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Sadhus in India seventies

(First I mention here; Sarkar was not only scientist, sociologist, profounder of Prout, etc, etc, etc, but also Guru and his mission is called here just AM. And sorry if any mistakes as my notes were so messy).

After Nehru, his daughter Indira Gandhi became the PM of India. In 1975 she declared National Emergency and banned many organizations including AM. Already earlier she had put Sarkar into jail (pressured also by Russian KGB) while fearing that Prout will wipe out communism, casteism and corruption, and become popular in India, and in the world. Dada also had to go “underground”. He utilized his time by touring around India and meeting many great or less great sadhus.

One was Ramananda Avadhuta, who lived on gateway to Himalayas. He was suggested to be 130 years old. Then Dada went to Rishikesh, where even today, there are lots of Ashrams. First he stayed with Swami Bhjananda Sarswati, who had 25 students. He used to be very strict and beat his students with stick. There was also a debate ab different path of yoga and Vedanta. Dada explained that yoga and Vedanta were complementary to each other. The students became very keen to hear more from him.

There Dada met also Vedanti Baba. He was famous and living in a cave built of mud, but the roof was plastic. While trying to hide his background, Dada told that he was coming from some place in South, but Vedanti Baba argued that Dada was coming from East. Then he said: Your Gurudeva (Sarkar) is giving you people chance to do maximum sadhana. What ever has happened is only part of the liila created by your Gurudeva. Don´t worry he will come out soon.

Then Dada met Pagala Baba (Insane Saint). His only possession was his cloth around him. He told to Dada: `Look you have to add Kiirtan to your daily sadhana. Your Gurudeva has given you Siddha Kiirtan (blessed by guru). You must do it before every meditation, and then you will really feel the Lord is with you. People call me Pagala Baba. If I don’t behave like insane, people disturb me all the time. Tell to your Gurudeva, that Pagala Baba gives his pranam to him (greeting for guru) ´.

Jatadhari Baba´s speciality was that he used his matted hair as a cloth in his cave. He also gave some of his hair while blessing people. Jasmine like fragrance floated from his body (quite common when people do lots of sadhana). He spoke very little with soft, weak voice: `You are on the correct path, Go ahead. God will do the best for you! ´

When Dada reached Uttar Kashi on his journey up, he started to see snow covered peaks of Himalayas. He was welcomed to Kailash Ashram, a wooden house, where sannyasi Vrksha Vasi Baba was doing penance (constant meditation for months or years). There was also Ekahari Baba who used to eat only one meal a day. He told that animals eat only one item at time. Mixing many things together makes human beings sick.

In Uttar Kashi there was also Shiva Temple. Priest claimed that sometimes Shiva himself with Parvati came and took him to other temple, the priest would sleep there and return with Shiva and Parvati back…He said that whole Himalayas is vibrated by Shiva.

There were ten ashrams in Gangotri area. Dada met Swami Shardananda from Rishikesh who told he had to practise 6 months meditation before he got initiation. Since -57 he never went down from Himalayas. He was always doing meditation and had all scriptures; Puranas, Upanisads, Gita, Vedas. Sitaram Baba - devotee of Shrii Rama – was wearing only loin cloth. He told that lord Rama and Mother Sita used to appear to him.

“Tourist guide Baba”, Sundramandajii was well known. Mountain climber porters were carrying the luggage of visitors, as there  were many natural caves amongst grass fields, were visiting people went to do intense sadhana. Also Swami Cinmayananda of Cinmay Mission did his penance there.

River Ganga (Ganges) starts from opening on the mountain called Gomukh (cows mouth), where water flows amongst medical herbs, making the water having medical gualities. Dada stayed there in an empty rock cave and could see hundred meters of river Ganga flowing down. He stayed there 3 days without eating, except drinking water and doing constant meditation. His Guru (Sarkar) appeared to Dada and requested him to finish his Himalayan tour soon as there was lots of social work waiting for Dada.

Porter carried Dada´s things higher to Nandavan. One had to sleep on a tent, and it was very cold - though the area was full of flowers with beautiful fragrance. Nandavan is said to be a garden of King Indra (The King of all Gods). There Dada´s desire - to experience snowing - got fulfilled, but he never thought it possible to get his another desire there – mangoes - to be fulfilled, as mangoes grew only 18 000 (?) below. Anyhow a miracle happened some sadhu just provided the mangoes for him, although he never mentioned his desire to anyone.  (Later in 1981 when Dada went to meet his Guru, Sarkar said: Do you know that sometimes even at Gangotri 18 000 above the sea, when someone desires, I have to provide mangoes and snowfall.)

Tat Baba was wearing only jute clothe. He said: `I was waiting for you´. He asked about AM, and Sarkar. Dada was a bit worried first, if Tat Baba was in contact with government and police, but he said: `I was initiated by your Gurudeva long time ago and he gave me a special duty´. Then he told: `Gurudeva would come soon out of jail and you will see him soon physically, convey my Pranam to him. Do intense sadhana´.

On Nepal side 1976, Dada met Avadhutika, whose body was covered by ashes. He said: `Your Guru will come out soon, do more meditation´. Also Narayana Baba confirmed that although Sarkar got life imprisonment, he will come out soon. He had heard that from several Swamiis.

Dada visited also Madhura, Krishna´s place. Krishna was born in Vrindava. Sadhus were doing there constant japa (repetition of mantra as they do in Hare Krishna).

Dada had interesting meeting in Dandi Swami´s Order with Rameshavan from Shrii Lanka, who joined once the famous and mysterious independence movement in Delhi. He met Gandhi, Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose. After Rameshavan started to search Guru and came to Dandi Swami´s order.

Pandit Ramshastr did sastaunga pranam to Dada (usually greeting of surrender, done only to highest guru???). Swami Viirjananda offered one his Ashrams to Dada. Dada considered, but understood, that it would not be the best way to serve the humanity by taking care of some Ashram project, although he could teach there also his own meditation practises. There Dada had experience of Phyton snake sleeping near his body. Many times when people do meditation snakes come to “warm up”, but they don´t bite.


When Tat Baba here above says, that he was initiated by Sarkar long time ago and that Sarkar gave him a special duty… This is interesting as Sarkar have told that he initiated a group of sadhus (in nineteen fifties?) and gave them special duties individually, although otherwise he trained all the other workers and everything else within his mission. Tat Baba seems to be one of them.

National Emergency was lifted in 1976. Sarkar was found innocent and released later.
During the 7 years, which Sarkar was in jail, his mission spread throughout the world, so training centers for creating monks and nuns were needed also abroad. Dada Cidananda was sent to start training centre in Philippines, where he worked then most of his life. Besides he and the trainees did lots of social service.

I personally went once to visit Philippines training centre and still remember, when one day the trainees returned from their relief mission and started telling how miraculously they were saved just few hours ago, when some guerrillas attacked their car, while they were returning back from village, which was burnt down earlier - possibly by the same guerrillas. Trainees were there helping the surviving villagers to build new huts, and had distributed food etc.

Dada Cidananda trained hundred, if not thousand, monks and nuns, who are now spreading the mission by creating more monks and nuns, dedicated for social service and for establishing gradually Prout, which according Sarkar, is the only way for creating healthy human society. (Myself I came to this mission, inspired by one of the nuns that Dada Cidananda trained, and I took nun training in Sweden training centre).

The world matters may seem messy and materialistic, and you might think, that the spiritual tradition of India has already waned away, but the sadhus at present time - dedicated for the spirituality and service for humanity - are now amongst the crowds, and much more easy to find, if you are ever willing to search and ready. Not all are that high as the highest - and that is good, as you might not be also yourself so high in order to understand them, but you are surely able to understand the ones a bit lower stage. And don’t worry they are still able to deliver the infinite divine teachings of Guru and to be the source for bringing you to Guru´s touch and the touch of divine.

And the spiritual momentum of earth is now; don’t miss your chance to be one of the pioneers when the earth is turning into saintly, divine place. You may study in order to be aware, you may fight for injustices and you may do service, but only if you would do it based on spiritual wisdom, then the greatest success is guaranteed. The spiritual path is not that difficult - but full of blessings and realizations it is.

Didi Annapurna

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