perjantai 8. kesäkuuta 2012

Finland between two mighty

Russia and NATO, (or BRICS and cabal OWO ?) 

Let’s start from Island. Very strange indeed that there is so much discussion going on about defense of Island. What is there to defend? Island has no army, no oil, no conflicts and never wars. But Islanders were very successfully refusing bail out of banks. Does this militarization of Island have something to do with that? Stranger even is that Finland is planning to take part in this NATO operation. 

This case might be one reason for Russian Top General Makarov warning Finland that Finland should not join NATO, but should cooperate with Russia in defense matters. The answers - what he got - seem to be avoiding any self-analyses by Finnish politicians, claiming i.e that he has got disinfo about Finnish intentions, while some blamed him just speaking loosely. But some concerns there are: While Russia tend to defend people and nations against US attacks in Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Georgia and Ukraine, Finnish politicians are always on US and NATO side, criticizing loudly Russia. 

There are signs of new cold war waging between US and Russia due to plan to set missile system by US to Russian boarder in Poland, which has been regularly in the news.
One thing is of course that Urpilainen attended Bilderberg meeting, which is not in favor of Russia and Putin, although some Russian politicians attend there also - whether for spying or otherwise. And the more concern is that the Prime Minister Katainen met recently Bernanke, Geither and Biden - some of the main cabal people - as Fulford and allied new finance builders call them, and Putin is one with the allied.

Russian general might just want to save us from the cabal people, and rather keep us engaged with our nearest and “dearest” neighbor. Why it has to be reminded from Moscow asks, which also states; Finland is reducing local defense and ordering missiles from West, which can reach Russian cities. There is foreign relations institute in Finland, said to be lobbying for CIA, NATO etc. It should be also concern for Finland...

Russian and China gave today strong statements in Peking, according which the countries oppose sanctions. Concerning Syria, external messing would only make things worse.,7340,L-4239246,00.html.

Update 19.6 Week ago Russian general ”quided” Finnish politicians and after that US started the first united drill ever in Finland. This seems nasty effort to turn Finnish public against Russia and positive to NATO.

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