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AM and Proutist struggle in Australia

I updated previous text from Fulford and here comes short cut from book of
Paul Alister: (Notice Sakar was not only the profounder of Prout, but also Guru and he started organization here mentioned AM)

Paul Alister has written book about his prison years. He was born 1955 in Australia. Father was very harsh and rather avoided kids and mother suffered from severe depression. The twins stayed mostly alone with dog and parrot in the garden. They didn’t even learn to talk before 4 years old. Paul hated school, and since 15 years old he used drugs.

Everything changed when he met AM and D Sumitananda and learnt yoga and meditation and started to do social service. Soon he came to know also about torture and imprisonment with false charges of the leader of AM, Sarkar. The nuns and monks and family members of AM were banned to work in government jobs. There were protests all over the globe at that time, also in Perth, Australia, which Alister was eager to attend. He heard that the Prout theory of Sarkar with its opposition to corruption, communism and casteism - and not only in theory, but also in practice - made Indira Gandhi frightened along with the Russian communist government.

Alister decided to become a monk although it was risky for him to attend training in India in 1974. Soon Indira Gandhi declared State of Emergency and Alister had to leave the country and training. The AM organization had to go underground and its workers were harassed and arrested. Sarkar was also poisoned by prison doctor in 1974, which why he started fasting. (He took only yogurt or Horlicks for 5 years.) Indian High Commissioner in Australia slandered AM and Sarkar openly, so Alister challenged him for public debate. The commissioner refused the debate and continued to attack AM.

This was final straw for Alister - alike his master - Alister also started fasting (with horliks). He was sitting in front of the Indian High Commission office and his stand was published throughout Australia. Police came soon to remove him from the lawn of the office, but some neighbour offered his plot for demonstration. Leaflets and posters were spread by the members (margies) of AM. Soon he got a car and he stayed in it for 108 days. Someone brought him player and mantra music. It was so cold that sometimes even water was frozen. He used to do long meditations in order to stand the cold.

Finally he was ready to end his fast. Demonstration was arranged and newspaper reporters were invited. Alister was in weak condition, just sitting in the car, when the Commissioner appeared and tried to attack physically him. Commissioner was restrained by police and dragged back inside his office. Probably due to his demand some margies were arrested also, but had to be released soon, as someone had taken video, which proved they were innocent.

AM prepares its members also for protecting oneself and doing voluntary social service for others. Some kind of scout camps are arranged to gain skills and to practice self-defense, defense and service. In 1978 Alister went to Adelaide to attend such training called VSS camp. During that time there was Hotel Hilton bombing, just when the Commonwealth State leaders (CHOGOM) had their meetings. Immediately the Indian Prime Minister Desai claimed that it was aimed against him and that AM did it. He believed that AM tried to pressure that way to release Sarkar in India. 

Alister arranged demonstration in Adelaide to protest the false accusations, but police were harassing demonstrators. Police started also open speculations that AM was behind the bombings. And soon police started fabricate even false evidence to support that.

At that time Richard Seary offered to help the police. He was drug addict and previous member of Hare Krshna movement. He hinted that Hare Krishna did it, and he offered to spy them, but police asked him to spy AM.

So Seary joined AM and became undercover informant to report police weekly. Because police wanted to show AM was guilty, they planned with Seary a false flag operation. While three AM members planned to talk with one Neo-Nazi leader and after paint Nazi-posters in the streets over, Seary offered to help and promised to arrange a car and paints. He came with car, but soon one of the margies Ross came to know that Seary didn’t have paints, but instead had bomb in the car. Alister was shocked while Seary suggested going and setting bomb on the Neo-Nazi’s house. Alister demanded to stop the car and turn back.

Just at that time police came. Alister and others had learnt in the camp a policy that they would not speak, if police would question until a lawyer was present. So they refused to say anything, but all three Ross, Tim and Alister got arrested and put into a cell. They were suggested to have conspired to murder the Neo-Nazi leader. Even next day they were not allowed to call to the lawyer, but addition was made to their charge – they had tried to murder as well the 4 arresting police officers, although they even didn’t oppose the police. Margies thought still that they would be released soon, as there was no sense in those charges. And the more as they trusted Guru Sarkar would help them soon out. Only later they realized that it might not be that easy, as Guru himself was sitting also in jail. There was some profound reason that they also needed to be in prison.

They appeared before judge Farquah, who himself ended up later to same cell with Alister. Newspapers were full of condemning articles. Seary was telling lies in the court. His stories were full of inconsistencies and it became evident he was police informant. At the end Seary brought out his trump card, that margies had done Hilton bombing also. Newspapers became wild without a trace of truth.
The prison was difficult place for vegetarian, non-violent, innocent “terrorists” - as they were called by prison guards. First each of them had to be in segregation cell. Everyone seem to believe they were terrorists, only the other prisoners were doubting. They were suffering from boredom and violence, even attacked by other prisoners. 
The committal hearing came and the testimony was staged. There was a plan to prove the margies being terrorists. The extent of injustice in court was unbelievable. In 1978 Magistrate Kevin Walker found ´prima facie´ case against them on the conspiracy charge. First time to address their charges and 7 weeks of hearings continued. Margies were in hunger strike to against discriminating visits until Alister was taken to hospital due to severe health problems. Outside margies arranged demonstration, which appeared in newspapers with title: “Don´t let Paul Alister to die”. Tim and Ross was also taken later to hospital. Commisoner of Corrective Services allowed missionary monks to visit, but Prison Officers Union blocked the visits again. Sometimes they didn´t even give the juice and it was not enough. But Superintendent gave permission to buy juice from outside. Guru appeared to Alister sometimes during his meditations. Jan 1979 visits were finally allowed. Ross finished first his fasting after 98 days and weighed only 42 kg. Tim and Alister fasted 103 days. Prison Officers Union kept us as enemies and the guards hated us. 

Meditation was always a battle first, but at the end total bliss followed. Alister started to do really long meditations, for some months he was almost constantly in bliss and Guru appeared smiling to him. This made Alister able to love even the hated guards.

One day Alister thought it was time to do also service to others. He got a duty to run the post of delegate to the Prisoners Problems and Needs Grievance committee. His mental stress increased ten fold. He got abused by prisoners when they didn’t get their voices heard and often they didn’t get. That´s why the previous duty bearers had remained only few weeks. Alister had to surrender before Guru, he couldn’t scope alone. After that he was able to keep his mental peace and do the job. 

Also new Prison Commissioner was appointed. He was sincere to try to change the systems more human. Alister could cooperate with him. They arranged monthly meetings with 250 prisoners. They were great improvements. Most of the prisoners liked now Alister, but officers disliked even more. Tim and Ross were helping prisoners with their legal applications etc. Although meditation time was reduced due to service work Guru appeared even more often. His mantra and its ideation helped many times with violent prisoners.

Alister started also campaign against malpractice. Few months he collected evidence of fabricated confessions and police perjury and sent to public. He also arranged a strike  with the help of Grievance committee. The strike was state wide. The High Court began to voice concern over police verbals and it led eventually into changing of the laws.

One prisoner told that the prison officer came to distribute food, but took some to himself from the boxes. The prisoner told him that put it quickly back otherwise you might end up to the AM margies hit list. The officer put the food back. 

After so many reforms the prison guards revolted. They started strike and locked the prisoners up for indefinite time. The officials did some things, but there were no visits, no showers etc. Margies started opposing strike, but Alister got punitive transfer. He was sent to worst jail available Goulburn in November 1981. He was told because he had tried to burn the jail – but actually he had tried to prevent it. Tim was sent to other jail and was suffering from cruelty as well. Alister took a job in jail factory. He had oppressed, lonely feeling. 

Outside margies, sympathisers and one journalist started a campaign for the Acquittal of Anderson (Tim), Dum (Ross) and Alister. There were charges against Alister while he was helping to set up delegate to support prisoners. He saw a dream and in it his Guru said three times, that he didn´t care if…Alister realized he shouldn´t worry, but trust Guru. 

Finally he was transferred to same jail as Tim and Ross, where visitors could stay even hours. Some video course was arranged and during that interview was made about details how margies case was framed. It was used for publicity throughout Australia. Clubs were allowed, so were also group meditations with monks. They created many new members, new margies, in prison. 

One massage course was also arranged and Alister learnt massage techniques. He got also interested of palmistry and astrology. He started helping others with massage and became greatly popular amongst them.
Four years later Coroners Inquest was finally held. Contradictory statements went on and on. It came out clearly that the only group that had gained from Hilton Bombing was ASIO, the Special Branch Security Force, in order to justify their existence. Margies couldn´t take part in the Inquest, it was planned to use against of them to make case. Still they were requesting our presence. Outside margies set up street theatres of the Hilton Bombing show. In the court it was as well circus. We came to know we would not be charged, but the case would be set up to further make us suspects. 

Seary was witness. Griffits, the police, who got injured in explosion believed NSW Special Branch did the bombing to justify its concerned existence. The Special Branch had been planned to disband so they secured their existence to continue. Griffits shoved some proof and even claimed PM Frazer may new about the attempt. Court didn´t want any witness to come up. Seary clearly seemed to have learnt the story - made up for hearings - by heart. No evidence was allowed to present even about Alister´s alibi, as he was that time in different side of Australia. Margies were angry, but prison officers now seem to come to conclusion that we were not terrorists. It was clear 12 years later when the court papers were released that the withheld documents would have helped to free the margies. In1983 margies got medium security rating. Prisoners started a strike to support the margies. They were transferred to other prison. 

Alister´s mother decided to go for hunger strike after one monk had also started it. Monk had been also in many TV programs. Some members of Parliament spoke on behalf of AM and calling inquiry on into our case. Prison Action Group member walked 50 000 kilometres with trolley for our release. State Attorney General got the inquiry finally started. Many Union journalists spoke on behalf of us. But case against of us was not villed – dropped because of lack of evidence. Huge demonstrations were going on. 

Solicitor General recommended to release the margies immediately, when he finally red our testimony. Seary´s mental health records came under scrutiny, showing up him as unreliable witness. It was also turning point in media. Margies security rate was still lowered, so they could walk themselves to court. Still it dragged months and months and margies concentrated in studying. Farquahar, the previous magistrate, came to same ward with corruption charges. He started helping the margies. Finally margies were bardoned, but not pronounced innocent. They got also 100 000 as compensation. Police was cleared from any wrong doings. Reporters were waiting on gate. Alister was surprised to see how AM had spread all over Australia during his prison years and the more throughout the world. 

Things didn´t turn completely well for Tim though. He was arrested again in 1990 for some time. Alister had spent his life in jail from 22 to 29 years old. He had to study how to deal with the outside world and get out of short temperedness and constant wariness, which everyone carries in prison.

What AM gained from the “sacrifice” of margies, a lots of seems. AM became well known all over Australia. After all that negative publicity, the positive publicity came up. The prison conditions improved greatly. Margies number increased in jail and outside. It helped Sakar´s case also. Sarkar was released earlier and that´s an another story to be told once. 

Alister met his Guru, Sarkar, in India and he had difficulties to believe Guru was wanting very close contact with him. Like once Guru was sitting in the car But the Guru asked Alister to sit beside him (only in very special case, anyone was invited to sit with him in the car), so that he could have talked with him during the trip, but Alister couldn´t believe it possible, and thought may be he is misunderstanding Guru´s meaning, so he didn’t go into car. Others said later that Guru clearly wanted him to come along in his car. At the end Alister received Guru´s attention, but sorry I have not written up that story…Next time perhaps.

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