among few other NGOs. Construction and feeding programs are going on.

Many areas in Africa, also in Nigeria, we are educating midwifes, homeopaths, etc to make big difference in the villages to manage by themselves the clinics etc projects.

Our main method is to inspire and empower the local people to take responsibility of the projects. First funding is offered, but sooner or later they have to provide funding to the next project, when their own income and survival becomes stable.

Collective meditations play big role in our gatherings, thus the atmosphere in Sweden was also happy and peaceful. And of course we told never ending stories about Sarkar.