maanantai 16. heinäkuuta 2012


“The method of utilization should vary in accordance with the changes of time, place and person, and the utilization should be of a progressive nature.”

This principle has its peculiar speciality; everything in this universe is subject to change and the relative factors of time, space and person are also subject to change. Everything comes within the periphery of time and space, including human beings and society, so proper adjustment must be maintained between time, space and person. If this adjustment is not maintained, human beings will not be able to maintain their existence.

Change is the law of order, the law of nature. If any theory does not adjust with this law, then it is sure to die. Many theories, many ideologies and many so-called religions of the past have died because they could not adjust to changing circumstances. For example, in the past, Tántrikas… sitting on a [tantra]Cakra, these Tántrikas were given the title Cakravarty as a title of honour. But time and space have changed, so now the title Cakravarty does not denote honour or pride.

Time and space are changing and PROUT will also have to adjust with that change. The principles of PROUT will not change; rather the application of PROUT will adjust with the changing circumstances. Human beings will have to move forward by recognizing and adjusting with changes in time and space. Adjustment and flexibility are essentials for human progress.

Let us take some other examples…About 150 years ago Karl Marx observed that there was social disparity and exploitation in society. He believed that social injustice was caused by differences in income, so he thought that if there was no individual income and people lived in the commune system, and the government provided food and clothing to the people, then there would be no injustice. But has the commune system solved the socio-economic problems of communist countries?

People naturally question the value of their labour if everybody is paid the same. The applied theory of the commune system has reached a deadlock. In such conditions no one will utilize his or her maximum capacity and the capabilities of a genius will not get any scope for expression.

The USSR has to purchase wheat from Canada, USA and Australia which are capitalist countries, although it has sufficient land for cultivation, because it has not been able to properly harness the productive potential of its people.

Today the applied theory of the commune system has reached a deadlock. Communists have now lost all logic and reason – they have become hysterical and are simply shouting, hoping people will follow them out of fear. There must be flexibility of intellect in order to follow the path of logic. If this fundamental flexibility is lacking then shouting will dominate logic.

Other examples can also be given. Some people think that animals do not love their offspring as much as human beings. But this is not correct…Even in human beings it is found that love differs according to time, space, and person.

Prout philosophy is situated at the height of pinnacled excellence because it moves with the changes of time, space and person. PROUT will always cross the barriers of time, space and person in an ever-progressive way.

In the psychic sphere, we solve many mental problems, we march ahead with the help of our microcosmic stamina. But so many socio-economic problems are solved, and again so many socio-economic problems are newly created. That is why I have had no alternative but to accept, in the Fifth [Fundamental Principle] of Prout, changes due to change in time, space, and person.

There lies – scope for flexibility because the human mind won’t tolerate anything rigid. It wants movement, but not only movement, it wants accelerated movement. But what is dogma? Dogma is also an idea, but with rigidity of the boundary line. Dogma won’t allow you to go beyond its periphery of that boundary line. That is, dogma goes against the fundamental spirit of the human mind. Sarkar.


Flexibility, dynamicity of Prout comes as it is set on universal principles and not on dogma or reaction to existing theory and set of conditions. This proper use of all capacities and resources is always relative to the various environmental, technological, psychological, scientifical and cultural factors and there has to be continuous effort to mach policies and actions according the circumstances.

The utilization should be progressive in nature, that’s why the scientific and technological endeavours should be encouraged. Due to automation and modernization time and energy can be saved and utilized for higher pursuits from physical to psychic and psychic to spiritual.

Now however when we look at the present, Sarkar said that in capitalist structure automation is not good, because the wealth is going into pockets of few and not for the benefit for the society, while on the other hand it snatches working places from the people. But in Prout society which shares the wealth, guarantees jobs and aims to lessen working hours - that people would have time for psychic and spiritual endeavours – the automation would be greatly appreciated.

At present we are living on the eve of suppressed alien technologies to come into light and put in the use – and as a result the world will change dramatically. Who knows what it means, but at least; almost free and non-polluting energy sources, new transportation and food production methods, robot factories, new treatments, and perhaps even visits to other planets…The roads might get gradually turned into sporting and gaming places.

This could bring great progress in the entire earth, if shared righteously and used considering ecological, psychological and spiritual needs and challenges.

Sarkar says still more about time, space and person : As is stated in its fifth principle, it is a philosophy which not only sets its goal as the ultimate subjectivity (Brahma, who is unchangeable and eternal), but also adopts the objective course of adjustment according to time, space and person.

When the movement of a particular time, space and person maintains parallelism with a similar movement related to a particular physical and mental wave, the resultant is called “ism.” Therefore, when there is change in either the physical wave or the mental wave or both, the validity of a particular ism is lost due to change in the time, space and person in which it was accepted… Therefore, I am of the opinion that no ism can be the saviour of humanity.

[This explains why there is not return to old theories, i.e communism can’t replace capitalism]; If anybody tries to re-establish any old political, economic or religious theory…or ism based on past time, space and person, with whatever type of psychology, sentiment or adroit propaganda, it will not be possible to correlate it with existing physical waves.

In the stage of synthesis a particular…theory may be beneficial in a particular place or to a particular group, but…in changed circumstances oppressed people, who pass their days in distraction and despair as victims of social injustice, put up an antithesis against the synthesis of that period…If the oppressed are an intellectual group, then no matter how few their numbers, they can put up an antithesis. [And] A religion is created in a certain age which itself is a product of the three factors of time, place and person...

[And how karma works:] whenever a person does an original action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…provided the three factors, time, space and person remain unchanged. If there is the slightest change in time, space or person, the reaction will not be equal and opposite: it will be either slightly or less or more [with interest?]

[And what about this – sounds familiar]: Attachment of human beings and all other creatures, is related to time, space and individuality. It is not unusual for people to praise even the goods of the poorest quality manufactured in their own country [or certain place, person, time] and criticize the best-quality goods made in other countries [or places, persons, times]. This occurs due to their irrational attachment for a certain place [or person, time].

Suppose a highly elevated person is travelling by bullock cart, and a degraded person is travelling by rocket. Does the person in the rocket become more elevated because he is moving at a high speed? An omniscient person never comes within the scope of relativity [time, place and person].

But that aspect of the term hita which leads human beings to the absolute truth is one and the same for all ages and all countries. People can move along the path of eternal progress only, by accepting the Cosmic Entity [the creature behind time person and space]… And when the mind tries to come in contact with Him, what happens? The mind gets suspended…. Parama Puruśa is something that can be touched by your intuition and not by your intellect.


Emphasis, comments and questions are mine, Didi Annapurna