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There should be a proper adjustment amongst these physical, metaphysical, mundane, supramundane and spiritual utilizations.

If a particular person is endowed with all three potentialities and if only their physical services are utilized, then they may not be able to serve the society with their intellectual or spiritual potentialities. So there should be proper adjustment in the process of encouraging service from individuals or collective bodies. Sarkar
In this process the rarest resources has to be acknowledged first. Human being is physical, mental and spiritual being. The intellectual and creative talents are more important and rare than human physical skills. And the spiritual talents are rarist to be fully respected.

The resources and capacities mentioned in second and third principle must be adjusted in a balanced way in varying conditions. But how is that in present society? The overemphasis of physical, i.e economics over mental and spiritual has led to exploitation, and suppression of spirituality. As well the overemphasis i.e of coffee production has lead many countries neglecting the basic needs of its citizens. All countries of the world could feed their people if that would be set more important than individual gain.

The material gain is often set before mental health or relations - and spiritual is something just to be tolerated. Only when someone don’t have intellectual of spiritual capacity, then his/her physical labour should be set highest priority. And if one has spiritual capacity she should have chance to teach spirituality before being forced to intellectual of physical work.

Similar adjustments should be done according the utilization of universal resources. Spiritual or cosmic causal should be most appreciated.

Didi Annapurna

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