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Keshe, free energy and Iran war

In the early 1900’s cars ran on gasoline. After 100 years invention of car, our antique cars are still… beholden to the elite´s costly (polluting) oil. At the same time our government is secretly reverse-engineering actual space craft propulsion with tax payers’ expense. The White Hats. Documents
I wrote previously about The Keshe Foundation, a non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe aiming to bring new scientific technological solutions for the major global problems like famine, water and electrical power shortage, climate change, illnesses, And use of plasma reactors for traveling in deep Space. I.e Keshe was invited to give a 2-hour presentation on his plasma energy and propulsion technology at the Space, Propulsion and Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF), in MD; Feb. 23-26, 2010. (PESWiki; Aug. 25, 2009).
The Keshe story is interesting, if it is true: US military drone was captured Dec 4th 2011by Iran, and then Keshe claimed the capture was done with his technology. Obama asked politely to get their drone back.; ... d-us-drone. And ... craft.html.
Keshe´s explains: In the past in this forum and in my presentations around Europe I have explained that the Keshe Foundation and Iranian spaceship program has the capability of taking down any flying object: .
The Iran craft has been air-picked-up through the use of field forces. Iran will not use this technology for aggression, but for only showing that nuclear and western military technology has come to an end. We have shown the original system on 3rd of the Dec 2011 in Belgium in a public demonstration and now it was shown in practise.
We invite the US and other nations to enter into negotiation with the Foundation and The Iranian government for disclosure of the full space technology to all nations simultaneously that there shall be no more war race, but a peace race to join and conquer the space. (Someone response: This means World War III has just been cancelled. Well done!)
Then what happens, Obama signs a bill, here just few lines of it:
THE WHITE HOUSE, Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release April 23, 2012
- - - - - - -Blocking the property and suspending entry into the United States or certain persons with respect to grave human rights abuses by the government of Iran and Syria via information technology… facilitated by computer and network disruption, monitoring, and tracking by those governments, and abetted by entities in Iran and Syria that are complicit in their governments’ malign use of technology for those purposes, threaten the national security and foreign policy of the United States. This order is effective at 12:01 a.m. eastern daylight time on April 23, 2012. Signed BARACK OBAMA: Executive Order: …: www.the / link to original article).
Keshe´s notice: about the presidential decree signed into law by President Obama: This means that from this week scientists cannot release their technology to the public or to any governments any more unless it is beneficial to Western arms manufacturing nations. Is this law to silence the Keshe and other research organizations - so that only their technology can be accepted throughout the world? This presidential decree is against international scientific freedom for development, research and information sharing. Please inform your press.
M T Keshe
Another message from Keshe: The space defence technology developed by the Keshe Foundation using magnetic and gravitational force fields (Magravs) has proved to be the best method for blocking magnetic field communication systems at any frequency…even from a distance. All satellite communications can be blocked. The recent US decree proves their concern about how advanced the technology is and shows that the opposite side is being prevented from carrying out its operations. We are open, we stay open and we invite US scientists to join us so that we can use this technology…to bring about world peace so that mankind will be ready to join the universal community….We have invited NASA to explain their UFO technology and we are ready to do the same and explain our Magravs system to them.
Message to the US President: we hope you are open to enact a decree that can bring about peace. More people now want to know what is the weakness in the US defence capability that has led to such a decree. The aircraft carriers of the US will become floating bathtubs if our Magravs technology is used effectively. With kindest regards from a peace loving man who has developed this powerful technology for the good of mankind. M T Keshe,
Now Keshe has made second invitation to governments: On 21 Sept 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic systems to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplicate.
Finland invitation address is, Keshe is hoping readers to remind them that someone will participate - and it is good to see at least what it is really about. But it might be that not many governments will participate…
Eradication of cancer: Mr Keshe is having successes in the field of medicine…increasing number of amazing results;,
Keshe Foundation had meeting with some international space agencies and governments on April 21, 2012. "The creation of electric energy in this reactor is achieved through the simple process of hydrogen ionization and being able to overcome gravitational forces of earth. Speed of travel in certain conditions is several times faster than the speed of sound. His panels deliver higher day and night current than solar panels. The First Flight: booking for 10 hours of flight before Dec 2014 will be announced next week!!!
"It becomes possible to design, develop and test new low cost reactors that can achieve fusion of plasmas in a simple and affordable way… to create vast amount of energies, without any fuel or waste. “Based on these new first principles, prototype reactors were build, with amazing results... These flight atmospheric condition will be as the present days jetliner flight conditions.
Now how much we can trust effort of Keshe and Iran and their willingness to solve the problems of the world peacefully, I would not totally ignore their effort, as leader of Iran (Ahjad??? something) has many times demonstrated of having lots of courage and even moral courage to stand for righteousness, although at the same time having his own interests.
Then to the present…Iran firmly within the Pentagon’s cross hairs. Does it have anything to do with the Keshe and his techniques?  The U.S. is in massive military build-up in the Persian Gulf on a scale not seen in the region since prior to the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. Other source: The Pentagon waging war around Iran: the biggest ever naval drills, of 20 nations, are to take place in the Gulf waters. The Wall Street Journal; US ­got $12.2 m military budget to build X-band radar stations in Qatar, Turkey and Israel…to protect Israel and EU from Iranian ballistic missiles. The US Navy sent unexpectedly fourth aircraft carrier etc…,
NASA´s dream: Craft to take astronauts out of an Earth orbit for the first time since the 1970s – and possibly land man on Mars. In front of more than 450 guests and dignitaries, Nasa officially unveiled the Orion crew capsule at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Due to budget cuts - NASA next Mars rover and the launch of crewed Orion to orbit 2013 is delayed. Source Daily Mail.
Other news of interest: Blockupy Frankfurt: The German police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters- clearing the way for 20,000+ protesters. Associated Press Photo verified:
Financial Times: EU bank regulators are checking now whether Barclays, HSBC, Crédit Agricole, Société Générale and Deutsche Bank manipulated Euribor, ”EU Libor”. British regulator, FSA; twenty requests were made to Barclay’s Euribor-operators to change the rate!
Whether to trust IPCC? Inspector of IPCC, IAC’s 2010 : IPCC lead authors fail to give “due consideration … to properly documented alternative views” (p. 20), fail to “provide written responses to the significant review issues identified by the Review Editors” (p. 21p, 22p). In plain English: the IPCC reports are not peer-reviewed, but politically motivated.”
ProPublica: Let’s start calling them what the cellphones really are. In US, cellphone carriers responded 1.3 million times last year to law enforcement requests for call data. Mr. Ohm labels cellphones tracking devices… So does Jacob Appelbaum, a developer of Tor project (web anonymous use). Predictive modelling requires nothing more than your cellphone data. Eben Moglen, a law professor at Col University, argues that they are robots for which we —are the hands and feet. Use prepaid cellphones that do not require identification.
YouTube of the military's 'Readiness Exercises' in Chicago, April, 2012. Some see alien crafts there…note the incredible speed at which they operate:
Some more alien stories: Paul Helliyer, previous Canadian Defense M; like Roswell incidence: Aliens in zoo:,
More incredible stories, could they be just hoaxes (Kerry Cassidy’s blog), but the only explanation  effort so far for strange fires in Colorado, Denver: There is a Plasma energy system in the sky (can be seen) emanating from Denver International Airport, DIA. This is a field generation system that powers the Intercontinental Underground Transit System (IUTS) that connects S-America, Europe, Asia and etc. They needed to move extremely large pieces of equipment (ships etc) into the DIA area. The larger material remains visible for several minutes after a dimensional transfer…a distraction was needed to get everyone looking west, that´s why the fire, smoke and four day rain storm. HAARP used?. This was defensive move by the Elite; for control…all 7 Continents…you will see Bold moves more often…London; 45 000 Military troops in sport event…when anti-nuclear military move into City, Look Out! Stay away from big cities.
The system approaching from the Kuiper Belt (Nibiru?) is manageable. However the Base Disk (Black Hole) holding our Galaxy is the real problem. Could render electronics and satellites inoperative. Concern: but once elites are exposed - they would be eliminated.
More from Kerry: Camelot viewer’s photos, of  'shielding' or hiding something. The photographer wrote: These cloud formations were going on "for miles" toward Denver. I actually thought I was looking at an aerial transfer of something cloaked in cloud.
Different source: Our Solar System has entered a sector of space where we are being bombarded by electromagnetic force fields, ("non-space"). In order to avoid a rough transition, shifting of the Earth (and the moon) slightly is on the way …by utilizing certain massive machinery, with the help of sympathetic Off-world races…Certain groups within PTB want to alert people; to have >1 year of food, filtered water, and shelter from the elements. 
David's book - aka 'Apostles of Power: Theft of an Empire'. David E. Martin: group of 12 people were given the task (The Enterprise) of buying the presidency of the U.S. World believed that a financial crisis hit. A Republican president convinced to use its last gasp of credit to put the Treasury of the US (money) into the pockets of twelve private interests. And now with their puppet - all the ‘no more torture’ and ‘close Guantanamo’ rhetoric - would die off. The 12 received their promised bonus payments; gold, bonds of Australia, Canada, and Norway, and a small equity stake with a condition: if any of them spoke of The Enterprise all trusts would be confiscated. Phase III gave more money than any other person have on the planet." Obama Presidency and David one of the 12!
Old news ab possible ”Niburu”: Washington Post Dec 30, 1983; A heavenly body possibly as large as Jupiter in the direction of Orion seen twice. Dr. Neugebauer, IRAS chief scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory:  it is so cold, it casts no light, can´t be seen by optical telescopes, close to Earth 50 trillion [billion?] miles… IRAS infrared can "see" objects that are 20 degrees above absolute zero. It could be the 10th planet.
The best exposed “regulators” getting media positions. The Sun writes: Mr Ewan reveals he joined to “put Libor on a secure commercial footing. That year Barclay’s traders began fiddling the figures. On the LinkedIn: Mr Ewan boasts of generating a “tenfold” increase in revenue from licensing out the Libor rate. Ewan also manages the daily REPO and LINDEX Rates. Now he is getting employed by Reuters as head of business development, for its fixing and benchmark business!!! The WSJ  hint: Once the regulators are done with the BBA, next might be Reuters, being part of the daily Libor fixing process.
German banks are too closely engaged not only with Spanish banks, but also with the libor scandal banks. Italy cities collapsing….next? And next step of Euro crises; the poor countries will leave the debts without paying.
In 2001, Steven Greer mentioned; SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Northrop/Grumma n, etc deal specifically with this issue ['Black' Projects] with advanced propulsion systems connected to UFOs." S.A.I.C, private defence contractor train soldiers in the use of drones, anti UFO defence weapon. But the department of defence is suing the company because over 1000 classified files of enlisted personnel trained by S.A.I.C have gone missing.
Whether to trust IPCC? Inspector of IPCC, IAC’s 2010 report: IPCC lead authors fail to give “due consideration … to properly documented alternative views” (p. 20), fail to “provide written responses to the significant review issues identified by the Review Editors” (p. 21), and are not document[ing] their responses” (p. 22). Seems the IPCC reports are not peer-reviewed, but politically motivated, the IAC auditors wrote.
Some more news; White Hats report 46:
Researcher on cloud over universe discovery;
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