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Things are moving

Common parasite T. gondii in the cat litter box may cause undetected brain changes in women that make them one and a half times more prone to suicide, according to an international study. A 2011 study on rats infected by the parasite showed that their fear of cats disappeared. Plants protect children from astma and now the new study in Finland claiming that dogs protect the children from infections etc: Test Tube Babies Paving Way for Genetically Modified Babies. 5 million test tube babies born with vitro fertilization (IVF), etc reproductive technologies. High spike in suicide rates among psychiatric patients points to pharmaceutical repercussions, Natural News.

Someone questioning Fulford, who has no answer: BRICS and Agenda 21. Indian Government's website (relating to Delhi declaration); it appears that the BRICS agree with Agenda 21, how it benefits humanity, when global governance trumps State/National sovereignty? file:///Users/benhartman/Desktop/MEA%20-%20Ministry%20of%20External%20Affairs.webarchive.

And ab Drake's Green Light Announcement, someone:  Tonight on his radio show he didn't apologize... or mention that the "fireworks" we were supposed to sit back and enjoy turned out to be duds. (Airman Marcy Glass, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, gave message7/2/2012;  Due to high heat and dry conditions, Jefferson and Douglas Counties have banned all professional firework shows for the Fourth of July Independence Day).

Fulford: Many people have given me dates that come and go without the predicted events happening so I have stopped publishing any such announcements. However, the cabal is falling apart; the Libor scandal, the Rico lawsuit filed against Soros and Donald Trump, the Fast and Furious investigation against Holder, the sudden stop to the C02 "global warming" etc. Rochilds family recognize that a fundamental shift in world power has taken place. 

Fulford received warnings about a possible heart attack before the needle stabbing incident. (Someone asked to shake his hand and then stabbed his wrist with a needle... standard Nazi tactic).

Europeans announced for the 20th time that they had “solved” the EU financial crisis and only got a “dead cat bounce” from the market, because they have cried wolf more than once too often.

BIS is under lockdown and the Europeans (except Germans) then realized their “real” economies were mostly non-existent, based on fraud. (ECB not printing money anymore, so ECB asked nations to solve the crises, DA???).Europeans will once again go back to the legendary work ethic that made them world dominating powers in the first place. It is like a junkie going cold-turkey, it hurts at first, but it is actually benefiting them.

Finally, Finland and Netherlands are rejecting. This leaves Germany as EU prop:

New York Times: Serbia, Pavle Mircov advertised a kidney for sale online after losing his job. More Photos.  Unemployment rate in Doljevac is 50 % and more than 3,000 people had wanted to sell something. Facing poverty, some Europeans selling their kidneys, lungs, bone marrow etc, experts say. (You may get new lungs with $250,000…) Rockefeller Foundation released recently document that predicts that 20 % of world people will die within 7 months in 2012. ´In 2012, the pandemic anticipated for years finally hit´. Kambodza outbreak and RT; Mexico declares emergency over new bird flu outbreak. Extremely suspicious “forest fires” disintegrating even chimneys into white ash (chimneys usually stay intact after fires), but leaving trees and grass intact in Colorado (near Air Force base and remember 22.6 secret cabal meeting there, DA) and “week-long” power outage around Washington D.C.” Someone reader comment: what would cause the houses to burn and not the trees in the yard? Just curious since I live in the foothills and want to protect my house as much as I can… The flames came dangerously close to the Air Force Academy, 600 families, 110 dormitory residents and 600 cadets relocated, the academy said Thursday.

States of emergency were declared in Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia, 911 response centres were without electricity. In the Washington area, many also lost all communications. Financial Times: higher food prices? "Heatwave threatens US grain harvest". Scientist Oppenheimer: ‘Heat… Fire… Disaster’: What Climate Change Looks Like.

Scientists warn US east coast sea line rise accelerating three to four times faster than other US coasts - from Boston to New York to North Carolina. Ure, urbansurvival: Maybe Clif's language work for next year really brings us a global coastal event, like an asteroid impact. Google 2012 DA14, hot stuff. And 6000 empty cities in China, built inland, what better way to relocate a population than to ready built cities? And chinese built one more ghost city in Angola, incredible:’s carbon emissions could be 20% higher. A commission report; calls the Fukushima mess a man-made disaster. And ISYN

How close we knocked back to the late 1800s: Businesses, even Feds closed. Many emergency call centers were down. Many families have not been able to cook, and losing food in their freezers. Gas stations closed, traffic lights out... But EMP could do more: USA Today; North Korea tests EMP weapon. And New York Times; war weapon, Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP).

Preppers busy preparing. And The Economic Collapse: how long does it take to turn back into barbarians? We haven’t even gotten to July and August yet. National Academy of Sciences, the U.S. west; driest in 500 years. theeconomiccollapse. And Extremely rare occurrence; a “Super” Derecho. Colombia evaquated people near Nevado Del Ruis active volcano. In Ireland most damp June ever with rain storms and floodings. Also in England April-June, but southern England had sunshine. (Yahoo News) San Diego people experienced strange strong noise.

Arc Lightning: West Michigan puzzled over Sunday night booms. The entire electrical grid of the planet has been profoundly altered. Positive Lightning Strike has seen a dramatic increase….
Positive Lightning Strikes Intensify As Cosmic Rays Increase.

Students hijack US drone in mid-air for $1,000 wager, Indian Express. Texas college experiment: hacked and took control of a small drone in mid-air before the eyes of DHS officials, Fox News. It unnerved US Homeland security officials, someone to turn UAV into a missile and crash it into a building. The government is currently considering to allow local agencies etc to use drones in US. One US drone was brought down in Iran.

And AP; Special operations quietly train and advise foreign forces in the use of drone aircrafts to spy on and attack. Viruses sent from computers to foreign networks strike silently, with no American fingerprint. “Congress have adopted passive role while the executive takes the initiative in war fighting,” Aftergood. And Iran working on legislation to close the Strait of Hormuz. 

TBR news; Serious news is being suppressed in the media. The first issue; massive unemployment growing daily. The second issue: the looming mortgage scandal…unsuspecting Americans just paying rent for property they have no title to.” The American dream home is nothing but a Republican-engineered nightmare.

JPOST.COM: Wikileaks begins release of 2 million emails from Syrian government officials that would embarrass not only Damascus. Arpaio to Unleash Shocking Obama Birther News… And FOIA requests by National Security Archive staff; Top Secret CIA Documents on Osama bin Laden Declassified… 9/11 Commission Report, the document of repeated CIA warnings of the bin Laden terrorist threat prior to Sept 11. 1998-06:Bin Ladin Threatening to Attack US Aircraft,” [Undated- Cited in 9/11. 1998-12-03 – [Title Excised] Planning by Bin Ladin to Hijack U.S. Airplane, Successful Circumvention of Security Measures in U.S. Airport. 1998-12-24 –Timeframe for Completion of Hijacking Operation [Excised],” CIA Intelligence Report.  Moscow may hand Iran S-300, breach arms embargo, if Assad ousted DEBKAfile. Moscow has removed the gloves in its defense of Syrian ruler Bashar Assad.

What is this about: In Executive Order 13159 of June 21, 2000, the President (Obama) found…Russia threat to the national security of the US and declared a national emergency to deal with that threat….Accumulation in the Russian Federation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material…. I continue the blocking of all property…of the Government of the Russian Fed directly related to HEU (highly enriched uranium) Agreements. Sincerely, Bharak Obama, Joseph Farah: Obama is A Walking False Flag,, WorldNetDaily (WND).

Some reader Remarks ab economy: When this thing finally blows, it will be a global event. This means everyone has the best seat…..How long will the market levitate on the hopes and aspirations of a political class?

Italian and Russian police broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and pornography…kidnapping non-Jewish children. Mostly non-Jewish customers, 1700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, paid $20,000 per film to watch little children…. Jewish gangsters in Russia linked to trafficing "white slaves" and prostitutes through Israel, The Jerusalem Post.

A mob of six black teenagers shouting, ‘Dirty Jew!’ This is one of several black mob attacks on Jewish people in Brooklyn over the last two years – hundreds of times in 60 cities, the picture.

David Icke nine-hour presentation at the Wembley Arena, London. Wicock: I was quite surprised to receive an astonishingly mean-spirited attack from none other than David Icke.

Kerry Cassidy: Schneider is the real on disclosure. Steven Greer interview with the condition that it would not be made public until after his death. Gordon Duff, Veteran's Today is now disclosing on a pretty regular basis… White Hats ( are about to do the same thing...

Ukraine opposition rage about new language bill, which gives official recognition to Russian language. South-East is Russian and the rest is Ukrainan language area. Violent demonstrations in Kiew. The parliament members fighting, one injured. President Janukovitsh suggests new elections.

French police searching Sarkozy´s house and office, due to suspected illegal money intake.

And German intelligence storm; Die Zeit, Spiegel and Sueddeutsche. AFP: The UN called for a tax on billionaires to raise $400 billion a year for poor countries. Reuters; China’s Fleet of ‘Ghost’ Ships Signals Worsening Slowdown… How many Chinese cargo ships looking for something to do...

London Telegraph; Libyas top politicians have hatched a deal that would see the Muslim Brotherhood lead the government after the country’s first free elections. Libya’s new rulers has quietly reactivated Gaddafi´s surveillance technology, the Wall Street Journals.

RIA Novosti; Russia on Internet Blacklist; The State Duma, will hold initial hearings on a bill proposing a unified digital blacklist of all websites containing pornography, drug ads and promoting suicide or extremist ideas. (Remember the gay laws, not to promote it.) And Russia, Reuters: UNESCO grants (13/21 votes) endangered Heritage status to Bethlehem in the West Bank, despite objections from the US and Israel. Palestine entered into UNESCO recently.

The Economic Collapse: This is getting ridiculous…20 major banks have been systematically fixing global interest rates for years.  Barclays fined hundreds of millions of dollars for manipulating Libor. Biggest financial scandal in history, could shake the financial markets to their very core. Washington Post; LIBOR is the average interest rate which banks in London are charging each other for borrowing. Libor has been pricing loans, securities and assets…up to $800 trillion? It plays a key role in the U.S. economy and…. subprime loans…Bank of England itself may have been involved.

During financial crisis of 2007-09, the Barkleys bank made false submissions to the Libor-setting committee helping their trading colleagues to profit…with serious harm to other market participants. CNN: “the stench” coming from London is now “overwhelming”. Confidence in global financial markets declining…the Huffington Post. Huge wave of lawsuits will come out of this scandal.  The LIBO Rat Barclay's feet, daily news.

Rumours from Casper; The LIBOR, expanded to 40 banks, 5 US - possible that this forms the primary underlying justification for the mass arrests. Sources say; Drake is being used. The updates from White Hats... and Wilcock, especially enlightening…Spain’s Banks are they participants in the Libor Scandal? Will the worlds citizens tax funds and debt liabilities again be used to bailout Criminals? The situation may come crashing down as early as July 10th, if certain EFM fail to ‘Capitalize’ themselves as scheduled by July 9th.  ‘Regulators’ in the U.S. and London are ‘in the pockets’ of the banks…and people cheated… - ‘the last straw that breaks the camel’s back´ (fiat banking)? Most recent Euro Bailout is already falling apart. Meanwhile Finland has rejected the ‘agreements’ outright. (Rumor Mill News has decided to Censor Casper.)

Bob Diamond resigns: And Barclays blames 'senior Whitehall figures' for Libor scandal - emails implicates Bank of England and Labour government in Libor, here. Note: The Bank of England is Rothschild, like the Fed bank and BIS and most of the central banks.

Melinda Gates, on Colbert: “But now you’ve got a new charitable hobby horse you’re on, and it’s not necessarily saving people’s lives, so much as it’s stopping people’s lives from existing. You want to provide family planning to 120 million men and women around the world.”…The North developed without contraception. It became rich and educated, education made the difference. Fertility began dropping without contraception.

Everything will eventually turn into better, although painstaking...

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