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Beyond Higgs boson

Reuters; short cut news: - Scientists at Europe's CERN research centre have found a new subatomic particle, a basic building block of the universe, believed to be the Higgs boson. Large Hadron Collider produced a convergent near-certainty on the existence of the new particle. - "God particle", turning the Big Bang into a living universe! 

Basic theory physicists currently use to describe a cosmos built from 12 fundamental particles and four forces…The new boson is a class of particle which includes the photon, associated with light. It could be a variant of the Higgs idea or an entirely new subatomic particle that could force a rethink on the fundamental structure of matter.

The Higgs theory explains how particles clumped together to form stars, planets and life itself. Without the Higgs boson, the universe would have remained a formless soup of particles shooting around at the speed of light, the theory goes. Higgs, 83, argued an invisible field responsible for the process, must be made up of particles. Jerome Gauntlett; further experiments at CERN to lighten the "dark matter"…much of the universe, explore a fourth dimension. 

And Higgs boson discovery leads to FDA-approved ‘mass reduction’ weight loss therapy (satire), Natural News, Now if they would only start searching for the “consciousness particle,” things would get even more interesting, eh?

Short cut: Consciousness particle, eh?  Microvita and the Higgs Boson, July 11, 2012
According to P.R. Sarkar, the Supreme Causal Factor (SCF) comprises two aspects, the operative and the cognitive, which are getting multiplied (“eko ham, bahu syam”), producing a universal grid thereby. The grid fills space and time. These planes comprising 3 real physical and 3 imaginary, cognitive dimensions....
Higgs bosom: Although there is already full particle zoo (wiki/Elementary_particle), it became a lead to speculate, whether the fabled ‘God particle’ has been discovered additionally. (

Microvita deal with the interaction of matter and consciousness, the physical and the mental. And the common ground relates to Wilczek’s universal grid, not to the ‘Higgs boson particle’. Regarding the grid I presented three predictions in my book (Chapter 14). Cognition primarily resides in the imaginary dimensions, physical objects primarily reside in the real dimensions, Microvita are the entities enabled to channel any contents from the imaginary to the real and return.
So, the ‘Higgs field’ is an aspect of the universal grid, namely the field created by the multiplied operative aspects. ‘Higgs field’ neglects the cognitive aspect of the SCF. Microvita are the entities bridging the gap between the imaginary and the real space-time. ( Permalink. Hans-Joachim Rudolph.


Previously, people were under the impression that molecules were the minutest particles of elements. Later it was found that atoms, not molecules, were the minutest entities. Still later it was discovered that even an atom is not the minutest particle, for atoms are made of electrons, protons and many other imaginary and non-imaginary particles. So, neither atoms nor molecules are the minutest particles of elements because they are composed of many other particles of the expressed world.

Microvitum is the minutest entity. The collection of microvita forms a carbon atom. As a microvitum is the minutest entity, it cannot have a structure like that of an atom or a solar system. As a microvitum is a singular entity, it has no structure. By nature it is more energy than matter, so it travels and moves through inferences, whereas other entities cannot move through inferences. The collective body of microvita is another name of carbon atom… When carbon atoms are in cohesion with other carbonic atoms, “I” feeling is created. As coverage of these collective bodies there is endoplasm. So far as a microcosm is concerned, it is composed of ectoplasm, but the movement of ectoplasm is decided by the movement of microvita.  
So far as physicality is concerned, the position of these microvita is just between ectoplasm and electron, but they are neither ectoplasm nor electron…The position of microvita is just on the silver lining of animate and inanimate, matter and abstract. Energy generally comes within the range of perception, but not always. 
You know, both microvita and energy are active in different planes of expressions, that is, in different physical or psycho- spiritual planes of the unit or collective propensities, and in the physical planes of inferences.

Energy is a blind force. It has got no conscience – what is to be done or what should not be done, this sort of conscience is lacking in energy. But microvita are not like that; that is, they are not blind forces. They have the support of conscience behind them…These microvita are the carriers of life in different stars, planets and satellites – not carbon atoms or carbon molecules…

Microvitum is a very subtle being. Of the three types of microvita, the crude type is instrumental in emanating life throughout the cosmos. They create a stir within a physical structure. In the subsequent stages, through clash and cohesion, enormous changes take place in the physical structure…. Regarding these microvita of crude order which may come within the scope of a microscope, people give them the name “virus”. They say, “This disease is of virus origin.” 

Subtle microvita, which are too subtle to come within the scope of a highly developed microscope, are divided into two categories. One category functions within the world of perception through inferences such as sound, touch, form, taste and smell, and the other category functions directly within the subtler realm – that is, within the human mind. 

For investigating the initial stage of matter, research is not possible in physical laboratories, but it is possible in the human mind and human soul. Microvitum is closer to the realm of ideas than matter.

Te creation of the universe has been continuing to originate from the Cosmic Causal Factor. The first perceptible form that the citta [cosmic mind] has assumed in the cosmic extroversial flow is the ethereal body. At this stage He doesn’t have any physical body but exists in a virtual abstract form. Yet human beings with the help of the subtler sensory organ (organ of hearing), and by applying certain scientific methods, can assimilate the sound tanmátra from the subtler ethereal body to some extent. 

The ethereal body, while being constantly formed out of His unmanifested cosmic potentialities is also being transmuted into the aerial body, without losing its inseparable association with the Witnessing Faculty. Although the molecules in the aerial factor are scattered far from each other there is something external to it – some external pressure – which it develops the capacity to resist. The next stage of crudification (resulting from the further crudification of the inter-molecular space) in the flow of Saincara [firsts part of creation, the crudification process] is the luminous factor.

We can see the luminous factor in the various celestial bodies of the vast space which, although in most cases are not yet converted into solid or liquid, have assumed a particular shape.

In the flow of Saincara these luminous entities gradually get crudified into the liquid factor. Their intermolecular space further decreases causing greater internal conflict…When the burning celestial bodies begin to condense in the process of Saincara they are converted into a liquid ocean of fire.

The fundamental essence of matter may be called by any name - molecule or atom but the basic cause of matter is nothing but energy. It is the condensed state of the particles of energy that we call matter. It is by no means correct to consider matter as an original substance. In this struggle if the opposing exterial forces are dominant the material structure collapses, and we declare it as dead. 

Take the case of this planet earth which is composed of the five fundamental factors. The living beings of this earth are presently able to select the path of salvation or liberation. But when, due to the crudifying influence of Saincara, the earth’s environment will become uncongenial for habitation, unit beings will not get any further scope to advance along the path of liberation. Under these circumstances the planet and its atmosphere will gradually get condensed. It will become so small that it will become unrecognizable as a planet. When its internal factor reaches the nadir point of crudity it will appear to be non-existent outwardly. At this stage it will experience jad́asphota causing an immense explosion. That tremendous energy release converts the solid body into the ethereal factor. [Human beings have to be continuing their rebirths in other planets.]

Hence, it is not possible for all parts of creation to have a uniform temperature or a simultaneous death…Jadásphota…releases vast amounts of energy within the universe thus maintaining the thermal disparity of the universe.

[How creation started?]: the Transcendent Entity [Parama Purusa] is one Infinite…[He is combination of Prakti and Purusa, or Shiva and Shakti].  Prakrti has not been able to get Brahma [Parama Purusa as creator] influenced or metamorphosed. Here, therefore, there is not even the seed of creation.
If more than two forces are acting at a place the figure of forces tends to become triangular. These belligerent forces, therefore, make a triangle of forces… the sentient, mutative and the static forces are clearly distinguishable. In the initial stage, there is balance in the triangular figure…a constant exchange of identities amongst the three fundamental principles (forces)….

He gets encircled by the triangle of forces [sentient, mutative and static],.. In the later stage.... imbalance or lack of equilibrium in the three belligerent forces…- and metamorphosis of Puruśa starts due to activation by this Prakrti. The point at which the resultant force bursts out is known as biija – in Tantra, it is called kámabiija. Here lies the innate desire of creation…Cosmic desire.” The next stage after this point is the expression of desire or the expression of the resultant force… The universe gets created…

In the process of Saincara the centrifugal force acts on the Cognitive Faculty, bringing its unit expressions under ever cruder bondage. When a molecule comes in contact with another molecule [particle] the inter-molecular gap decreases. This is what we call crudification.

In this process of gradual crudification a stage comes when the Cosmic Mind can hardly be called “mind”, but, having come within the scope of sense-perception, should be called “bhúta” or fundamental factor. The fundamental factor which first comes into being is ákásha or ethereal factor…From the aerial factor evolves the luminous factor, from the luminous factor evolves the liquid factor, and from the liquid factor evolves the solid factor. 

In this connection it should be understood that the philosophical term bhúta [fundamental factor] is different from the scientific term “element”…Philosophically, bhúta means that which has been created, that which is recognized as a factor (tattva). In the world there are many elements, but only five bhútas, five fundamental factors. His universe is the collection of His innumerable finite expressions; yet is also established as a continuous, vast, unbroken entity.

When the centripetal force is greater than the centrifugal force in the Cosmic Cycle there emerges mutual repulsion amongst the component units of the material structure which leads to increasing subtlety. There arises a love and attachment for the Cosmic Mind… In this stage the Microcosm is subjected to the centrifugal force which causes atoms and molecules to be mutually repelled. [This perhaps could also explain commonly used idea of reaching fourth or fifth dimension].

The only material available to Saguńa Brahma for creation was Its own Self. Hence it has to be accepted that this creation is only Saguńa Brahma metamorphosed into all that we find in the universe….Besides, if Prakrti becomes the creation there must be a force or principle to give a shape and form. The only other entity in Brahma who can give a form to Prakrti is Puruśa…Hence the stuff of which the entire creation is made is Puruśa. Prakrti qualifies Puruśa to give Him different forms and Puruśa has to follow the designs of Prakrti.

Here more: This eternal game of pervasive Consciousness and energy (Shiva and Shakti or Puruśa and Prakrti) in which Puruśa is unable to shake off the influence of Prakrti and express Himself such a state may be called the “primary atom of energy” (Prathamika Shakti kańá) The primary atoms of energy and matter are absolutely identical. Let the scientist of the different ages call this primary matter or primary energy…
Just as the essence of clarified butter remains hidden in milk similarly, Parama Puruśa, as the Witnessing Force, is the fundamental essence lying hidden in all objects. He is in every particle of the universe.
In the past there was no mass imposition of positive microvita. For the first time the collective application of the positive microvita is being done to elevate the spiritual standard of the general mass.

The whole universe is the thought-projection of the Cosmic Mind, or Macrocosm… And by worshipping matter, a person will be converted into matter…Consciousness has to be established after removing the mental bondage through mental endeavour, or Sádhaná. With the help of only one faculty…and that faculty is devotion.
Didi Annapurna

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